Guide, How to backup your ROM on MTK devices

This guide is indeed to help those who want to backup their device, if your example, you are going to flash another ROM, if something goes wrong, you can always revert back and have a recovery handy. This guide is not mine and i found this tutorial on xda-developers, credits to publisher Rua1 for this wonderful guide.




1. Open Droid Tools and connect rooted device (your phone – pls. enable debugging mode under settings-developer tools), afterwards droid tools will connect to your device and show info or details (refer pic below). if your device is rooted (color indicator in the bottom left corner will be yellow). Then clock on the root button at the bottom.

back up rom 2

2. Wait until the progress bar and the indicator turns to green (this means you have a rooted shell), necessary for backuup, and will remain in the state until the device is rebooted. However, if the indicator is yellow, this means that you don’t have busybox installed, you can install this via playstore.

back up rom

3. Click on the tab root, backup recovery and tick the box next to backup userdata and cache if required, click on backup, allow to finish copying files. After that, you will have a complete back up of your device (saved in mtkdroid tools back up folder). User data and cache may contain your personal data, so be careful.

back up rom 3

4. Should you need to restore your device to current state, you can do by just flashing your backup to your device. How to do this? Open droid tools, no need to connect device to pc, click on tab root, backup, recovery then click on to prepare for flashtool.

back up rom 4

5. Navigate to the folder where your back up is stored, open then select MD5 file (open).

back up rom 5

6. the tool will then copy the required files t another folder (Files_to_flashtool) which is also inside the backup folder. Then flash the files to your device via SPFlashtool by sellecting scatterfile in the files_to_flashtool folder. Note: Error when preparing files for Flashtool if in the backup folder there are two scatter files (Normal and PMT). remove one of them to solve the error.

 back up rom 6

MANY THANKS to Rua1 for this tutorial


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