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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could tell me in your opinion, what’s the best android phone, quad core and Full HD if possible, i can get for about 200USD?

    Thanks for your time,
    Keep up the good work, the site is great.

    Fernando Silva

      1. please Vincent,help me as you have helped others. My friend use the wrong charger to charge my doogee f5 and the power ic went bad,i took it to a repairer and he took out the IC and misplace it. Please i need the IC number so as to fix my phone.

    1. Heloo mr Vincent , i have copy S4 with 4.2.2 firmwer , with eir gesture option, when i look inf on Antutu Bach.write me on cpu hardwer MT6589 ,Quad core armv7 procesor etc.I nead information is it posibl put in new firmwer 4.2.9 end can you give me some link or send to email..
      Best regards..

      1. Hello KnockoffNerd,

        As of 2015, it’s hard to look for phones below 5.0 inches, let alone having a great camera. In terms of budget and camera, i can think of the Asus Zenfone 2,
        or you could also take a look at the

        In terms of camera performance, most phones today especially budget phones have capable cameras, it might not be excellent but it is far better than last year’s budget line products. Just like the Mlais M7 Plus which i recently reviewed, the camera sensor is good but does have limitations.

        Best Regards,

        1. Vincent makes my point.

          Neither phone he mentions would be considered “budget” by my customers.

          I agree with the rest of his comments.

          I would add that I find camera quality to be the most subjective aspect of phone specs. What one person finds great, another person finds substandard.

  2. Hi,
    Plz show me how to reset phone Star Galaxy A7100 to the factory settings. My phone has been locked by enter password many times. So plz help me reset this phone.

    Thanks so much.

    1. hello,

      you may try to enter recovery mode, by pressing and holding the power button and the volume up key simultaneously. or if that doesnt work, you may try to reflash your phone as a last resort.

      best regards,

    2. hello

      steps for factory setting
      1. turn off your phone
      2. simultaneously press power button and volume up
      3. this will take you to the recovery mode
      4. factory model
      5. clear emmc

      Best regards,

      1. My phone is B92M also. I can access to factory mode, clear eMMC. But I cannot make it start by pressing power button, home or up/down volume.

  3. Hi,

    I once reseted my mtk6589 note 2 to the fabric reset, but since then on I can’t see the id of any incoming call, or while dialing a phone number, the names don’t show up. I have all the contacts from gmail, and they exist in the phonebook. This is the item that I bought from:

    Thank you,


    1. Hello,

      did you update your firmware when this happened?
      you can try by clearing the data on contacts and phone storage, usually these areas get corrupted.

      Best regards

    1. hello,

      the hdc galaxy s4 lte is only regular MT6589 (non turbo version)
      if you like a bigger screen then you can go for b6000 (turbo version)
      PMP has a much steeper price than the other two

      may i suggest, ZOPO C2 Platinum (its already FHD and turbo QUad)

      Best Regards,

      1. Thanks for your suggestion, Vince.
        I want to buy something simpler now and wait for the LTE/4G compatible mtk version to buy a branded phone.
        But I want to know which do you think is better, 1.2 Mhz processor with 2GB RAM or 1.5 Mhz with 1Gb RAM (I’m not a gamer).

        1. hello Dimas,

          Ive always inquired fastcardtech why there is still no 4G compatible phone, They said it will be release soon
          1.5 Ghz is an overclocked or turbo version of the 1.2 ghz. there is definite improvement when multitasking and other uses, about 2K increase in antutu benchmarks. however, if you just want a fast phone with good battery, then you can go for the regular one (1.2 Ghz), 1 GB is still fine, 2 GB would be great. Even dual core phones can still cope up. But if you dont want to upgrade a phone for a while, may i recommend the zopo, zte or huwei quad core as well as lenovo phones. The HDC Galaxy S4 EX is good to.
          BTW, choose a much bigger capacity battery for quad core phones.

          Best Regards,

    2. Hello Dimas, I want to buy Firefly S8 Bright and ThL W11 Monkey King which do you think is better please advise, is there anymore spesifications China phone better then this? My brother is in China, I need the Markets name and city where can I buy these phone, dont forget if there is a higher spesification please let me know before I buy it PLease do advise because I always see your website before I buy any gadgets thanks a lot

      1. Hello Bambang,

        in terms of performance, Firefly S8 edges simply because it uses an octacore, meaning 8 core instead of quad core, maybe in the league of the original galaxy s4.
        The THL W11 Monkey king, is a solid phone also, the only downside is the battery @ 2000mAh, its average these days, especially with an overclocked processor, and a 1080p display, a slight dip in battery endurance is expected.
        furthermore, they are pretty similar in other features like 3G WCDMA 850/2100mhz, does not support 4g or LTE, the S8 edges out with its 3200mAh battery.

