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Goophone S5 – Another Budget S5 Clone?

goophone s5

Goophone S5 is a budget Galaxy S5 clone that features mid range specs and aesthetics you would find on the Galaxy S5.

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Kimi 3 – Xiaomi Mi3 Clone?

kimi 3

The Kimi 3, is a budget Quad core Smartphone that aims to look like the Xiaomi Mi3.

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Bird Dragon HD Ultra Slim Aluminum Body

bird dragon hd 3

The Bird Dragon HD is a budget oriented smartphone that excels in build and design

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umi x1 pro

The UMI X1 Pro is an entry level budget Smartphone from UMI.

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Tengda N8800 – ultra low price Note 3 clone

Ultra Cheap Galaxy Note Clone, powered by the newest mt6592 octa core processor.

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Lenovo S930

An Ultra Budget Phablet Smartphone From Lenovo, the S930 is a slim and sleek 6.0 inch quad core Android Smartphone that’s full of features and easy on the budget.

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THL W200s – budget friendly

The THL W200s is a budget version of the T200 Series, aimed primarily for budget conscious buyers, Comes with a snappy Octa Core Processor and Gorilla Glass Display Protection.

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Cubot X6 – Another budget octa core

The Cubot X6 is another nice addition to the budget Octa Core department, perfect for those who want style and are on a tight budget.

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Gfive G11 – Octa Core at $189

The Gfive G11 Phablet is the cheapest Octa Core Smartphone at just $189. Currently the newest and most affordable Smartphone powered by mt6592 Octa Core.

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Elephone P7 mini – Quad Core @ $110

The Elephone P7 mini delivers impressive performance for its value, at $110, it is currently the cheapest and most affordable quad core Smartphone available in the market.

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