HDC Galaxy S4 i9500 ROM Update Announcement

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HDC Galaxy S4 i9500 ROM Update Announcement

This is an announcement to all who bought the HDC Galaxy S4 i9500, according to Fastcardtech there was a factory error where a wrong ROM was flashed on the phone causing several problems. The first 500 phones has the following issues:

1. a very weak wifi (1 or 2 ranks only)
2. GPS fails or does not work
3. Compass also does not work
4. Finally, when tested via device Z, the phone revealed wrong information

hdc galaxy s4 i9500 rom update 2 hdc galaxy s4 i9500 rom update

NOTE: There is no HDC Galaxy S4 that is powered by Exynos5410 (Octa core processor), most are only equipped with MediaTek’s MT6589 Processor.

This update aims improve issues regarding the issues named above.

In order to correct this, please download the ROM below.

To download the ROM, click here

If you want more information on flashing click here

After Flashing the phone, you can test it using (z-device) to check for the correct info of the device. You can download it via playstore

For more information on the HDC Galaxy S4 i9500. Click here

Updated as of September 10, 2013

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  1. I Have HDC S4 GALAXY 9500 PRO (UNIVERSAL 5410 1.6 Ghz, 1gb. ram) and the screen dont rotate.

    This rom is valid for my phone ?

  2. I downloaded the rom but its not in a zip file and i converted it into a zip file and when i tried flashing i got “installing aborted”? Please help i need a gps so i can find Bitches and good internet so i can look at porn

  3. The screen dont rotate, i have factory rom, and the option is enabled but screen dont rotate in webbrowser for example.

    This rom is valid for my model ???

    1. hello jose,

      if your phone is the same model hdc galaxy s4 i9500 exynos then it is the update you are looking for. it sights various fixes from previous bugs present on the phone

      best regards,

  4. Hi. I’ve got one of this phones, and mine has several problems. For example, the are some configurations missing, and some of them don’t work. I can’t expand the screen with two fingers when i’m on the internet, etc. Could this link solve my problem?

  5. hello,
    some of my friends have told me that i should wait until a new update of the android system comes out. Could that work?

  6. I just get this phone, and gps takes so long to be connected.
    Baseband is: MOLY.WR8.W1248.MD.WG.MP.V6.P4,2013/05/04
    Kernel: 3.4.5 root@android #1 Mon May 6 19:24:02 CST 2013.
    Build number: I9500
    Can you recomend me a site with coustun ROM´s for this phone.
    Do you know if there are in the web a developer site for this phone (like xda developers)?

    1. Hello,
      you could try xda developers, im sure there are alot of custom ROMS available right now,

      the update on the post is for those having problems with their phone,

      best regards,


      1. Thanks Vincent, I will ask for your support one more time.

        As this is not the first phone I have installed a custom ROM, I know if you dont install a ROM according with the specs of the phone you have a possibility to damage it. I know that this phone is not Exynos 5410 or 4412 and instead is an MTK CPU and is not 2G is 1G RAM, So do you know what are the real specks for this phone and what custom ROM can be installed on this phone (Can you give me a link to a custom ROM?).

        This is the information on the phone and is rooted so I have super user rigths:
        MOLY.WR8.W1248.MD.WG.MP.V6.P4,2013/05/04 Kernel: 3.4.5 root@android #1 Mon May 6 19:24:02 CST 2013. Build number: I9500

        This is the phone I get.

        I will appreciate your response.

        Regards. Jorge.

        1. hello Jorge,

          The phone is real 2 GB RAM, and an MTK overclocked at exynos speed through firmware or ROM push, the update was intended for clocking the frequency to a much higher speed and as well as used to fix other known issues of the phone like weak wifi etc… you can find in the update. if this is the phone, you can update the firmware to fix the issues,

          best regards,

          1. OK, Vicent ,thanks.
            Can you recommend me a custom ROM to be installed on this phone I saw some in xda developers but I don’t know how to define which one I can install on this phone without risk to damage it.
            As an example there are some phones using same processor MT6589 but some are i9500? or H9500? or N9500?, and there are several brands like ZOPO, THL, NEO, Feiteng, Goophone, etc, are all the ROM´s compatible? Or What I should check before to install a custom ROM, Baseband, kernel,etc. in order to choose the right ROM? (Different than the one posted by fastcardtech).