        Best regards,

        1. Dear Vincent, according to you which one I should buy the firefly S8 Bright or ThL W11 Monkey King, or if you have more better spesification china phones that has been released already in China, please advise me because I would like to buy it and Please give the link market where I can buy these phones in china thanks GBU Vincent like your website its been very helpful 🙂

          1. hello,

            bambang, i bought all my phones at, i think they are in shanghai, not so sure, if they have branches on other parts. but i think they have the lowest price, and they support many modes of payment and shipping worldwide, free shipping also on selected items.

            best regards,

          2. Thank you for your great advise Vince please update me if there is a similar type of gadget different brand then firefly S8 Bright Octacore but at least the same specs as Firefly S8 Bright Octacore or higher specs then this one thanks GBU

  4. Hello Vincent,
    firstly thanks for providing useful information.

    I’m looking for a good 4.3″ max 4.5″ smartphone with long battery life, full network compatibility, price around $200, if possible with good camera.

  5. Hi , thx a lot for ur nice and clever site.
    u like the zopo c2 turbo, but I think personaly that the zopo zp980 or UMI x2 are better.
    Personaly I search a dual-sim phone very performent with very good specs and high antutu (without paying too much like original Samsung S4).
    For the moment my choices are for phones that should be available in 1 or 2 months: I like the Jiayu S1, and ZTE nubia z5 mini .

    Can u tell my ur opinion abt my choices ?

    1. hello,

      the best 4.7 inch display for me is the galaxy s3 legend
      real Super Amoled Display same with S3 and 3000mAh Battery
      for 5.0 inch Zopo C2 is pretty nice, it is almost the same with Zopo ZP980
      the zte nubia is a premium phone with also a premium price,
      Jiayu G4 is also a good choice, i love jiayu’s battery (they usually release their phones with larger batteries)

      best regards,

  6. Hello Vincent,

    Thanks for a great website and wonderful reviews.
    I am very attracted to Thl W11 Monkey King, and N7100 5.5 screen. Also anything which is like Samsung Galaxy S4.
    You suggested Zopo C2 Platinum, and HDC Galaxy S4 EX. HDC Galaxy S4 Ex has received so many negative remarks. Can you suggest another brand with a faster speed.
    Will you please tell me if Thl w11 monkey king is a good brand?
    Also, I belong to Pakistan and there the chinese brand phones were not as good as the original brands. Will the smart phones in chinese brands will be good.
    Now I am based in USA so please suggest those which will work here.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    1. hello shane,

      Yes, the Monkey king certainly is a very nice phone, if i were to choose, i for budget and quality, i would recommend the ZOPO C2 (normal or turbo version is fine), Jiayu G4 (battery, display, and overall build), HDC S3 Legend (3000mAh battery and real AMOLED DIsplay), UMI X2, ZOPO Zp980, are all good phones. Huawei, ZTE, OPPO, Lenovo are the leading brands in china.

      Best regards,

      1. Hi Vincent,
        the phones look all very good but I’m looking one with 4.3″ max 4.5″ screen.
        Do you have any advice?

          1. Thanks again Vincent,
            4.5″ screen phone is the max size I can carry in my pants’ pocket! hehe
            I’ve read very good opinions regarding Samsung S2 I9100, it’s out of production but some merchants still have it.
            I’m looking at the Hong Kong or Chinese version it seems better that the Korean one.
            I found it on Taobao but it’s impossible for me to buy from there so do you know another place where I can buy it?

      2. Dear Vincent,

        Thanks for giving your suggestions. I have narrowed it down to some. Please give me your opinion which one to buy. I have based it on price, speed, battery life, screen size and weight (because I am old and need a bigger screen to see better and be able to dial easily). They are:
        HDC Galaxy S4 19500 (Exynos) – $209
        HDC Galaxy S4 Legend – $215 (gesture control is good)
        iHTC Butterfly N920e – $208
        Jiayu G4 – $225
        HDC Galaxy S4 N9502 – $199
        HDC galaxy S3 Legend – $165 (this is good on price but resolution not as good and it is heavy compared to others.)
        What would you suggest, keeping my age and needs in mind (not a gamer, but like to work fast, need skype etc on phone, and other apps). My choice is the first on the list because of the speed. Also, I live in USA so it has to be compatible to the systems here.
        Thank you so very much for your help.
        Kind regards

        1. Hello shane,

          first of all, could you please verify with your carrier if 850/2100mhz frequency is supported by your phone, because ive had people complain of 3g not working in USA, by the way, WCDMA is different from CMDA,
          look for the biggest battery included on the phone, 720p is fine, gorilla glass is a plus (anti scratch), if your not a gamer, the MT6589 (regular and not the turbo version is fine), you could also check for the HDC galaxy s4 spark, if you want gesture, control and eye tracking abilities. its a gimmick, although it works, depending if you want the feature that heavily on a phone, it is pretty similar to LEGEND, hardware wise, (iHTC butterfly) butterfly clones is fine also, in terms of specs, all of it is pretty much the same, they practically use the same screen size, technology, resolution. just look for the best price you can get, biggest battery you can find that is right for your everyday use and usage.

