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gps fixUPDATED 8/17/2013:

Possible GPS Fix for phones who cannot get a lock without the use of data connection or GPS doesn’t Work at all. Check out the tutorial

Method 1: Use m44 tool box to fix GPS. (alternative is uncle tools – app download via appstore)


  • You need to have your phone rooted, “if an error comes up” – you don’t have rights etc… Then it needs to be rooted to have super User Rights so that you can now make changes.
  • You can also use the M44 Tool Box to rewrite imei number of your phone
  • Before doing the procedure, please do the following: go to settings – location and services – check all – also download epo (for accuracy of location services) you may need wifi or data connection for this.

Step 1. Pls download and install m44 tool box, open it. Then click line 2: Engineer model.

gps fix 1

Step 2. Pls click line 2: engineer model for MTK.

gps fix 2

Step 3. Find Location based service and tick.

gps fix 3gps fix 4

Step 4. GPS Pls Tick “on”, wait for auto update

gps fix 5 gps fix 6

Step 5. Tick view and wait until satellites get a lock (might take secs to minutes depending on device)

gps fix 7 gps fix 8

Observe until you get 5 to 6 green dots, check your location via google maps, gps tests, etc…
Alternative (still needs to be rooted) Using GPS.conf to fix (METHOD 2)
1. Get the phone rooted.(Click here.)
2. Download es filemanager, open it and go setting- root setting- all click yes.
3. Download the gps.conf and copy it to your phone sd card.
4. Use es filemanager to find out where the gps.conf is placed, click copy. Then go back to the root directory- system- etc, paste.
5. Restart your phone and then go back to method 1.

Link to download the apps to fix GPS.

Click hereupdated tutorial on using uncle tools to fix gps (still needs root)

See Video Below for fixing GPS Problems

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  1. Fix confirmed on Freelander I10S MTK6577 based Android in Europe. Before patch very weak signal, and takes 15 minutes to get a lock or longer. (or no fix at all)

    With method 2 and then 1, the phone finds GPS in under a minute. Good quality fix. Even indoor. Like a charm.

    Rooting method used: v18.

    Great how-to nice work!

    Best regards,

    Barry de Graaff

  2. GPS does not work on my HDC Galaxy S3 i9300 EX- MTK6577 either. Rooting worked perfect. But when using the m44 toolbox (according to the above Methode 1: section 3. Find location based service and click) there is a menu entry *Location* but no entry *LocationBasedService*. And there is no such screen as depicted in section 4 (GPS Pls click on…). Did I miss something or did I install a wrong version of the m44 toolbox (I used the download link stated under above Method 2)?

    When trying above Method 2 I copied gps.conf to /system/etc. There was no such file before, so I did not have to overwrite but just to paste it. After restarting the phone GPS was still not functional. Although the free app *GPS tool* shows up to 10 satellites (but shows it as unused), google maps or other apps cannot find my position via GPS.

    Any hint would be helpful.

  3. Hi, I cant get GPS to work, when using m44 toolbox there is NO location based services option, and when i click YGPS it says ” JE, Can not find some packages. Please report to RD Thx” I have HDC S3 pro ultimate thin

  4. hello everyone,
    i need some help to get my cellphone root,haipai i9377
    i try everything!
    when i try to use script by Bin4ry i get this error all the time:

    “Waiting for device to show up again….
    Going to copy files to it’s place
    mount: permission denied (are you root?)
    You can close all open command-prompts now!
    After reboot all is done! Have fun!
    Press any key to continue . . .”

    what can i do??
    thank you.

  5. Hi guys,

    I have a note 2 mtk 6577 android phone.
    I used both of the 2 steps but are still not able to see gps fix.
    android 4.1.1 is installed and later i rooted the phone.

    Somebody experiencing the same problems?
    Is there any custom rom to install so the gps function could ever work?

    Thanks for the advice in advance.


  6. Hi Vince,

    Sorry for the late reply, I still aren’t able to find out what is the exactly phone brand.
    Do you know some good app for it?

    I only know sure that is has the same body as orriginal and same battery size and capacity.