            Apresiate your response.
            Best Regards.

          2. Hello Jorge,

            Some phones are compatible with certain firmwares as long as the specifications are similar or almost the same,
            just for example, i had a HDC Galaxy S3 i9300 EX, and i installed a custom firmware to gain 2.5 GB Permastorage from the internal storage and upgrade to Android 4.1.2 Jellybean, the firmware i use was intended for Star B92M, however, the phone is like an exact copy, so it worked. another is the Zopo C2, is compatible with ZP980 firmware, the i9500 Plus, i think is compatible with a custom firmware, that has the intended specs of the phone. Like you cannot, install a HDC Galaxy S4 EX firmware to a S4 i9500 Plus firmware.
            I know flashing is a risk, in Xda forum you can find user testimonies, please read them ahead so as you have an idea what the firmware is for, and if possible use the firmware intended for the phone. If they say that this firmware is compatible also with Star i9500 or HDC i9500, then you can flash it, BTW, the firmware that i posted there has been around for quite a while now and i havent updated as of late.

            hope my explanation helps,
            Best regards,

    1. hello,
      you could verify with your carrier if the phone supports the simcard of your location. what kind of s4 is it? is it original or clone?

      best regards

          1. hello aalok,

            the phone supports GSM and 3G i think only via WCDMA 850/2100mhz (could you ask your carrier if these frequencies are supported?

            Best regards,

          2. Hello,

            If you have a cellphone repair nearby, could you please let them inspect to see if there is a problem of the antenna or receiver of the phone, secondly, have u tried other sims on the phone?

            best regards,

          3. I have tried both the options. But the repair fellow told me that its due to IMEI not getting registered.

          4. Hello Aalok,

            Bad news, Imei cannot be rewritten on that phone, i suggest you return it to where you bought the phone and have them fix the problem

            Best Regards,

  7. Vincent, the link of the ROM is on rar format I rename the file to zip, but is not recognized by the phone during the install process, what I need to do in order to have it on ZIP, Do I need to uncompress the files and then zip all the information?

      1. Vincent, I tried to install the ROM by Recovery Mode (apply update from SDCard), and the rar file is not recognized as a ROM file, it needs to be an zip format. Could you letme know how to change it from rar to zip.

  8. I upgraded my hdc i9500 galaxy s4 exynos preloader file: e2006_v89_hydy_jingdong but it show v89_hydy_jingdong. Why? Help me pls.

  9. Hello can you help me please?

    I bought this:
    HDC galaxy S4 l9500 but with 1gb ram, ARMv7 processor rev 2
    kernel: 3.4.5(eng.bz.1373374178)
    build: JDQ39.l9500XXUAMDK

    But have the following problems:
    Slow gps fix
    Compass not working
    Battery life under 2 hours

    Phone is not rooted (I did ask to have it rooted but they didnt).

    Please can you tell me if this ROM will fix my phone or if there is another way?
    Kind regards

      1. Hello,
        Thank you very much for your reply!

        Can I just check that this will work even though my phone has a universal5410 not Exynos?

        Thank you

  10. @vincent

    I humbly ask for assistance on my issue.


    – all the features of the s4 clone works okay when I got it, sim is being read and able to make calls and sms.
    – it had a theme selector icon button, wherein if you click it, it allows you to select different themes to select and apply.
    – i think it is rooted from the start

    Problem started as follows:

    – being the new user I applied factory reset on the phone via: settings-accounts-backup and reset-factory data reset(selected erase phone storage)-reset phone.

    -phone reset did happen but problem is when phone restarted: the sim card is not being read by the phone, (sim management option is greyed out(via setting-mydevice)

    -basically the phone is not reading the sim card
    -tried changing sim card, I even brought the phone to a repairshop but told me they cant fix it because its a clone, but was advised it was not a hardware issue.
    -repairman said the phone should be re-programmed, was advised that the sim card reader software probably got erased when the phone was factory reset.
    -repairman also checked the IMEI and said that IMEI is okay (no problem)

    -there is no problem with my sim since it works on my nokia phone.