          best regards,

          1. Dear Vincent,

            Thank you so much for your help.
            I checked on my providers’ website (I use SIMPLE phones) and they are selling the following phones, for which details were given. From that I can see that 850/2100 is supported by they have not written Mhz with it. Maybe you would understand better.
            Thank you:

            Network Bands: 850/1900/900/1800/2100 850/1900/900/1800
            O.S. Android 2.3 Android 4.0
            Provider SIMPLE Mobile SIMPLE Mobile
            Keyboard Virtual QWERTY Virtual QWERTY

            Processor ARM cortex A9, Dual 1.4GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 1.4 GHz processor

  7. What phones are compatible with Telus Mobility (Canadian Mobile company). They say they operate the HSPA+ and 3g networks but I can`t seem to find a phone that operates on this network. Most are GSM and CDMA 2100. Thanks,

  8. Dear Vince

    I checked with my network provider, and they said yes to all – 850/2100 mhz, 3 G, and they said that they do not have CDMA but only GSM. Which I think is what WCDMA would be. correct?

    Thank you in advance for all your help.
    kind regards
    shaheen khan

    1. Hello Shane,

      if your carrier said that they support the frequency, then go for it, by the way, most china phones doesnt support 4G or LTE. just a limited frequency 850/2100Mhz

      Best Regards,

  9. Dear Vince

    Sorry to bother you again, but what is the difference between Micro sim and Normal sim. HDC Galaxy S4 Legend and Spark are good but both have only Micro sim and single sim. Would that be the same as Iphone Nano sim?


    1. hello shane,

      the micro sim is just a smaller or cut down version of the Normal Simcard, both phones support single micro simcard only, i think it is available with your carrier, just ask him if they can change your sim to micro one.

      Best Regards,

  10. Hi Vincent,

    Need some advice from you (btw, this site is very useful)

    I am looking for a phone with:
    – Long talking time
    -Wifi N
    -GPS (but also offline use to position)
    – If possible Gorilla glass, screen not bigger than 4,7
    -Front and back camera
    – Dual Sim, because I travel – but I also have a question on that topic:

    You say:
    Dual Sim, a common misunderstanding about duo sim phones is that one expects the two to handle high speed connection. Just to clarify, one Sim Slot only supports GSM Connection ideal for call and text, and the other one dedicated for WCDMA , UMTS, or 3G data connection.

    So do I understand correctly that in order to have good call and good data, I better stick with 1 SIM phone?


    1. Hello Saxdude,

      For your phone choices i can only think pick a handful phones,

      The HDC Galaxy S3 Legend and the Jiayu G3 Plus (quad core)
      Jiayu G3 (dual core)

      the jiayu g3 (dual core is the only one with gorilla glass)
      the jiayu g3 plus doesnt have gorilla glass
      Jiayu G4 (quad core) has gorilla glass and supports most of your specifications plus a large battery

      About Dual SIM (Sim One SUpports GSM – Calls, texts, no Video call support)
      About Sim II (WCDMA – 3G enabled – calls, texts, video call support)

      most people use the SIM one for calls and text only and SIM 2 For calls internet

      Best Regards,

      1. I like all of those Jiayu you mention here especially the G4 because of the bigger battery.
        However, these only support 3G 2100 not 3G 850 and 900?
        I read somewhere that the Mediatek MT6569 chip supports 3G quad band, is that true or I’m missing something?

        1. Hello anthony,

          That is correct, most phones work with 3G frequencies 850/2100mhz, 900/2100mhz, and some have 2100mhz only. it ensure that your phone would work you can check it the frequency is available at you region, you may visit this, link
 or you may contact your carrier to check if such frequency is supported.

          Best Regards,

  11. Dear Vince,
    I am so sorry that I keep bothering you.

    Will it make any difference if I have only one sim in a ‘dual sim’ phone. Will it effect the performance of the phone.

    If you were to buy for yourself, would you buy “HDC Galaxy S4 I9500 – Exynos”, ($209), or “HDC Storm MX” ($155 special price). Which one has less problems.

    Thank you so much.
    Stay blessed.

      1. Hello Vincent,

        This is Shane writing again. My HDC Samsung Galaxy S4 Spark came in early August, but till this day I have not been able to use it as a phone. First both the batteries drained out and I could not get them charged. Then the Micro sim problem started. I have changed 4 sims in it but they dont work. The reception bars at top show but as soon as I want to make a call, the bars and reception disappear. Sometimes if the bars are showing and someone rings, a call can come on it but I cannot make a call on another phone. What shall I do.
        I cannot send it back for fixing because it would cost $77 for ordinary mail. Already I have spent $212 on phone, then some $20 on batteries and now some $25 on sims. Is there a place inside USA who can fix chinese clone phones.

        I am very grateful for your advice always.
        Thank you

  12. hello, with a limited bugded (200 €) what phone would you recomend? I need the cheapest smartphone with a sweet RAM and processor. dont really care for the camera and it does not have to be FHD screen.


