HDC Galaxy S4 i9500 ROM Update Announcement

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HDC Galaxy S4 i9500 ROM Update Announcement

This is an announcement to all who bought the HDC Galaxy S4 i9500, according to Fastcardtech there was a factory error where a wrong ROM was flashed on the phone causing several problems. The first 500 phones has the following issues:

1. a very weak wifi (1 or 2 ranks only)
2. GPS fails or does not work
3. Compass also does not work
4. Finally, when tested via device Z, the phone revealed wrong information

hdc galaxy s4 i9500 rom update 2 hdc galaxy s4 i9500 rom update

NOTE: There is no HDC Galaxy S4 that is powered by Exynos5410 (Octa core processor), most are only equipped with MediaTek’s MT6589 Processor.

This update aims improve issues regarding the issues named above.

In order to correct this, please download the ROM below.

To download the ROM, click here

If you want more information on flashing click here

After Flashing the phone, you can test it using (z-device) to check for the correct info of the device. You can download it via playstore

For more information on the HDC Galaxy S4 i9500. Click here

Updated as of September 10, 2013


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