Finally, A GPS fix for those phones having problems locking in or getting a fix or just GPS doesn’t work.

CONDITION: Test Indoors or Outdoor
Recommended: Test Outdoor, clear skies
Applications needed: Google Service, Mobile Uncle Tool (available at playstore)
Phone Needs to be ROOTED (Superuser Rights)

Video Courtesy of Fastcardtech


1. Go to settings – location Access – tick all, including epo (download)
Phone needs superuser rights, so i think it needs to be rooted
2. Open Mobile Uncle Tool – go to power GPS Search (SET GPS SUCCESS!)
Afterwards, restart
3. Test GPS if it works (go to Mobile Uncle Tools Again) – Engineer Mode – Engineer Mode MTK
Location Base Service – GPS (ON)
4. Compare your Test, Near Windows or Outdoor (preferable good weather or clear skies)

Some Phones differ, so please be patient and wait till it gets a lock.


if you have any comments, or questions, feel free to write it below

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I am 27 years old and an avid fan of Phones and tablets. Writing blogs is my hobby and i have taken a keen interest in making Tablet and Phone Reviews.

76 Comments on GPS FIX

  1. Hi i have problem ,when i enter engineel mode step one after that i have only one line on step 2 engineer mode (android) i dont have for MTK ?? Pls hepl
    UMI X@ MTK 6589

    • hello denis,

      you need to root the phone, it needs superuser settings
      the fix works on all phones that are rooted

      best regards,

    • I hope it can help you:

      In my rooted Morotola Razr D3 (XT920) firmware 2_32D_2009 (Brasil) it´s not possible to enter MTK Engineering mode (Mobileuncle MTK Tools in play store), even it is a MediaTek MT6577 based phone. When I touch this option, the screen blinks and nothing happens.

      What I did in my case, was change this two files below (root needed, folder /system/etc – you can use root explorer/built in text editor to change this config files)

      file “conf.gps” , delete everything and put this:

      You can change the NTP servers to your country settings (go to and find it.

      file “epo_conf.xml” – at the end of file, change to “yes”:


      Make sure the permissions for the two files (gps.conf and epo_conf.xml) is RW-R–R–, if it is not, change it. Reboot phone.

      Go to play store and install app “GPS Status & Toolbox”, test the GPS outdoors. I hope it works to you, in my Razr D3, now, it takes less than 60 seconds to synchronize to satellites, before, could take more than 10 minutes.

  2. broczkymary // June 19, 2013 at 12:00 pm // Reply

    I followed the instructions that work perfectly with the network on, but there’s no way the offline gps does not take the satellites. Do you have any idea?
    Thank you very much.

  3. broczkymary // June 20, 2013 at 9:50 am // Reply

    Hello Vince,
    thanks for your interest! I have UMI X2 Turbo purchased on Aliexpress. The Root did the vendor I have already received with Root.

  4. broczkymary // June 23, 2013 at 11:37 am // Reply

    Please answer me?

  5. broczkymary // June 24, 2013 at 10:05 am // Reply

    EPO is already enabled, but the result does not change!

  6. broczkymary // June 25, 2013 at 8:27 pm // Reply

    My phone is new, there is still no update.

  7. Ive followed all those steps till the red dots, i get no red bars or green dots.

    My setup:
    Feiteng h9500
    root + costum room

  8. koalabaehr // July 19, 2013 at 6:25 pm // Reply

    why do my messages keep getting deleted?

    • hello,

      i have a captcha plugin, that tracks comments or messages, just make sure to complete the captcha so the comment will be approved

      best regards,

  9. koalabaehr // July 19, 2013 at 7:40 pm // Reply

    well, i figured out that i needed to wait longer for the green dots, thx for your tutorial.
    though i just tested it with tomtom and copilot (europe) and its not satisfying cause its inaccurate. (not working properly at all)
    i dont have the option for a stable internet connection.

    do you have any hints left?

    • Hello,

      did you update the EPO Assistance? i mean download epo, then test the phone outside? does it lock in to your location with the aid of wifi?

      How where you able to test the gps of your phone? did you use it outside, if you were able to connect via wifi, it might be that the phone has trouble finding satallite signals in your area.
      could you test it in the best possible condition, clear skies, away from buildings?

      best regards,

  10. Can’t get satelites if im not using data connection, is there any way to get satellites if i’m not using data connecction ?