      1. Hello guilherme,

        the MT6589T is design for FHD Resolution, in contrast, the regular MT6589 for 720p Display,
        the processor handles pretty well, scores about 13 to 14k on antutu benchmarks

        Best regards,

  13. thanks for the atention

    only one more thing… how big of a difference is 1GB to 2GB RAM? there is some phones with a higher processor but with a 1 GB of RAM it makes me wonder

  14. Hello,

    I saw your post about clones of galaxy note 2. But it’s a bit out dated already. May i know which clone would you recommend? Im looking for a fast one with 5.5inch screen

    1. Hello Dimitri,

      for the galaxy note 2 clones, you may interest on the HDC galaxy note 2 N9589
      or phablet Firefly V65 or iNew i6000

      Best Regards,

  15. Hello, Vincent,

    Thanks for your quick answer, those phones are amazing. Especially phablets, but for me, phablets are too big haha. Is there any model available with 2gb ram and 5.5 inch screen? Also I’m bit aware of buying Chinese phones, they usually tend to stop working after few months – that’s what other people say. What’s your opinion on that?

    1. Hello Dimitri,

      Leading Chinese brands like that of ZTE Huawei are usually cost higher, my phone the HDC Galaxy S3 EX, which was my first phone is still working fine, after 8 months already, hehe so its practically a case to case basis.

      Best Regards,

  16. Hi Vincent,
    I enjoy reading your reviews and answers to questions so I decided to mail you.
    A while ago I was looking for a chinese android, the main reason being so that I could combine my work- and business phones into one. So I purchased a Star B92M, which is okay. Somehow, my attention went to the Jiayu G4 over which there was very much hype and after a long wait, it is finally available. But I can’t find any recent reviews about the phone; was it a disappointment? And after having read so many reviews, I am completely confused as to what to get now. Any suggestions? Of course I want a phone worth showing off (haha, vanity). Basically I text a lot and use it as a phone. I also take a lot of pictures so screen (and camera) resolution is important too. I don’t (yet) use apps besides Solitaire and an app through which I can view my ip cameras installed at home. I really wonder what your thoughts are. Thanks a lot and kind regards, John Fun

    1. Hello John,

      my first phone was the HDC galaxy S3 EX (Dual core version) which is exactly or if not rebranding of Star B92M (a cheaper and more popular phone a while back). Here are my impressions: Speed (i use a custom firmware, an upgrade to android 4.1.2 Jellybean, access to 3.5 gb of internal storage instead of 1Gb only), after the update, ive noticed smoother experience, better camera performance, improve battery consumption, speed increase, stability, better GPS fix), i still have the unit now alive and kicking). i still use it for text, light gaming, calls, viber, etc… its still useful) CONS: gps takes 7 minutes to fix without wifi (GPS data – app for gps location). Overall the best value for my money. I havent had any problems with the phone, 8 months and still working fine.

      The Jiayu G4 is a premium smartphone from Jiayu, and a worthy successor to Jiayu G3 and G2 Plus (mind you, it was the best during its time). What differs Jiayu from other competitors is that they make their phones with the largest battery possible, also couple it with gorilla glass technology (scratch resistant), and best of all a stable and superior performance. In terms of camera (decent quality, worthy for social sharing), GPS (works fine). Although it has no 4G support and a limited 3G frequency connectivity just the same with the other phones. i would also suggest Zopo ZP980 plus, Zopo C2, Umi X2 and iOcean, as theyre the best right now.
      i know its quite long, hope this helps

      Best Regards,

      1. Hi Vincent,
        thanks for useful tips.
        I like your suggestion regarding the Jiayu’s bigger battery and overall good built quality but as you said it has limited 3G capability like other Chinese phones.

        My problem is I need a 3G 850 plus 900 network capability.

        I believe that in the near future Chinese phone manufacturers will make international network capable phones, that move will give a slap to western expensive brands (still made in China or even re-badged!).
        For now it seems that my best option is a Samsung S2 i9100 though its battery size isn’t the feature I like most.

        I’ll keep digging around before I go to China and buy one there. 🙂

        1. Hello Antony,

          Most China Phones dont really put much emphasis on 3G or data connection, there more of the hardware (CPU, RAM, GPU, etc…), one of its reason is that 4G connection is still not yet widely available. Before you buy, i suggest you visit or ask your carrier if the 3G frequency like that of 850/2100mhz is support (most phones have this), or you may visit
          but i think visiting your carrier would be better

          best Regards,

          1. Thanks Vince,

            the problem is Australian phone providers drive consumers, those arrogant businesses’ networks should work on 3G 2100 BUT the catch is “not always”, it depends on where you are.
            When you complain because of poor network connection, they will blame you because you didn’t buy the phone they want to, it means they want to sell a phone!