    Phone details:

    Single sim (micro sim)
    Mediatek mt6577 x2 1.001ghz (as per cpu identifier)
    Hdc i9500 galaxy s4 layout (as per cpu identifier)
    512mb ram
    Powervr sgx 531 single core gpu
    4.2.2 jellybean
    Kernel compiled on ‘root’ workstation by user: rooter (build: eng.rooter.1371715303)
    Linux version 3.4.0 (rooter@root) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (gcc)) #1 smp preempt thu jun 20 16:01:33 cst 2013
    Wifi works
    Compass works
    Air gesture works only on home screen and apps screen

    Please help me.

    Hopefully someone can help me on how this s4 clone can read the sim again.

    If you need any additional info for my device please tell me so I can help.

  11. @ Vincent,

    Thanks for the fast reply.

    You said it needs to be reflashed, what firmware will I use to reflash the phone? And where to download?

    Thanks again..

  12. Please help!

    I have been trying to flash the ROM however it does not come up with a location/file for “uboot” when I open with SP flash?

    How can I find this??


          1. Is it the “lk.bin” file?

            There are 3 .bin files, “preloader…” “logo..” and “lk” in the ROM package?

            Thank you so much for your help.

          2. The UBOOT file is missing from the ROM package.

            However there is a “lk.bin” file in the ROM package not being used, shall I redirect SP Flash to use this instead?

          3. Hello Vincent,

            I’m sorry I don’t understand what do you mean?

            (The UBOOT is not in the package)

          4. Please help me Vincent, I am desperate!

            If you send me your paypal address I will make it worth your while?
            (jonwalla24 @ gmail.com)

          5. Hello Jon,

            Ok stay tune, i’ll help you with your problem, i just have to compile my possible solutions as well as consult my colleague of your problem

            Best Regards,

  13. hello vincent, could you help me out ?

    This phone arrived this week but no GPS. i tried to flash the the ROM, and completed the ROM upgrade with the green circle showing on SP Flash tool. Unfortunately now it wont turn ON (blank screen).

    Any chance you have reports like this? Do we need a new and better ROM ? LL

      1. Hi Vincent, I already flash the HDC S4 using both the ROM and SP FLash Tool v3.13 in this site : http://www.needrom.com/mobile/hdc-galaxy-s4-i9500-exynos-5410/comment-page-2/#comments

        As you can see i also posted there and I am not the one who also have this problem. After Flashing using the ROM, the phone went dead. Nothing coming out of the screen. Re-flash it over agin, same thing.

        Do you think the ROM update is not the latest? I compared it with the Baidu link and the files are actually the same.

        Hope you can help. I know a lot of new orders like myself are having this problem. Its because the GPS which is so important was the reason I decided to flash, now its totally useless make me regret flashing the phone..

        Thanks, Leonil

  14. yes i did try that ROM, and that ROM version was the biggest mistake for after the update the phone went dead. wont even start. and this is the comment you would read in other forums. you should know i am not alone on this.

    If you want to try it go grab yourself a new working on the box HDC Galaxy S4 i9500 with dead GPS and other stuff, and update it with this ROM and SP Flash Tool – hoping it will fix your GPS because of bad rom installation during manfucaturing. It will leave you a dead phone.

    Even before my order from FastCardTech i already advised them to check EVERYTHING should be working before they sent it to me. But now its not, and that ROM is bad. Is there any chance FCT just simply allow me to return the phone and send me a really working new one or reimburse me ? I think the phone problem is persistent and will not be resolve in many months. And everyone who bought this phone will agree with me that we bought the phone to use it and not to fix it.

    Hope you can try the ROM yourself. Thanks, Leonil

    1. Hello Leonil,

      Since your phone is still on warranty, it is better to return it if you are still having problems with the phone. Especially if it concerns hardware, you should return it, if it is Software like ROM, you can use the ROM http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=460104&uk=3492853244, ive also recently posted an article beginners guide for flashing http://www.chinasmartphonereview.com/beginners-guide-flashing-your-phone/

      hope this helps

      Best Regards,

  15. Hi Vicent. My phone camera has disapered. I have wiped the phone and the camara still desapered fron the phone. I have check the Z-device test .. and my two cameras front and rear appear with a red cross. May a fix the problem with the rom update?

