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gps fixUPDATED 8/17/2013:

Possible GPS Fix for phones who cannot get a lock without the use of data connection or GPS doesn’t Work at all. Check out the tutorial

Method 1: Use m44 tool box to fix GPS. (alternative is uncle tools – app download via appstore)


  • You need to have your phone rooted, “if an error comes up” – you don’t have rights etc… Then it needs to be rooted to have super User Rights so that you can now make changes.
  • You can also use the M44 Tool Box to rewrite imei number of your phone
  • Before doing the procedure, please do the following: go to settings – location and services – check all – also download epo (for accuracy of location services) you may need wifi or data connection for this.

Step 1. Pls download and install m44 tool box, open it. Then click line 2: Engineer model.

gps fix 1

Step 2. Pls click line 2: engineer model for MTK.

gps fix 2

Step 3. Find Location based service and tick.

gps fix 3gps fix 4

Step 4. GPS Pls Tick “on”, wait for auto update

gps fix 5 gps fix 6

Step 5. Tick view and wait until satellites get a lock (might take secs to minutes depending on device)

gps fix 7 gps fix 8

Observe until you get 5 to 6 green dots, check your location via google maps, gps tests, etc…
Alternative (still needs to be rooted) Using GPS.conf to fix (METHOD 2)
1. Get the phone rooted.(Click here.)
2. Download es filemanager, open it and go setting- root setting- all click yes.
3. Download the gps.conf and copy it to your phone sd card.
4. Use es filemanager to find out where the gps.conf is placed, click copy. Then go back to the root directory- system- etc, paste.
5. Restart your phone and then go back to method 1.

Link to download the apps to fix GPS.

Click hereupdated tutorial on using uncle tools to fix gps (still needs root)

See Video Below for fixing GPS Problems


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