            This is the reason why I want to buy a 3G 850, 900, 1800, 2100 capable phone, I got too many phones at home because anytime I changed carrier I had to use the “recommended” one!

            This just to explain what is the issue here and why I as smarter consumer should not be caught in marketing scam.

            Thanks for replay and keep doing the good job!

  17. Hi Vince,
    Wow, that was quick. Thanks a lot, now I have it narrowed down to just 5 phones to look at. I will let you know which one I chose finally. Keep up the good work,
    Kind regards,

  18. Hello again vicent, i have a huge doubt about a issue: it really is much of a difference beetwen a 1.5GHz dual core processor and a 1.5 GHz quad core processor?
    Please let me know

    1. Hello Guilherme,

      Not much, but the MT6589T is design to handle FHD resolution, the MT6589 maxes only at 720p resolution. The 300 Mhz increase will surely benefit 1080p resolution displays because of the strain it cause to the CPU when running apps, games etc… A clear example about high resolution but low CPU and GPU is the Quad Core ATM7029 with Vivante GC1000, powers a tablet (ainol venus) 720p resolution or 1280 x 720px, the tablet really struggles when it comes to games because the CPU was design only for 1024 x 768 resolution. Thus, clearly it is better to go with an additional horsepower if you want to have the highest resolution available, Galaxy S4 for example, the original is powered by a octa core processor, its because they want to maintain speed with the 1080p resolution they put on the phone.

      Best regards,

  19. Great website.

    Are there any phones planned for the North American network? Specifically 3G/4G/LTE using UMTS/HSPA?



  20. Hi Vincent,
    The supported frequencies are

    UMTS/HSPA 850MHz and/or 1900MHz

    If a phone supports only one of the above frequencies, what are the drawbacks?

  21. Hi Vincent

    Need some advice on some phones.

    – Trustworthy gps
    – screen not bigger than 4,7″ (or a 5 ” that fits in max 135mm)
    – Good battery

    I am not a gamer but I call, mail, surf and use gps a lot.

    I was looking at S750 from Lenovo or the P780 Lenovo but I don’t know if the gps is any good. I am also looking at the Cubot GT99 or the iOcean 7 Youth.

    My preferences are the Lenovo phones but itisn’t easy to find info or reviews, especially on the gps.

    What would your advice be?



    1. Hello, Karel

      lenovo is a pretty good brand, it is one of the best in China, along with Huawei, Oppo (oppo find 5), Meizu, etc…
      in terms of gps, the iocean X7 has a reliable GPS, UMI X2 (not so much), Zopo C2 and ZP980 plus have good GPS, and also, ive personally tested the Sophone i5 (really fast GPS) i was surprised by its accuracy and speed.

      Best Regards,

      1. Thanks Vincent

        The Zopo’s are too big for me…actually, so is the iOceanX7.
        The Sophone i5 seems to be a good pick. Is it worth waiting an extra 4-5 months for a phone with dual sim, max screen 4,7″, good gps & battery INCLUDING LTE/4G? Any rumours in that direction?

        1. Hello Karel,

          unfortunately, there is still no china phone that supports 4G or lte, most only supports WCDMA (UMTS) at 850/2100mhz frequencies. GOOD for Sophone i5 (fast gps, fast interface, very thin and light, it really looks like an iphone 5) Not so good (its dual core – not trending anymore today, low resolution screen, 1500mah battery – charge too often, no 4g support, disappointing camera, bad, plastic build, flimsy back cover).

          Maybe you are interested on the HDC galaxy s3 Legend or the Jiayu G3T or G3 Plus

          Best Regards,

  22. hello can you tell me if there is any roms for mtk6575/6577 andriod “Duo”, its a dual core with android 4.0 ice cream sandwich out the box. it looks like the htc one x but it has removable battery though.

    1. Hello Ryan,

      is your phone the older iHTC ONE EX? you want to update to android 4.2 Jellybean? fix GPS? may i know what you want to do?

      Best Regards,

      1. yes thats what i want to do. the phones doesnt really have a name just android “duo”, bought it from…
        here is a youtube link with a video of how the phone looks and specs…

        3G Dual Core Android 4.0 Smartphone “Duo” Featuring a Large 4.5 Inch QHD Capacitive Touchscreen, 1Ghz CPU, GPS, 8MP Camera and So Much More Than Just a Phone! This Android 4.0 Dual Core Smartphone is Ideal for Anyone Seeking an Extremely Fast and Reliable Dual core Android Smartphone with a Large 4.5 Inch Touchscreen.