    Baseband is: MOLY.WR8.W1248.MD.WG.MP.V6.P4,2013/05/04
    Kernel: 3.4.5 root@android #1 Mon May 6 19:24:02 CST 2013.
    Build number: I9500

      1. Hi Vicent, thanks for your hel. No i have not tryed this. I only have wiped the phone until now.
        is ti that i have to do?
        best regars

          1. Ok thank you very much Vicent.. Can i update my phone with this web page´s rom update? is this the original?

  16. Help me
    I have a deviceHDC S4 GT-i9500 Pro- UNIVERSAL5410 You Btflish device because Matt device
    I want software for this device and how to install the software and what is the solution to this problem
    Please help

  17. Vincent, I tried to install the ROM by Recovery Mode (apply update from SDCard), and the rar file is not recognized as a ROM file, it needs to be an zip format. Could you letme know how to to do it?

    1. I have open the rar archives and i have done a new Zip archive but the phone don´t let me install the rom. maybe the rom is not good uploaded.

  18. I have an S4 I9500, but wont connect to TMobile 3G network, I can make calls and receive txts, and connect thru wifi, but when it comes to connect to the 3g network, stays on E…. what is going on

  19. dear professional tech,
    i have follow the instruction to flash.
    my phone was dead after upgrade and nothing open also my charge light any respond, please help me.
    second flash i said

    [EMI] Enable DRAM failed

    HINT please check your load match to your target which is to be download

  20. Hello my device is an HDC MTK6589 Quad Core 2GB RAM. He is presenting the download fails in googleplay not install applications that down the computer. Should I change the ROM?

  21. Thank for reply.

    My phone model couldn’t identified.
    Because back of phone just like this.
    (Logo samsung)
    Model : Gt i9500
    Fcc id : A3L Gt i9500
    Ssn : -I9500GSMH
    EMEI 357138056102533

    quad core. Run android 4.2.2 jelly bean.
    Have function air gesture + eye sensor (smartpause)
    Also same mtk6589 exynose 5041.

    thanks vincent, hope u may solve my prob. Before dead. My fon brick..
    Can open recovery mode but after I’ve flash the rom using legeng rom, was dead n nothing out include when im charge the fon. Before flash charging logo will appear. Now nothing come out. Is it hardware problem? First im flash the rom.process done without any error but my fon dead. Thanks.

  22. I found this.
    ★ Samsung GT-I9500★ Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Original Firmware★ 2GB DDR Ram Real Size★ microSD, up to 64 GB★ PowerVR SGX 544 ★ 5.0 inches capacitive touchscreen (Real Size)★ ARMv7 Processor 1.6GHZ Quad Core★ 720 X 1280 Resolution / 320DPI★ Rear Camera 12.6MPX Picture Size 4096×3072★ Front-facing Camera 1.9MPX Picture Size 1600×1200★ Li-Ion 2600 mAh Battery★ Air Gesture★ Smart Stay★ Air Browser★ Air Launcher-accept★ Air call-accept★ Motion setting★ S-Voice★ SUPER HD Screen Size★ 3.7G Internet Speed (HSPA+) ★ Video Call★ Wifi & Personal Hotspot★ Bluetooth ★ Auto-Caption when Smile Detector★ Mutli-Windows★ Quad Core Processor ★ Fit Original Case & Battery (4 PIN)★ Microsim

    1. Hello ASh,

      Have u confirmed that the memory is 2 GB? because it looks like the SPARK or LEGEND. are you having problems with 3G? or anything when using this phone? have u tried flashing it with another firmware?

      Best Regards,

  23. hello vince,
    how we can install CWM recovery on HDC Galaxy s4 i9500 MT6589/6576
    please send me link of CWM recovery.zip and flash tool.
    how we can install via sp flash tool ? please tell me method .