  7. We have one HDC H9500 plus phone
    The gps have poor connect or nothing connect

    Can you explain the procedure to enable the GPS functionality.
    I read that need root , can you sendme the link with the instructions

    Thanks in advance

    1. hello xavier,

      unfortunately, i havent found any custom ROM for the phone, anyway, the phone is still pretty new so, ROMS may be released soon

      best regards,

  8. I test this procedure with some gps.conf files

    I test the m44 tool box = “Mobileuncle Tools” and *#*#3646633#*#*

    The gps still not work

    Says “Buscando GPS” or “Searching GPS”

    1. hello xavi,

      the procedure doesnt work 100 percent all the time,
      usually another procedure is to flash your phone to a custom firmware or update your firmware with gps fix

      best regards,

  9. Hi everyone,
    I am from Sydney Australia. I have an ALPS N9500. The GPS is not working can’t even locate me when I use Google Maps.
    I tried to do step 2. When I tried to copy gps.conf into system/etc, an error comes up and says “com.estrongs.fs.FileSystemException: Permission Denied”
    I used Power GPS Search in the MK44 tool and it did help locate me when I use Google Maps, but I still cannot use Navigation. All satellite dots are still red when doing step 1.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. hello alvin,

      you may try the following 1. go to settings/location services/a-gps/turn on all about gps or update the epo through wifi – then try using gps test (without wifi) if you get a satellite fix, just make sure you are outside to get much faster satellite connection.
      2. If that doesnt work, then you may try to find flashing the phone to another ROM, update or fix for GPS, you may refer to this link, Btw do you know how to flash your phone?

      Best Regards,

  10. Hi from France,
    I bought a Goophone X7 from Fastcardtech, and I can’t use GPS, no fix, nos satellits.
    I tried a lot of gps.conf, and the two methods of this thread, but still not working.
    All the other applications works well, Web,Wifi,Phone,SMS,MMS.

    Thank you for your help


    1. hello,

      sorry for your problem, gps has always been a problem for china phones because they usually use a-gps (network base gps, use of wifi)
      for network location fix. as of now, there is still no rom fix for the phone, but stay tune, it will be available soon. Or you may update the epo on your location services, try that first.

      best regards,

  11. Hi Vince, thanks for your help, but I wasn’t able to follow settings/ location services/a-gps, don’t know where to update the EPO either… I will try to follow the instructions on flashing another ROM from the link you gave. I might have to fix the camera after flashing, but the only instruction there is to use SP MDT to fix camera… I’ll do more reading 🙂
    Also I did the rooting, but the SuperUser app did not appear, is that normal?
    Thanks again,

  12. Hi,
    I have the ALPS GT-N7102 phone, and have problems with GPS fix.

    I have downloaded the m44 tollbox, and when turning the GPS “on” and goig to the “view” tab, after > 15min I can see 9 red dots for the satellites but none become green or yellow, as the phone/GPS only acknowledges their existence without receiving the location data itself.

    I have turned on the A-GPS and the EPO data is updated, still – no luck to get any navigation software to get satellite fix and run correctly.

    I do hope to find a solution for this…

    BTW, I thought of buying an external bluetooth GPS receiver and try to use it, but I am not sure if it will work… doesn’t anyone of you have an experience with this?
    Of course I will be more than happy to have the GPS receiver fix!


  13. Hello
    I can’t get passed step 2:

    2. Pls click line 2: engineer model for MTK.

    I have NO ‘engineer model for MTK’

    I only have ‘Engineer Mode (Android)’

  14. Hello,

    For those of you that have a feiteng h9500 and can´t have a gps fix look at this;

    The way i´ve done it:

    Entered in engineer mode with *#*#3646633#*#* then went to “location” selectioned “YGPS”, then “AGPS restart” then “Full”.
    Then left it at open sky for 20/30mn until it get a fix, most of sattelites appeared green.
    Left the engineer mode “back key”, entered google maps and voilá gps fix on the spot.
    Done it with original rom, rooted and cwm installed.

    Thanks to this guy: Publicado por Gus



  15. at least on my hcd N9500 with mtk6589 the gps doesn’t work, it will only work with data, but not with out it.

    if u want a phone with a strong gps antena, DON’T get mtk phones (at least for now)

    Everything else on the phone, works great.

    1. Hello Poncho,

      Its not on the CPU that’s the problem, unfortunately, the gps of china phones are not particularly a priority when it is made. Because GPS is seldom use in China, GPS are not properly configured. From my experience, UMI and HDC brands have this problems as well as Star, either weak GPS or non working at all and needs an firmware update in order to fix. For example, my HDC Galaxy S3 EX (Dual COre version) which was my first phone, by the way is the same with Star B92M (rebranded) has a very weak gps takes 7 to 8 minutes to lock in without wifi or data support. I’ve also heard that somebody who made a hardware modification (adding external GPS antenna to his UMI X1 and it works like a charm. BUT, other more expensive and popular brands like that of Lenovo, Huawei, Meizu, Oppo (find 5), ZTE (their GPS work Just fine), GPS problems are on a case to case basis especially on clones.