        At a Glance…

        * Dual Core 1GHz CPU, GPS
        * 8MP Camera for Taking Top Quality Pictures
        * Android 4.0 QHD 960×540 Resolution Smartphone
        * Large 4.5 Inch Screen with 5 Point Capacitive Touchscreen
        * WCDMA 3G 850/2100MHZ Connection

        Useful links to learn more about this electronic product :

        * Youtube video for the 3G Android Dual Core 4.0 Smartphone:

  23. Hello,
    i,m italian,i have just one question please..
    i buy the chinese smartphone, ALPS Z5 with android 4.0.1 ice cream,processor armv7…
    i dont try the system for rooting,because i wish let the chinese apps system integrated.
    And the best if is possible changing the firmware (rom) with simple android clean..
    Sorry for the nasty language…!Thank you

      1. Hi Vincent,
        thank you for your answer ..

        well, i thing that is the better if i update the new rom with lellybean, because maybe ,if i rooting my phone i thing be dangerous, because the chinese apps are integrated in the system, and i dont know what is the result….
        But without root authorisation is impossible update the firmware,how i can?
        Furthermore, when i try put the phone in recovery mode(press the start button end volume up button at the same time),it block…
        How i can resolve this problem?Thank you

          1. Hi,vincent
            thank’s for your answer,
            downloading some rom and i try install,but appear this message:signature authenticate failed,with all roms…

  24. Hi Vince,

    I’ve been trying to find good phone or phablet with otg support its really difficult to find can you please help me out and give a list or recommend a good reliable phone with usb otg. will appreciate it you can thanks.


      1. thanks for that does the i6000 and firefly have otg.
        also what do you think of hdc galaxy tab 3 is it any good have you tested it would like to kno if the wifi is any good on it.

        thanks again,

  25. What about the phone :
    HTC ONE Android 4.2 MTK6589T Quad Core 1920×1080 FHD Screen 2GB RAM 16GB ROM –this is from
    Is it real clone as this site claims?
    Is the site a scam?

    I really want to buy this phone but it seems

    1. Hello,

      im not familiar with the store, i think the phone is the iHTC One Plus (same specs as what you’ve place), its not the real HTC

      Best Regards,

  26. What about that phone from ?
    HTC ONE Android 4.2 MTK6589T Quad Core 1920×1080 FHD Screen
    2GB RAM 16GB ROM

  27. Hi Vince

    With dual sims, you see one slot for 2G (1800, 1900,…) and one slot G3 (900, 2100). Does the 3G also function with 2G or only the 3G?



    1. Hello Karel,

      The First Slot is limited only to GPRS Connection ideal for calls and text only,
      the 2nd slot has 3G capability (call, text, videocall, internet)

      Best Regards,

      1. Hi Vince,

        Thanks, what I want to know is: can I activate or work on 2G on the 3G slot, even if it only says 900/2100 description and not 1800 for 2G? Sometimes I get bad 3G signal, then I switch to 2G with my single sim card phone.

  28. Hello,
    Can you recomend me a phone up to 220U$?
    I was searching and two came up, zhijian d1 and bear 5C… If you don’t know any other better then the two of them, which one is a better bet?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello,

      so far, my choices include zopo c2, zp980 plus, iocean elite, zopo c3, platinum,
      these are the most popular choices for FHD smartphones,

      Best Regards,

    1. Hello Steve,

      currently there have been a lot of phablet smartphones released recently, it seems 5.0 inch isnt enough already. when it comes to specs, the more fine s6 is pretty similar, offers decent performance, similar to other phones like that of firefly v65, inew i6000, goophone s4 mega, the list go on. Its just a matter of going or the best value and price you can get. Zopo ZP990 is also out and it features gorilla glass protection and a more premium build (aluminum finish) than other brands (plastic)

      Best Regards,

  29. Thanks Vincent for your reply.
    Do you think if they re brand the phones, would they actually share the ROM? or they are not compatible to each other?

    1. Hello Steve,

      actually yes, brands like HDC and Star where you commonly find rebranded phones (Same specs except name), share a common firmware and more often than not they are mostly compatible. My previous experience with my first phone HDC Galaxy S3 EX is compatible with Star B92M ROM, although i use a custom ROM for optimization purposes. Just make sure they have the same Processor, RAM, ROM, in terms of camera (usually interpolated) so not a big deal.

      Best Regards,

  30. End one more : on antutu banchmark to phone show :
    cpu hardwer mt 6589 , quad core Armv7 processor , cpu freq. 250.0-1600.0mhz, screen res. 1080-1920 end gpu renderer powervr sgx 544mp etc., but in another
    test like cpu identifier or cpu -z , is cpu type mt 6577 , dual core 2x 1001 mhz, ram 512 mb ddr ,gpu powervr sgx 531 end etc . So what is real??? ENd tel me is it posibl flesh for beter firmwer, like on link who i send you .
    One more time Big THX

    1. Hello boris,

      try to download the latest CPU-Z, Antutu (run benchmark MT6589 usually score between 12 to 14K, MT6577 dual core only 5 to 6K), check for details

      Best Regards,

    2. Hello Boris,

      may i know the score of your Antutu Test? or quadrant…
      The only S4 clone ive known that has FHD is HDC Galaxy S4 EX, or tengda S4

      Best Regards,

    1. hello boris,

      is that the newest antutu? thats a high score, might be exynos 5410 octa core processor?
      because MT6589 with FHD usually score just about 11 to 12K
      MT6589T turbo version 13 to 14K with FHD

      best Regards,

  31. When i beckup phone on fabric setings en then coming on antutu ,version is 2.9 antutu banchmark ,after testing the score is 28195 thx

      1. I used spflash tool, but whatever use, the smartphone via USB is not recognized … I believe it is necessary to open it and take action … I read somewhere that in these cases there is a test point … but I do not know where to start ..