  24. Hello I am looking to download the latest rom available for hdc legend s4 but I can not read Chinese is that you can link me to download directly please

        1. Hello Sorin,

          there are plenty of button combos for screen shot option depending on the Operating system and phone also.
          Some Combos include, holding down the menu button and pressing power button to take screen shot,
          others volume up key and then power key
          or you may download app from playstore called screenshot

          Best Regards,

  25. Hello, my s4 MTK6589 HDC has had trouble installing applications in general, is the google play or any market. If I change the ROM will possibly resolve this error?

    1. Hello Apolo,

      You can try to clear cache, seems to work for me when i had problem with google market. go to settings, and find playstore and clear cache

      Best Regards,

  26. Vincent,

    can you please help me?
    I have a Hdc Galaxy S4 with this specs:

    Model: GT-I9500
    FCC ID: A3L GTI9500
    SSN: I9500GSMH
    RATED: 3,8V 1300mA
    Made in Korea by Samsung
    IMEI: 357138056102343

    The Phone is complete death…
    I have tried for about 15 roms to flash with SP flash tool but i’m getting Always the BROM ERROR with code 4032!
    Do you have any idea what i have to do to wake up my handy again and do you know what te exact stock rom i need?

    Greetz and thanks in advance

    1. I may have same phone. I cannot find a battery that fits this device. It is a Samsung S4 or clone or something. I have tried getting S4 battery but doesn’t work. Bought on
      Device S/N ( S4 clone? )s/n r21cczybcm
      battery s/n ys1d503 z s/2-b

      1. Hello Bren,

        yup, the s4 original batteries usually dont fit with s4 clones, mostly due to NFC Support. YOu can use other batteries as long as the voltage and dimensions fit with the phone.

        Best Regards,

  27. Helo….i have a problem missing “samsung s4” logo on the screen at startup the phone…it shows mediatek and android .. How to get it back??…my phone: gt-i9500 4.2.2 jellybean..

  28. this rom support eye sensor, smart sensor, s view n multy window? my hdc just support air gesture…i need rom full fiture s4..thx

  29. Hi any one help…

    I have s4 Clone gt-i9500, with universal5410 cpu, 4 core processor.
    MT6575… can any one upload or share the link of the ROM,
    I bricked my device when trying to flash ROM,

      1. Hi vince…
        I tried to reflash many times.. but not find the right ROm, the best one i got.. camera doesnt work, and no air browse.. do u have any ROM

        1. Hello naresh,

          does your s4 have a sensor? for motion control? because some s4 clones dont have them. Stock, does your phone support motion etc…

          best Regards,

          1. Hi vince.,
            Yes it has motion sensor.. and smart view too. They are working good when i bought this phone. I bought it in thailand… but i was not able to make calls with it in india.. it shows cannot register on network. So i tried to flash.. now the calls are ok. But motion sensor and smart view are not included in the rom im using now. Even front camera is not working.

            Thanks and regards

          2. Hello vince..
            I used i9500_mt6575_s4_rom using sp flash.
            But it shows my phone has mt6575_s01.. does it make any difference?
            I tried to do card flash of rom which i think is correct one. But not succeeded as it says partition not matched


          3. Hi Vince
            Its around 35000.. with antutu when i buy it.

            but with my present ROM(wrong ram) its aroung 27000.


          4. Hi Vince…

            Ya im using latest anbutu, the present score is 27000, do you know how to edit the system.img, i want to get my airbrowse working.

          5. Hello naresh,

            unfortunately i dont know how to edit system files, are air view and gesture not working with your current rom?

            Best Regards,

          6. Hi vince,

            Its ok, thanks for your time, yes airbrowse and smartview are not working, even the camera is inverted.

            Thanks and Regards

          7. Hello Naresh,

            in india, does your carrier suppport unlocked phones? or do you need to register your sim to get data?

