FHD/1080p Spec Comparison

fhd battle

 A Spec comparison of the latest, most popular and cheapest smartphones available today. Because it is prices are rapidly going down, the trend now is towards FULL HD. So lets take a peak at a crude difference between each phone, so as this may help guide you in your decisions.

 Difference between MT6589 and MT6589T, below is a diagram about the crude difference between the two processors. As you can see, the turbo version has a 300 Mhz edge over the regular quad core smartphones, plus it is pared with FHD Display as the extra horse power is needed to help run applications, games and such in very high resolutions.fhd battle 4

FHD SMARTPHONES. Below is a list of all the 1080p capable quad core phones available right now, although there are a couple of teasers, for example the Goophone S4 Mega which is still currently awaiting to be released. Below is a crude comparison of the specs of the phones, naturally i left out resolution, as these are all capable of 1080 resolution.

fhd battle 1

As you can see above, most of the phones are powered by MediaTek’s quad core processor, its because it is a budget or mainstream CPU design for low cost and high performance. The MT6589T is a turbo version, and edges about 300 mhz than the regular version, it is an upgrade chip from from the MT6589 line and is usually coupled with FHD or 1080p Display. The slight increase in performance is in response to a increase demand in processing power, as higher resolution displays usually stresses the CPU and thus an added speed is welcome to overcome that. A regular MT6589 with FHD would score around 10 to 11K in antutu benchmark, however, a MT6589T (turbo) would be around 13 to 14K. So its clear, the way to go is the turbo version.

So whats in store in the future? The MT6592 True Octa Core Processor, still from MediaTek is expected to power the next generation devices, promising a better optimization in terms of multitasking, multimedia and battery life. It also is teasing with a much higher resolution than FHD, a retina display ultra HD resolution as seen on some tablets 2048 x 1536 pixels may be the next to come out. But who knows, although it is already confirmed that octa core processors will he expected to power the market of mobile devices in the future.

fhd battle 3

Most Smartphones considered 5.0 inch the staple or standard where users can enjoy both a better multimedia experience while still maintaining portability. Since the release of the galaxy s4, 5.0 inch has become the mass of 1080p resolutions. Especially for Phablets, supersize phones really benefit from a higher resolution. Screen protection from Gorilla Glass technology is a welcome addition, it started with Jiayu G2 Dual Core version where providing a scratch proof or resistant display.

fhd battle 2

From the table, it can be seen that most of the phones lack 4G or LTE support, which is a major deal breaker for some users hoping to take advantage of the now emerging high speed internet connection. Although, processing power and battery life have come a long way, a much bigger battery capacity is a welcome addition. 2000mAh is already considered average, and thus, heavy users may find it short.

Links for the smartphones  below

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