  11. Hi I have Umi X2 turbo version and the GPS is not working at all.
    I have placed the latest ROM, the phone is rooted ….

    • Hello Stephan,

      Did you try already the uncle tools? on the gps fix? enabling the GPS there?
      Umi X2 is a successor to the Umi X1 which users have had problems with weak signal with its gps.

      Best Regards,

  12. Hello i have Feiteng GT-H9500 with MT6589 fully rooted with custom rom ( and i cant see the “MTK” at the engeener mode only the “Android”

  13. Yes I did no positive result.
    I can see red dots (satellites) but no bars beneath or green dots.
    After half an hour I cancelled the finding procedure with the result “piece of crap”


      Other than that, the phones are pretty good.

  14. hey
    i have a hdc one (HX 9299A)
    I can see red (satellites) but no bars red under or green dots. its rooted, i have the mtk enginer mode, i updated the epo, all works, but no lock (about an hour outside by clear sky 🙂 )
    there is another application? ty very much for all ur wroks 😉

    • Hello Osmoz,

      As of today, there is still no Custom firmware for the phone which addresses the issue, stay tune, i’ll update my site, once the Firmware is available.

      Best Regards,

  15. Hi

    Thanks for the useful info
    I’ve managed to get GPS data but it is not accurate
    I see myself many times off the main road although I’m on it.
    May be it has something to do with the signal strength?
    Any way to see my current signal strength? and maybe increase it?



  16. my phone is wickedleak passion z in India (iocean x7 in china). Gps satellite is showing but not using anyone. I done approx all thing. Any suggestion.

    • Hello mukesh,

      what do you mean by not using anyone? theres no lock?

      Best Regards,

      • hi
        Thanx for very quick reply. I mean GPS not in use. I want to send screen shot but don’t know how to send file. it is showing 10 satellite but not using anyone.

        • If your phone is mtk procesor, it will never work, unless you use 3g(data conection).

          • Hello Bacha,

            It does work for MTK phones, previous generation like the MT6577 (sophone i5) wherein the gps works fine. Indeed some phones have weaker gps antenna, some are not optimize for GPS and therefore needs updating or flashing and others get a lock but takes too long just like the HDC Galaxy S3 EX. Thus it is usually a case to case basis.

            Best Regards,

        • Hello mukesh,

          have u tried the uncle tools? is your phone rooted?

          Best Regards,

          • I tried uncle tool and done all setting as per your instruction. in view it is showing 10 red dots. from last 30 minute it is showing same in indoor and out door.

          • Hello mukesh,

            did you download EPO?

            Best Regards,

          • yes sir I downloaded epo.

          • I have had mtk6577 and 89, HDC phones, none of them had worked.

            idk if they work on phones like gophones, jiayu and all that, but at least in HDC phones they won’t work

            (i have flashed, reseted, etc etc)

          • Hello bacha,

            From experience and information from other users, HDC usually releases quite a lot of phones compared to other manufacturers. they are usually cheaper, the my first phone, the HDC Galaxy S3 EX (dual core version) has a very weak gps antenna, similar to UMI X1 (dual core also), i was able to get a lock but it took me 7 to 8 minutes and i have to be outdoors. Wifi or data support, no problem, the stock rom (i cannot get a lock or even google maps dont work). So, i change to a custom firmware and it worked but it takes 10 minutes which is forever and is also not very accurate to say the least. The Sophone i5 (which my sister has) it is an iphone clone, GPS was quick, even better than some original phones from samsung. lock within 1 to 2 minutes, it was also accurate. Thus, it usually depends on the manufacture. HDC is usually plague by gps problems, as with umi and star. Other phones that work fine include zopo, zte, lenovo, meizu, oppo, xiaomi, they have the same quality, although a bit more expensive than the other ones.
            i will be making an extensive review of the iocean x7 Turbo version next week when it arrives.
            hehe, this is quite long, thanks and i hope this helps

            Best Regards,

          • Thanks Vincent, i’ll check some phones u mention, then i will talk about those brands !.

  17. I have read several pages and youtube videos, and all says that gps won’t work, I think is a general problem in ALL MTK PHONES, next week 3 diferent MTK model arrive to my house, i’ll be posting if there is one that really work, if they don’t work, there would be 6 phones that i have bought and the GPS doesn’t work.