            Best Regards,

          8. In india ,carrier supports unlocked… no need to register sim
            Im using this sim on other phone with no issues.
            Is there anyway can i use mt6589 rom for mt6575

            Thanks and regards

          9. Hi vince..
            Its single sim.. now my sim card is working ok.. but airbrowse,smartview and camera are not working

  30. hi vince…
    i use a s4 i9500,and already root it…then my wifi signal turn slow (weak)
    only 1,2 bar…even just a few step from the router…how to solved my problem ya??do i need to flash a new rom,and what kind of rom are compatible with mtk6577 512mb ram….please reply a.s.a.p

    1. Hello Azly Lie,

      the rom available is for MT6589 version of the phone only, im trying to get hold of new ROMS but unfortunately, its hard to come by, but ill try to post as soon as i have new ones.

      Best Regards,

  31. u have rom for this? it called s4 superking v3

    -Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
    -Air Gesture
    -EYe Sensor Pause
    -Air Browser
    -Air Launcher-accept
    -Air call-accept
    -Motion setting
    -SUPER HD Screen Size
    -3.7G Internet Speed (HSPA+)
    -Video Call
    -Wifi & Personal Hotspot
    -Quad Core Processor

    Full specs Galaxy S4 SUPERKING:
    -Samsung GT-I9500
    -Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

    -microSD, up to 64 GB
    -PowerVR SGX 544
    -4.99inches capacitive touchscreen
    -ARMv7 Processor 1.5GHZ Quad Core
    -Memory Size 1GB /Phone Storage 9GB free 2GB je
    -720 X 1280 Resolution / 320DPI
    -Rear Camera 12.6MPX Picture Size 4096×3072
    -Front-facing Camera 1.9MPX Picture Size
    -Li-Ion 2600 mAh Battery

    1. Hello Jess,

      when S4 clones are sold outside of china, usually it is renamed but in terms of hardware it still is the same phone from china. I think your phone is either the spark or the legend. Anyway, there’s not much difference between the two anyway. Although i advise you to back up your ROM before doing any flashing and may i know any issues you have with your phone?

      Best Regards,

  32. My S4 android recovery does not have install zip from SD.. Please Help..
    In recovery mode, it just show
    -reboot system now
    -apply update from ADB
    -apply update from sdcard
    -apply update from cache
    -wipe data/ factory reset
    -wipe cache partition
    -backup user data
    -restore user data

    What should I do to install the rom?

  33. Hi vincent,

    What can I do if there is no “install zip from sdcard” in recovery mode?
    There are only update from sdcard..but I try..it fails..Please help..

      1. Hi vincent, thx for the info.. but I the flash tool show “ENABLE DRAM FAIL”.. What is the problem?? Please help..TQ

  34. hi, is this ROM for exynos chipset or for mt6589? what are the changes? can the processor be overclocked? etc. etc. thanks

    1. Hello Wakatsik,

      Galaxy S4 clones are all MT6589 @ 1.2 GHz, exynos chipset is not the real hardware. Why MediaTek? its the cheapest chipset or CPU currently available. The Exynos 5410 (REAL GALAXY S4, and Meizu MX3), i think are the only phones using an octacore processors as of late. The Galaxy Note 3 uses a Snapdragon 800 (fastest processor to date).

      And to answer your other question, overclocking the processor is risky and may make your phone unstable.

      Best Regards,

      1. ah ok, i got confused cause the file name is “HDC Galaxy S4 I9500 Exynos Version Update” & i thought this is for exynos chipet & not for mt6589.

        so what are the changes/improvement of this ROM compare to stock ROMs…is it only bug fixes?

        1. Hello Wakatsik,

          ya, its pretty confusion especially that they advertise the phone to have exynos5410. Remember that Exynos is a very expensive Chipset and cannot be place on a budget smartphone. The update just fixes the known bugs and changes processor to MT6589 (real), but mainly it is for the bugs.

          Best Regards,

    2. Hello Wakatsik,

      theres not much or any change, except for fixes on bugs, processors when overclocked tend to become hot, unstable and may damage your processor over time, especially with clones

      Best Regards,

  35. Hi.I need the ROM for this mobile: ULEFONE U9501 (5″ , MTK 6589,1 GB RAM,8 GB ROM).It seems like the HDC GALAXY S4 9501,so i think that the ROM for the HDC would work in my Ulefone.

