Best Midrange Smartphones of 2016 – My Top 2 Best

Here is my top Midrange Smartphones of 2016 and Why the reasons why I chose them. These are just based on my personal experience.

This list is based not soley on Performance scores or good looks but overall usability. Actually, I used these phones more than the other more Powerful Smartphones in my disposal.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro – “A Bokehlicious Smartphone” The Dual Camera feature isn’t the only best asset of this Smartphone. Overall, it is a very good handset, dependable, and has a very nice display. Although it only has a Helio X25 Chipset and not really impressive in terms of gaming, using it everyday seems to be a great fit for me personally.

Here are my reasons why I like it so much…

  • The build quality is top notch, I did drop it accidentally a couple of times but it still works 100%, only a small dent on the rear bottom portion near the loudspeakers.
  • Easy to use one handed and good grip (non-slippery).
  • OLED Display is the best, and it even beats the 1080p display of the Xiaomi Mi5s, Xiaomi Mi Max and the Retina Display of the LeeCo Le 2 Max. Deep contrast, Vibrant colors make for some great looking images, watching movies is also enjoyable.
  • Dual Camera “Bokeh” – meaning blur works  most of the time. Although I do seldom use it, the camera offers great quality shots on good lighting. But not the same quality with the Xiaomi Mi5s camera
  • Good Battery Life, I mean, I charge in the morning, it charges fast by the way, and I use it via WiFi the whole day. Speaking of the charger, it has USB Type C, which charges quickly. You can charge it to full in less than 90 minutes.
  • Great Call Quality. No problem here, everything sounds good, sounds natural, non robotic, no static and no problems in terms of reception.
  • Good reception (No drop calls, low signal, or problems connecting to WiFi signals)
  • Nice Loudspeakers, the range is loud and even louder compared to the Xiaomi Mi5s. You don’t need external speakers in watching movies, the sound doesn’t distort on full volume.
  • 100% totally reliable
  • Very Accurate Front Fingerprint Scanner (A lot better than the Xiaomi Mi5s Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner)

Here are also some lists things I don’t like about it…

  • Gaming is not that good compared to Adreno, the Mali-T880 struggles on most 3D intensive games like Asphalt 8 etc…
  • Bloatwares especially on the Chinese ROM version, you can flash to the Global ROM if you want (it is already available)
  • On gaming, it can get warm really fast, compared to the Xiaomi Mi Max

If you want to read the full review of the Smartphone: Xiaomi Redmi Pro Full Review

A perfect companion especially if you love taking pictures, this smartphone is an all rounder, it retails at $189 (updated January 26, 2017)


My 2nd phone on the list is the Xiaomi Mi Max. Non surprising really, since this is a Flagship Quality Phone on Midrange Chipsets. It is humongous at 6.4 inches but it is amazing. If you want Phablet, this is probably the Smartphone you should get. The huge screen is perfect for watching movies, Web browsing and also the huge 4850mAh battery life will get you through 2 days of constant use. Yes, that is true, 2 days battery life. 

Here are my reasons why I also love this Smartphone.

  • Even though it is big, It is also very thin, thinner even than most Flagships currently available.
  • Premium build, did I say Flagship Quality? Yes, you will be amazed by the build quality on this one, it’s all aluminum, well built and looks gorgeous
  • Good performance and Gaming Capabilities, It is a bit slower compared to the Helio X25 in terms of CPU power but destroys the it in terms of Gaming, the Adreno 510 GPU offers close performance to most Flagships
  • 6.4 inch IPS 1080p Display, not as good as the OLED Display of the Xiaomi Redmi Pro, but still great quality, good colors and contrast and even usable outdoors
  • Great screen for watching movies and Web browsing. Honestly, it feels more like a tablet that’s why I like it so much
  • Good Audio Quality from the Speakers and 3.5mm Audio Jack. Similar Audio range to the Xiaomi Redmi Pro
  • Fast and stable WiFi (no issues with reception, and connectivity)
  • Great Call Quality (still similar experience to the Xiaomi Redmi pro)
  • Great Battery Life, Did I mention 13 hours? Yes, that’s true, the 4850mAh is beefy enough for 2 days of use and perfect for traveling
  • Accurate Rear Fingerprint Scanner

Here are also some lists things I don’t like about it…

  • OS updates where are they? From the time I had it, I received only 1 Update and it even messed up some app functions like youtube
  • Much Slower Charging (it has fast charging but on a USB 2.0 line only)
  • No USB Type C Port
  • Not pocket friendly. Of course it’s a Phablet and it is Big, you can’t put it in your skinny jeans

You can read the full review of the Smartphone: Xiaomi Mi Max Full Review

If you are a fan of Phablets, then this is the perfect Phablet for you. It retails at $189 (updated January 26, 2017)

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