    • I just got a new HDC N9500 mtk phone, the gps wasnt working UNTIL i did something i read on a page.

      the base version of my phone is

      2013/05/04 18:26

      Compilation numer:

      Core version:
      root@android #1
      fri may 10 11:08:37 CST 2013


      • hi its mukesh
        I tried BACHA’s comment and link.
        last result is in YGPS
        Provider = gps disabled
        Status = STOPPED
        TTFF = Counting (from last 30 minutes)

        I forget to mentioned that my iocean x7
        chip version = MTK_GPS_MT6628
        MNL version = MNL_VER-13012901ALPS05

        Please help me. Is it any hardware problem with my device?
        You all are my last hope.

  18. After GPS anable result in YGPS
    Provider = gps enabled
    Status = UNAVAILABLE
    TTFF = Counting (more then 25 minutes)

    In satellites tab
    showing 11 red dots.
    Down side no bar and bar value is “0”.

    In GPS TEST app

    GPS Status = GPS on (Yellow Dot)
    Accuracy (FEET) = 0
    in view = 11
    in use = 0

    down side = No bar showing and value of all is 0

  19. here my 2 videos:
    This one is the video of the gps in my hdc n9500 working, this was done following the instructions on the page i mention in a post before.

    NOTE: Before i followed the instructions, my gps wasnt working, after i did what page said, it is working pretty good, getting a lock in less than a minute.

    this video is showing 2 identical phones, one is not working even using the instructions on the page i mention before and the other is working by using instructions:

    hope i helped somebody.

  20. hola en configuracion de agps he pinchado en todas las casillas incluyendo Deshabilitar despúes de reiniciar como pone en el tutorial y tenia configurado el archivo gps.comf y al reiniciar el telefono me lo cambia. este es el que yo le puse y me lo a cambiao a

  21. positive feedback from here!

    Coolpad 7295+, before fix there was absolutely no GPS, with fix I even have decent indoor GPS. Sometimes off up to 7m but still good enough for navigation.

  22. I have a new jiayu g4T. i think my gps doesn’t work. i always see the satelites, but i never connected to them. they are always red. I used to do it indoor, tomorrow i have to try it outdoor. but if it doesn’t work, what i have to do? install a new rom ?

    • Hello Adrian,

      yup, a common problem with china phones is its unreliable gps performance. before updating to a new firmware, try uncle tools first and see it it works

      Best Regards,

      • I triyed, epo idle –download. change gps.cfg. nothing. i see the satelites but i can’t connect to them. SNR 00

        • Hello Adrian,

          i have the same problem with my iOcean X7 turbo, compared to the Sophone i5c (surprisingly very fast GPS even without data connection)

          best Regards,

  23. hello,
    I have the same phone like yours,i made step by step every thing you say in the video, but it’s still impossible to fix.What to do ?please help.Thanks in advance

  24. GPS Problem
    i have a mt6582 – S5 – HDC S5 SM-G900S-V10.

    The Phone is rooted, Open Mobile Uncle Tool, fast gps and others are installed.

    I get the red dots in 2-4 seconds, after this nothing happens (tested 24h)

    Know anybody the Problem? Please help

  25. Hey,i have some problem….download epo files, faster gps-europe,region Cz, and still red dot on the Gps test….and still nothing:( help me pls.
    S5.mtk 6582, G900s v10

    • Hello Huddy,

      with Wifi enabled or assisted, can you get a lock on google maps?

      Best Regards,

      • Hey Vince,
        yes on google maps with me you location using data (wifi), but when wifi is turned off, nothing. In Gps test shows me 15 satellites. But if I do I turn off data, so not one. I’m offline navigation and it does not show any signal. What might be the problem?

  26. Hello Vincent.
    I have owned a Neken N6 for over a year and despite a lot of research and attempted fixes have not been unable to get the GPS to work. That is until I found your site. It is working – so many thanks.

  27. Dear friends i have a problem with my new meizu mx4 pro phone. The gps didn’t work no found satelite . the gps symbol on the right top of the screen flashing but the phone can’t find satellite…please advise me …i have the flyme a firmware and i am from greece.Thanks peter…

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