    1. Hello David,

      you could experiment on the roms, but you need to safely back up first your stock rom to make sure you can revert if ever something bad happens. Most of the china phones here, often don’t differ much from each other and some are just a rebranding, for other manufacturers to use another name, but have the same hardware underneath.

      Best Regards,

  36. Thanks.I probed the ROM for the Star N9500,but the secondary camera doesn´t work,and the volume controls are inverted,and the battery finishes in less than a day….So i need the Stock ROM for the Ulefone U9501 or the STOCK ROM for the HDC GALAXY S4 9501.Can you help me?

  37. Hi, my phone is Chinese, gt-i9500 MT6575; cortex. arm-A9, armv7l kernel, has the problems mentioned above, the aforementioned rom solves these problems?. please urgent help.

  38. Good morning Vince,

    I put restore factory settings in my mobile HDC S4 GT-i9500 – MTK6589 Android Quad Core 4.8inch QHD IPS Screen 4.2.2, because I want to synchronize mi phone with mi google account, but it was impossible, so, now, after restore factory settings, my phone doesn’t catch net…the telephone doesn’t have Internet, and I can not make or receive calls.. What I can do to fix it?

    I try to download the rom in this direction:


    but the link is wrong.

    This is the message that I can see in the website:


    Can you send me the correct link o the rom, please? Thanks

  39. Hello Vince.

    This hdc can make like original Samsung?
    I mean the secret code on Samsung s4 by pressing the *#0*# and then go to sensor and image test.my phone was not working on image test (accelerometer sensor) .. The original Samsung s4 will appear like pet (dog) . do you have any idea to add image n fix the image test ? Thanks u very much.

    1. Hello Ash,

      unfortunately clones dont have that option or feature. Basically a clone has different specs than the original. If you see that a clone is advertise to have exynos5410, it is not real (seriously). Have u tried mobile uncle tools for the test? Device Z?

      Best Regards,

  40. Hello Ray,

    you could try other roms, it seems that the rom is not 100% compatible with your phone, BTW MT6577 roms for s4 clones are scarce, mostly only mt6589 like that of the s4 legend and the spark

    Best Regards,

  41. Hi Vincent,

    Please help me, i got Galaxy S4 clones with mt6577 hardware. Basically my problem is the same with @Blackvise ‘s problem which there is no sim card detected. I try everything i could and my bad is that i didn’t backup my rom. I search anywhere but it seems very hard to find, mostly are for mt6589. But finally i found one for mt6577 but my phone graphics going pixelated and very blurred (before that it is look like the same with the original one). And the simcard still not recognized by the phone. Can you help me please Vincent, i am truly desperate :(.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Rangga,

      i sympathize your problem, i will try to search for a working rom for your phone, its correct that most of the roms available are for mt6589 chipset. Ill post them as soon as it is available.

      Best regards,

  42. Hi Vince,

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate it and really looking forward for your answer. And sorry if there is too much to ask. Again, thank you.


  43. thanks mate, iv searched around alot for a new rom with no luck ive tried all on needrom for mtk6577 s4 as well as some others, do you know any other sites i can try.

  44. Hi Vince,

    I just wanna inform you that the blurry screen issue is already fixed :). I follow the original link and it seems to be the common problem. Now i have another problem, after i flashing the new rom, in my home screen there is a pink puzzle piece logo, what does that mean? And how to remove it?

    Along with the simcard thing, there is an odd problem here. I use two provider to check the service, the provider A give me no service but it works normally in another phone, hence the provider B show signal and everything (data works, call/text works), i don’t mean to be a bugger but why this is happen? I contact the provider A and they say there is nothing wrong with the simcard.

    Thank you for your attention Vince, you are really a good friends.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hello Ranga,

      can you install another homescreen app and see it is removed?
      Possible reason for the incompatibility of your provider with regards to frequencies used by your phone. usually 3G for S4 clones support 850 mhz and some have 2100mhz only, and others also have support both 850/2100mhz

      Best Regards,

  45. Hello my master,

    Do u have rom for hdc legend air gesture with smart pause (eye sensor) run android 4.2.2.. Before my fon dead. My stock rom is 4.2.2.. And have function eye sensor smartpause. After i flash new rom also legend rom. Working fine but android 4.2.1 and eye sensor function didnt have. Just air gesture. And then more setting like nfc motion and so on are gone. Will u help me sir? Thanks a lot for your helping..

