Goophone S5 – Another Budget S5 Clone?

goophone s5Goophone S5 is a budget Galaxy S5 clone that features mid range specs and aesthetics you would find on the Galaxy S5. Read more »

Goophone S9

goophone s9 6The Goophone S9 is a premium smartphone that offers impressive performance, a gorgeous display, Ultra Slim Design and NFC support. Read more »

Thunderbird Golden i5s – iphone 5s clone with Touch ID

thunderbird golden i5sThe Thunderbird Golden i5s is an iPhone 5s clone that not only looks like it but also features fingerprint scanner. Read more »

Mlais Note Pro – the best budget octa core?

mlais note pro 7The Mlais Note Pro is a new budget Octa core that offers the best price to feature value Read more »

Lenovo Vibe K910 – could have been perfect

lenovo vibe z k910 reviewThe Lenovo K910 Vibe Z is Lenovo’s next flagship smartphone and a worthy successor from last year’s stellar flagship K900. Read more »

Affordable 4G capable Smartphones

ultra affordable 4g capable phonesAside from major brands, there are also other players that compete in a more subtle way. And Pantech is one of those mobile manufacturers, considered as the 3rd largest mobile manufacture in Korea behind Samsung and LG. Read more »

Star Z2

star z2 4The Star Z2 budget Octa Core Smartphone, quick with a metal frame and ultra slim body Read more »

HDC Galaxy S5 lte – a cheap s5 clone

hdc galaxys s5 lteThe HDC Galaxy S5 lte is a very affordable Quad core powered S5 clone. Read more »

UMI X3 – A worthy successor

umi x3 15The UMI X3 is a Flagship smartphone and a very good successor to the Umi X2. Read more »

Limited Time Promos

limited time promos 2You can check out this limited time promos from Merimobiles, Mega Sale ends April 7, 2014 Read more »