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OnePlus One – 4G LTE Flagship Killer

oneplus one

2014’s self proclaimed Flagship Killer made it’s debut, does it live up to its name?

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Kolina K100+ – Cheapest 1080p Octa Core

kolina k100+

The Kolina K100+ is the cheapest Octa Core Powered Smartphone with 1080p FHD Display

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Kiphone i6 Plus – Budget iPhone 6 Plus Clone

kiphone i6 plus

The Kiphone i6 Plus is another budget iPhone 6 Plus Clone that offers midrange hardware.

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Xiaomi 1s vs. Xiaomi Hongmi Red Note 2

xiaomi 1s and Xiaomi Note 2

A comparison between Xiaomi’s two most popular and newest Budget Smartphones.

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Jiayu S2 – Slim Obsession

jiayu s2 3

The S2 is a premium grade Smartphone that offers all steel frame and a gorgeous 1080p display.

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CoolPad 9970 – Nvidia Tegra 4

coolpad 9970 2

The CoolPad Grand 9970 is powered by the newest gaming Chipset Nvidia Tegra 4 processor.

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HDC Galaxy S5 – the many faces

galaxy s5 replica

The many faces of Galaxy S5 clones, HDC the manufacturer  of Replicas, since the S5’s release, countless of S5 look alike have pop out, and mainly with HDC its seem like an assembly line.

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Huawei MediaPad X1 – 4G phone or Tablet

huawei mediapad x1 9

The Huawei MediaPad X1 is an all in one device that looks like a tablet but acts like a phone.

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THL ULTRATHIN 4400 – 4400mAh Battery

thl ultrathin 4400

A budget Smartphone that offers a Tablet capacity 4400mAh underneath for better usability.

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iOcean X8 – Super phone

iocean x8 4

The iOcean X8 inspired by iphone design but takes it even further with impressive hardware

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