  46. Hello Vince,

    I bought this phone: http://www.gadgetsdealer.com/product544765.html

    I really do need some help so if you can tell me anything i would really appracitite it so much.
    The problem is that after when i try to unlock my phone sometimes, it just shows black screen and i cant do anything without restarting the phone.

    I want to upgrade my rom, but i dont know which is the good rom, because I dont know phone type.
    What is interesting, that for me workig secret code (options) *#0*#, can i test everything.
    CPU identifier app shows:
    Cpu type: Mediatek MT6589 x4 – 1.2 ghz
    Smartphone type: Alps/HDC i9500 (Galaxy S4 layout)
    Ram: 2 Gb
    Declared cpu speed: 1600 mhz(not applicable on this device)
    Real inch: 4.99
    Disp. size: 540×960
    Software inch: 4.47
    Device: GT-i9500 (fake brand: Samsung)
    declared PCB: for Samsung Exynos 4×12 cpus
    product: t03gzs
    OS version: 4.2.9
    Build: i9500ZSUAMDF

    Please help me,
    Best regards,

  47. i have recently purchased a clone galaxy s4 i9500 cpu mtk6515

    now my problem with it is it registers my sim card is in it but i get no service or service bars up i took it into my local network shop and she put a new sim in it and it went so i purchased the sim thinking it might have been mine but as soon as i walked out of shop and onto next street i once again had no signal.

    what is wrong with my phone and can i fix it

    1. a it more about phone

      model number gt i9500
      andriod version 4.2.2
      baseband version maui.11amd.w11.50.sp.v37,2013/06/19
      kernel version 1311 v31
      custom build version 1381368297
      air gestures
      ram 2gb (as stated on site i got it from i dont know where to find this info on phone)
      rom 4gb (as stated on site i got it from i dont know where to get this info from on phone)
      now i dont alot about this stuff so any info you need you will need to tell me where to find it

  48. hey my phone is
    Samsung S4 and i don’t understand my recovery mode. it is in chinese language. i don’t know what should i do to flash a ROM with this kind of situation. do i kneed to flash a cwm recovery via computer to get rid of this?.
    Hardware : MT6589
    Model : GT-I9500
    Build number : JDQ39.I9500XXUAMDE
    Build date UTC : 20130827-150744
    Android v : 4.2.2

    THANKS in advanced

  49. hello friends, i have accidently removed my recovery of “samsung galaxy s4 clone gt-i9500 (mtk6589)”. I have tried many times to download the recovery for the phone but i have failed to do so. Can anybody please help me and give me the recovery for my phone(samsung galaxy s4 clone gti9500 mtk6589). Please help me and give me the recovery for my phone or the link. Thanks and regards.

  50. Description

    ro.build.date=2014? 04? 04? ??? 15:58:38 CST
    ro.product.model=Samsung Galaxy S IV(I950X)
    i think LCD : 1-otm9605a_qhd_dsi
    Help me to find a rom for this phone

  51. hi,
    any update for this Chinese mobile dual sim:
    Android 4.3 kitkat
    CPU ABI: armeabi-v7a
    Fabricante: Samsung
    Hardware: mt6589
    placa: GalaxyNote3
    Modelo: SM-N9002
    Processor: ARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v7I)
    version banda base: N9002ZCUBMI3
    compilacion: JSS15J.N9002ZCUBMJ3

  52. Dear Vin…
    Pls help me out,its getting boring on my nerve. I jus got this HDC note 4 dual core, i can say its such a god one, all the features are working except sim card. Its jus on “no service”, “emmergency call only”, or no network” all these happened when am at home, but im using same sim at home wth other phones and they are perfect. I ve used more that MTN,GLO,ETISALAT sims, on this phone yet they all indicated no network. Pls how can u fix it for me? Iv checked the radio,its switched off, the imei is ok, pls help

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