  32. Hello.. I just bought a HDC clone of s4.. Its name is pro
    I need a guide to root it
    It’s A universal 5410
    4.2.2 jelly beans
    4.7′ screen model
    Thanks in advance

  33. Can you please advise which (if any) smartphones at about $200 include an
    English Manual?. I am looking at the – HDC GALAXY S4 I9500 and
    ZHIJIAN D1 or similar. Thank you.

  34. many user imei problem in s4 4.2.2
    after write imei mobile on check imei is successfull repair but after 30 sec mobile AUTO OFF, if restart again old imei appear…

    i have a mtk6577 s4 clone 4.2.2 display size 5″

    plz help me..

          1. i dont have a others problem..

            i have a imei modify problem..

            i must modify imei no, but i dont modify phone not work my counrty..

            only registered imei phone worked…

          2. Hello yuki,

            at the back of your phone, can you see the Imei of your phone? is it written? may i ask, did you try to use it as an imei?

            Best Regards,

  35. Hi Vincent,

    A quick one …

    I got my kid an i9500 star from AliExpress.
    It has MTK6515m Single Core on it running Android 4.2.2
    Internal memory 512M+256M.

    I want to know – any chance that this phone can have a ROM to support Hebrew?
    All he needs at this point is talking and sending text msgs (and maybe angry birds – or whatever kids are playing today). Hebrew is a must for me.

    Anything in mind?



      1. Hi Vince, and thanks for the prompt response.

        Nope. No Hebrew under language settings.
        However I can see other special character languages like Russian, Arabic, Chinese etc.
        I tried installing morelocale2 and hebrew keyboard but it did not really work, and it didn’t add RTL support – so it was useless.


          1. Hi Vince,

            I can see that the phone recognizes hebrew characters. Problem is that it presents hebrew LTR instead of RTL.
            If I can apply something that can change this to display hebrew RTL – that would be a great solution for me.
            Any idea?

  36. Hi,
    I recently bought an htc one x which i thought was the original. When i bought the phone i tried updating the android version to jellybean. After several attempts i wasnt successful. Turns out that it was a clone with mt6577 processor. Several attempts to find ROMS for this phone failed and now i do not see the htc logo on reboot instead i see “loading mediatek” and then an android animation. I am also unable to boot into recovery mode but i want to restore the HTC logo on reboot. Do you know of a way i can get recovery mode back

      1. I dont think it is ihtc One M7,
        These are the specifcations,
        ID: IMM76D
        Product: HTC One X
        Device: HTC One X
        Board: HTC One X
        CPU ABI: armeabi-v7a
        CPU ABI 2: armeabi
        Manufacturer: HTC
        Brand: htc_asia_cn
        Model: HTC One X
        Type: user
        Tags: test-keys
        Finger Print: alps/k7502a/k7502a:4.1.9/IMM76D/1374225702:user/test-keys
        user: xiaodong
        Radio: unknown
        Bootloader: unknown
        Incremental Version: droiee
        Release Version: 4.1.9
        SDK Version: 15

        1. Hello Kwasi,

          may i know why you intend to update your firmware? please back it up first (back up ROM) so that if anything goes wrong, you can revert back to recovery.

          Best Regards,

          1. Well, the HTC logo no longer shows on boot and i am unable to go to recovery mode. I have tried flashing recovery images but none of them work. I cant backup, update or do anything to the firmware if i cant go to recovery mode.I just want to be able to go to recovery mode to restore my HTC logo. Please help

  37. Hi Vincent,

    I got S6 pro morefine phone 2GB/32GB version and I am experiencing notification pull down issues.
    Are you aware of this bug?



    1. Hello WrathofKain,

      LEGEND: MT6589 @ 1.2 Ghz, 1 gb ddr3 ram, android 4.2.1 jellybean, 4 gb rom, gesture, air view. single sim. its pretty similar to the spark.

      Best Regards,

  38. Hi Vincent,
    I live in Brazil and our frequencies are 900/1800 (GSM) and 850/2100 (3G). I’m thinking of a device with screen 5″ (I’m 50 years old and my vision is not the same as before ;)) or slightly more. My main use is for work (not gamer): E-mails, web browsing, calendar, notes, skype. Would you like to have a good handwriting recognition.

