DooGee F3 Pro Root Access – Step by Step Guide

Hello, this is a complete DooGee F3 Pro Root Access Guide, this guide is not mine but I just want to share it because it works. I did make some changes and tweaks to make it more detailed.

I saw this guide in Android Forum and credits to the author. This guide includes a step by step instruction on how to achieve the process.

Disclaimer. Be careful and be responsible. I am not liable for any damage caused by this guide, I have tested this guide and it works for me, just follow the instruction to the point.

Important things to remember:

  1. The whole process will factory reset the DooGee F3 Pro, so please back up everything before doing this
  2. The process may cause bricking your phone, reboot loop etc… so be careful and please follow the instructions.
  3. I also provided a video instruction.

What you need:

  1. Download Files needed for the Root Access (DooGee F3 Pro Root Access)
  2. What are the included files
    1. PdaNetA4170.exe and android-sdk-windows folder
    2. AdbDriver Installer
  3. Phone must be charge at least 60%
  4. A reliable USB Data Cable
  5. Windows 10 System (I tested it on this)
  6. DooGee F3 Pro

Step by Step Process:

On the Phone

  1. Go to settings – about – phone – click build number until it says “you are already a developer”
  2. Go to Settings – developer tools – tick “ON” Developer options – tick “ON” USB Debugging – tick “ON” OEM Unlocking”

PC and Phone

  1. Connect phone to PC via USB
  2. Install PdaNetA4170.exe
  3. Install AdbDriverInstaller.exe (see to it that Mediatek Driver is installed properly)

on PC

  1. With phone connected to PC, go to android-sdk-windows folder and run adb.bat
  2. Type command “adb devices” it should display a device available and authorized (if not, you can’t root the device, you need to install AdbDriverInstaller again).
  3. Type command “adb reboot boatloader” – the phone will restart and go automatically to fastboot mode
  4. On PC, place command “fastboot oem unlock”
  5. The phone will prompt you to unlock your phone, to confirm “volume up”
  6. On PC, type command “fastboot flash recovery newrecovery.img”
  7. Once successful, on PC, type command “fastboot reboot” (The phone will then restart)
  8. Carliv Touch Recovery will open, allow root of device

Last Steps:

  1. Go to settings – developer tools – tick on Developer Options and USB Debugging
  2. Turn off phone
  3. Turn on phone via Bootloader. Press power button first and then immediately press Volume up.
  4. Select Recovery Mode or Menu and confirm by volume down
  5. On recovery mode – go to install zip – install zip from sideload
  6. On PC, type command “adb sideload”
  7. Once done, reboot via recovery, download Root Checker and check if it is successfully rooted.

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