How to Extend Battery Life? Megapixels? ROMS? etc…

What’s the best practice to extend my phones battery life? More megapixels better? Will flashing brick my phone? and many more.


Run until empty? True if your device uses a Nickel Cadmium Battery. Usually this type of battery commonly suffers from “memory affect” that when a battery is charged and discharged hundreds of times, they lose the ability to charge up to 100%, significantly affecting battery life over time.

Most devices nowadays especially Smartphones use Lithium-Ion which doesn’t suffer from this effect and can be charged and discharge conveniently and not requiring full charge or discharge cycle. However, for best practices, this is according to apple, at least run a complete cycle once a month to maintain battery life. Which means letting the device drain from 100% until the devices shuts off in order to maintain battery life.

Additional Guides to improve battery life especially for china phones:

  • For Dual Sim, if you don’t intend to use the phone 3G or data connection, use the GSM sim slot as not and turn off data connection to improve battery endurance
  • As much as possible run multitasking to a minimum, notifications, applications that run even not use usually take up resources and decrease battery life. After using an application you can opt to shut end process.
  • Turn off GPS, bluetooth, Wifi and reduce brightness to a minimum when applicable
  • Keep an eye of certain applications that are likely not optimized that may drain your battery fast
  • If possible use a customize theme and ROM or firmware that is both minimal and uses less resources.
  • Usually newer generation Devices powered by MT6589 (turbo or non turbo) are more power efficient than their dual core counterparts.
  • Avoid placing your device on warm surfaces
  • A BUG PRESENT TO MANY CHINA PHONES. Don’t allow your battery to run empty, more often than not, the phone refuses to restart or reboot. When this happens, reinsert the battery, recharge for a while, and then try powering up, you may also try to use a universal charger or another battery with juice in it to start the phone.
  • ANOTHER BUG: for example, you have 80% battery left, you remove the battery and power up the phone, battery indicator would be much lower for example 50% or 40%. This is a common problem and nothing to be worried about.
  • Please use intended battery: Although you can use other batteries just make sure that amperages and voltage are the same so as not to fry your device.
  • Do not try to Flash your phone with low battery (more prone to failure)
  • You can use battery applications and avoid overcharging your phone.

 More Megapixels translate to Better Camera?

cameraAside from DSLR or dedicated cameras, higher megapixel usually translate to a much clear image. However for China Phones especially Clones or look a likes where we often find 13, 18 megapixels cameras, usually pixels are interpolated and not much better than their 8 megapixel counterparts. As a replacement shooter? Not likely, images are decent enough for sharing however far from professional quality.


FLASHING is it risky?

Of course yes, but it seldom occurs that you will brick your phone, unless you will do it intentionally. From experience, I’ve flashed wrong or different ROMS from my phone and have never experience it being bricked. I just reflash to another ROM and all is good. If you failed to flash your phone, or when it starts funny, you can always reflash it again. It is also important to note that Flash tool (SP) is buggy, so getting it to work takes some patience. Some of the advantages of customized firmware include, no more chinese apps, more stable, usually address bugs and issues. Usually because there is no official ROM for china phones, we rely on independent developers to make fixes or roms that commonly address problems like GPS, battery life, etc…


Usually Yes, for example, especially for rebranded phones like Star, HDC which often have phones with similar specs, you can use the same ROMS for both phones and they usually work. Specifically, the HDC Galaxy S3 EX and Star B92M are completely identical when it comes to specs. A lot of Customize ROMS and fixes are already available for these phones. Another example is ZOPO ZP980 and ZOPO C2 firmware’s are compatible for both phones. Just make sure, the CPU or processor, memory (RAM and ROM) and Display is identical. Different camera pixels? Don’t Worry, pixels are mostly interpolated and usually the real camera is 8 megapixel.


In my website i’ve made and written tutorials for those having problems you can check it out. Takes too long to get a lock without data or wifi. Likely, if you’ve managed to get the GPS working but takes too long to get a lock. More often the problem is not the software but the phone has a weaker receiver (which was common problem for HDC Galaxy S3 EX, UMI X2, Star B92M etc…). Ive read other modders who made an external antenna that boost signal significantly but you need to hard mod (hardware modify) your phone and is very risky. But if you have knowledge on soldering and electronics, that’s an added bonus.

 Nits and bits Upcoming Mobile News (source: yahoo technostorm)

  • New Smartphones powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and Adreno 330, much more powerful than previous generation and clearly enough to handle the most demanding games available. Furthermore Better Graphics performance because of OpenGL 3.0 SUpport
  • 4K Ultra HD video Recording and 5.1 surround sound
  • 360 degree video recording (SnapDragon EyeSee)
  • (UBI FOCUS) Depth of field control embedded in camera technology
  • Release of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 powered by Snapdragon 800

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