      Hope this helps

      Best Regards,

  16. Hi Vincent,

    You´re right on your last comment, with data connection (wi-fi or 3g) gps lock on is much faster. When i go into engineer mode on my feiteng if i have wi-fi disabled it says “SI-Req request failed due to no network”, when i enable wi-fi it starts communicating. A friend of mine has a sony xperia z, he always has 3g on, when i saw the specs on the phone it says agps on the gps caracteristics, so its right to assume that the sony gps only lock on with data connection?
    You´ve also referred to a firmware update to improve gps, can i find it on the net the firmware update for the feiteng h9500?



  17. ANDROID NOTE II MT6577 gracias y mil gracias VICENT el tuto funciona a la perfeccion solo decir que a mi me llevo 29 minutos de rojo a verde estoy en españa madrid no desesperen y tengan paciencia yo puse el movil en la ventana con un alardador de corriente para que no se quedara sin bateria solo salian los satelites rojos sin rayas a los 15 minutos salio una raya roja y buelaa empezo a coger satelites como loco hasta 7 y ahora cada vez que pongo el gps no tarda mas de 30 segundos en conectar con los satelites un saludo

    1. Hola Sergio,

      Me alegro de que mi tutorial trabajó, si usted tiene más preguntas Freel libre para ponerlo en la sección de comentarios.

      Saludos cordiales,

  18. Hello all,

    i have a problem with my new FAEA F2 and its GPS.

    GPS is not working at all. I used method described above, but without success.
    I updated GPS fix data, but i see only “Searching”. So in Uncle tools (and in all other app with GPS) i can see only red satellite position, no one is green, no one is “catch”.

    Can anybody help me?

  19. Hi there..

    I have the same problem as Washa my Phone is Lenovo S920

    before i change the firmware to lewa os my gps work fine but after I install lewa firmware my gps wont lock to any satelite just in view but no matter how long I wait it still wont lock to the satelite. so i decided to flash the original firmware for lenovo s920, but too bad the problem still remain. now my lenovo cannot lock to any satelite even with its original firmware.

    I hope somebody could help me

    Best regards

  20. its work like a charm {( Lenovo A789 )} .thank you very much..many many many many thanks.i’ve waited this for a long please suggest me for :

    1. my GPS is fixed. can i uninstall mobile uncle tool? — (lenovo a789)

    2. how can i get rid of the Chinese application( like,wo.3g,wostore.etc). i’m not familiar with Chinese language .i live in Bangladesh.– (lenovo a789)

    3. my “tts” doesn’t work at can i fix this?– (lenovo a789)

    4. how can i fix default weather?– (lenovo a789)

    5. i have another phone {( lenovo k860i)}. its gps and USSD code doesn’t work. how can i fix this? — (lenovo k860i)

    Thanks again .

    1. Hello Fazlay,

      Its good news that your GPS worked,

      2. in order to get rid of the preinstalled Chinese Applications, you need to root the phone to be able to do this.
      3. may i know what tts means?
      4. You can install an application if your default weather app is not working or is in Chinese
      5. Have u tried uncle tools on mobile uncle tools?

      Best Regards,

  21. Hello Vince,

    please, can you help me? Or do you know, what else i can try? 🙁

    Because my GPS still not work, so i see only one option, send it back.
    But it will cost a lot of money and long time 🙁

    Thank you, Washa

  22. Hi hun, i tried downloading m44 tools but i didnt find them on google play but i have mobile uncle tools but when i go to engineer mode i only have engineer mode (android)
    Is there a way to still make the gps works? i downloaded the epo file. Btw my phone is samsung s4 clone (Alps gt-i9500) mt6572

  23. Thanks Cris CTS,

    I just bought Lenovo A390 (Mediatek MT6577)

    I was unable to fix the GPS. Rooted the phone and tried everything but nothing worked.

    But when I changed gps.conf & epo_conf.xml as suggested by you and rebooted the phone, now I am getting the fix even with No Data connection.

    Thanks for your great help.

    I used NTP SERVER: for my country India

  24. I could get a lock on my n9006 galaxy note 3 clone but would lose lock constantly and made sat navigation useless. I tried all the above fixes EPO/AGPS, mobileuncle and nothing worked. WHAT DID WORK is placing my left index finger on the rear top left of the casing whilst the phone was in GPS Test. Upon doing that the GPS sprang was registering a 30% gain on the previous reception. Having a bit of bacofoil rolled up and sticking out of the top left of the case did the same trick. I believe all the aboves fixes do are allow the phone to know where the satellites are but that ALL the MTK phones are furnished with a defective rubbish cheap GPS antenna. All the chineses sites pushing the aboves fixes are doing so just to try and stem the mass return of their phones. Mine is heading back to the retailer as we speak.

