Flashing Fastboot ROM Guide for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

This is a Flashing guide for Mediatek Phones, specifically newer versions, like the MT6792  Helio X10, i am not the original author of this guide, but i have tested it and made some tweaks on the step by step process to make it easy.

I tested this guide and was successful in Flashing my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 to a Fastboot ROM. Please follow the guides and step by step process to the letter. A disclaimer, i am not responsible for whatever happens to your phone, it is your responsibility. This process may Brick your phone, Erase your IMEI and loose all your data.

Note: This guide maybe used on other phones but please make sure the ROM used is compatible. Anyway, please be aware of the risks.

What you need:

  1. VCOM Driver (MTK v1.0.14) Download here
  2. SP Flash tool v5.15 Download here (works for me)
  3. Fast Boot ROM

    1. China Stable v7.0.16 Download here
    2. China Developer v5.12.10 Download here
    3. Note: Make sure File extensions end in “.tgz”
  1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 – charged 50% or above
  2. Windows 10 (tested it on this system, i am aware that Apple Mac systems and Linux is not supported yet)
  3. USB Cable 2.0

Note:  Back up files because this process will erase all your data

Step by Step process

flashing xiaomi redmi note 3 part 1

  1. Download all files needed and extract using Winrar or other extracting tools. You can place all the files on one folder to make it easier.
  2. Install VCOM Driver MTK v1.0.14
  3. Turn off your Phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 3) – make sure at least 50%
  4. Extract SP Flash tools and run (run as administrator)flashing xiaomi redmi note 3 part 3
  5. if it starts in Chinese (Language), open (options.ini) and change “CurrentLang to 0”
  6. Inside SP Flash Tool, Download Agent, make sure it is (DA_SWSEC.bin), it is located on the Splash tool folder.flashing xiaomi redmi note 3 part 6
  7. Inside SP Flash Tool, on the scatter-loading File. It is located on the Fastboot ROM you just downloaded. It looks like “MT6795_Android_scatter.txt”.


  1. At first, the scatter file is placed on the images folder of the Fastboot ROM, if you load this on the SP Flash tool, it will end up empty path on the locations section, and will most surely fail the Flashing.flashing xiaomi redmi note 3 part 5
  2. You should, cut and paste the “MT6795_Android_scatter.txt” file under “signed_bin” and load it from there, this is the only way for successfully flashing the phone.
  3. Only Choose Download mode, because if you choose other options, it will erase the IMEI No. and MAC Address.
  4. Get the phone and USB cable ready for Flashing. Follow the steps below
  5. Make sure the phone is turned off
  6. Press Download on the SP Flash Tool
  7. Hold the Volume Down on the phone and don’t release it.flashing xiaomi redmi note 3 part 4
  8. While pressing, plug in the USB cable until it will start to Flash the phone, when there is a yellow indicator, you can now release the Volume Down key and wait until it finishes Flashing. Make sure not to primitively remove the USB cable while flashing, it can brick your phone.

This guide is not mine, I just shared it and here is the source (xiaomi forum). I have personally used this on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and was successfully able to flash it without a hitch. Make sure to follow the steps in this guide properly. And always remember the risk and responsibility of such actions.

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