    1. HEllo Paul,

      thank you for your advice and guide, it really helps. Anyway, mtk actually have good gps performance, its just other china phones have poor gps antenna placement or reception. I have used mt6589, mt6582, mt6589T, not on HDC but on phones sold in my country, and their GPS works fine. HDC, UMI, Jiayu had this common problem last year and i think there is a guide from a french user (UMI X1) who modded an external antenna and GPS works fine or even better. Especially with clones, this problem is prevalent, Although on the new mt6592, most of the problems have been fixed.

      Best Regards,

  25. hi
    i have g750 huawei
    the same as other friend my phone gps is weak
    after installation of mtk software i can not see proper menu for complete modify
    the phone is rooted

  26. hello yesterday I download an app called remover to remove some applications not spending and are eliminated and in the paper the application of this is that I run out of battery and turn off the SMARTPHONE me and now I will not start at all you can help me the phone is Chinese called v-sky i9500 quad core mtk 6589 but I can not connect to pc only squeezing out the power and volume comes the menu engineer and not more thanks

  27. hola ayer me baje una app que se llama removedor de aplicaciones para eliminar algunas que no gasto y las elimine y estan en la papelera de la aplicacion el tal es que me quede sin bateria y se me apago el SMARTPHONE y ahora no me arranca del todo me podeis ayudar el telefono es chino se llama v-sky i9500 mtk 6589 cuad core pero no PUEDO conectarlo al pc solo sale apretando el volumen y encendido sale el menu de ingeniero y no se mas gracias

  28. Gracias por invitarme a escribir me ha gustado con tu página
    no te conocía a partir de ahora. Mi más sincera enhorabuena tienes un blog fantástico Gracias por compartir con todos.

  29. i had the red spots but never the green, after i did exactly like the vídeo now i dont have even the red spots. how did it happen, how can i fix it

  30. Hello. Help me find the firmware for smartphone Star 9960 Deep Blue (MTK6589) Features mobile device Star 9960 (MTK6589):
    Material and type of housing: Bar, glass and plastic
    Color of the housing: white, dark blue
    Networking standards: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, WCDMA HSDPA – data transfer rate of 850 to 2100 MHz
    Number of SIM-cards: 2 active SIM cards; – 2 pcs.
    Processor (CPU): MTK MT6589 Quad-Core ARMv7 Processor 1.2GHz (quad)
    Operating system (OS): OS- Android (Android) 4.2.1
    Device language: Russian, English
    Display: 5’3 inches, 960×540 px, sensory-capacitive TFT display with IPS matrix (+ multi-touch)
    RAM RAM (memory): 1024 Mb
    Internal memory ROM (ROM): 4000 Mb
    Memory card (SD-Flash): MicroSD 32Gb
    Photo Camera: 8 Mpx (flash and autofocus), front camera 3 Mpx
    Shooting video: Yes
    Built-in Navigation: GPS module with the acceleration of A-GPS
    Built-ins and communications: 3G, GPRS, EDGE, SMS with the possibility of sending MMS
    Additional features: WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0, accelerometer (accelerometer), touch the proximity sensor and light, gravity sensor (G-sensor), and others.
    Watch TV: None
    FM Radio: Yes
    Sound Recorder: Yes
    Up and vibration: MP3 tunes on call, as well as vibration alert
    Support for audio: Basic – MP3 / WAV; Extras – AMR; And other AWB
    Support video: AVI; MPEG-4; 3GP and other support flash-player
    Support (JAVA) JAVA: Yes
    Sinhronizatsyya with PC (USB PC): Yes
    Additional device features: Alarm clock, calendar, calculator, games, e-books, etc. stopwatch.
    Stylus-Control: No
    Battery: 2100 mAh
    Thank U.

  31. Hi, I have a brand new Vernee Thor smartphone running Android 6.0, and I found out that my GPS is not accurate at all. When standing in one place outside I can see the dot on google maps move around my position, sometimes nearly 50 meters away from my real position. When I go walking and record my position, and then check the route, it seems not to follow the path I walked and sometimes it shows all kinds of ZIG-ZAG patterns.
    Would the method described above fix this problem on this phone? Thank you in advance for your answer.


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