    I thought about Zopo C2 Platinum or THL W11 Monkey King. What do you think? Do you think I need a full hd? I would like to spend between US180 and US250, but if necessary I can spend a little more (maximum US270). What phone do you recommend?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello Jorge,

      i think you dont need an FHD display, a 720p Display is fine, MT6589 -regular, at least 1 gb ram,
      with regards to your vision, do you like a much bigger phone? like a phablet?

      good brands include iOcean X7 elite, Zopo C2 platinum, Zopo ZP980, or you might want a much 4000mAh battery,
      in terms of practicality and long usage time, the seems a good fit (4000mAh) battery, 720p display, 1 gb ram, and quad core processor.

      The MT6589 is a good processor, although it is only midrange compared to Octacore Exynos5410.

      For phablets, you can also check out,,

      hope this helps

      Best Regards,

  39. I’m very torn between these 4 phablet:
    please help me to choose from you will have to take 2 as accepted by paypal.

    The four models are(2GB/32GB):
    Zopo zp990
    W300 THL
    HDC Galaxy Mega
    Morefine S6

    which of the 4 has more features?
    Who has gorilla glass?
    who has support OTG?
    who has Gesture Control Support?
    Who can I bring to Android 4.3 with tranquility in Italy?
    who has EPO assistance to speed up the GPS postioning?
    Who is the best, please help me.
    show me a reliable store at a good price.
    thanks so much

    1. Hello Domenico,

      first of all, your phablet selections are great.
      the morefine S6, ive had a user who experienced problems with the ROM (notification issues)
      ZOPO ZP990 Captain S, pretty good phone and its from ZOPO, who brought the popular ZOPO c2, C3, platinum, it does support OTG, has gorilla glass, large battery, premium display and built quality as expected with zopo products
      THL W300 (no gorilla glass, big battery, fhd resolution)
      HDC Galaxy Mega, star galaxy mega – most of these phones are rebranded, same spec, same hardware and software, although supports gesture

      HARDWARE: About the Same (FHD, MT6589T, 2 GB RAM etc…)
      CAMERA: 13 megapixel (interpolated) real is 8 mp
      Battery: go for bigger battery
      Go for Gorilla Glass Protection)
      HDC and Star (usually have the same phone, just rebranded)
      GPS – ZOPO GPS works Fine, HDC and STAR – common GPS problems,
      Build Quality – i’d usually go for ZOPO

      you could also take a look at: and

      Best Regards,

      1. So you sceresti between these three that I wrote before, the zopo ZP990?
        Considers it a good phone?
        The GPS works well in Italian?
        Is it okay for 3G networks in Italy?
        The camera is of good quality?
        Then I would go for the 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM.
        thank you for everything?

        1. Hello Domenico,

          the ZOPO lineup really has been popular, especially the ZOpo C2 and platinum, the ZP990 is relatively new, and i think its one of ZOPO’s first Phablet. SO im not very familiar how it performs because it was just released recently.

          Best Regards,

          1. You advise me to buy it there zopo zp990?
            GPS has the EPO function?
            the camera works well?
            zopo zp990 you advise me?
            you know better than another phablet zp990 with a screen of 5.5 “-6.5”?

    1. Hello Domenico,

      Usually update via OTA isn’t really safe because its prone to disconnections and file corruptions, its better to update via USB or computer to prevent the possibility of failures from occuring.

      Best Regards,

      1. you advise me to buy it there Zopo zp990?
        GPS has the EPO function?
        The camera works well?
        Zopo zp990 you advice me?
        You know better then another phablet zp990 with screen of 5.5″-6.5″.
        many thanks to you soon.

      1. Therefore is it the 4G version will I need for the UK market to get 4G.
        I know it sounds a stupid question but I’ll ask it anyway.

        1. Hello Colin,

          the phone hasn’t been released yet, but hopefully when it does we will have an idea of its compatibility (by the way xiaomi and nvidia are partners), Xiaomi although chinese brand is making its presence known especially in the US.

          Best Regards,

  40. Hi, I’m about to buy a new smartphone, and after reading most of the reviews I’m not sure what to buy. I want something like the HDC Galaxy S4 EX – Turbo, a 5 to 6″ display, with a fast quad core, 2Gb RAM, 1080p display, dual sim, etc. But after reading the review, and giving the fact that there is so many brands and models, can you tell me what other alternative to the HDC Galaxy S4 EX – Turbo? Thanks

    1. Hello Richard,

      It seems most users have problems with the S4 EX especially with the Data Connection, i can advise you the Zopo ZP980 Plus, Zopo C2 Elite or Platinum, pomp w99 or Iocean Elite (popular and i havent heard any bad comments on these phones)

      Best Regards,

  41. Thank you Vincent,

    Your answer was very helpful. Carefully having read your advice, I think I will wait until November or December to see what new gadgets come out, specially waiting for 4G support. Anyway I’ll keep on looking to your reviews.

    Once again, many thanks.

    Richard Franco

    1. Hello Richard,

      4G or LTE Support are starting to emerge, probably by November or December you can find now available smartphones that support it.

      Best Regards,

  42. Hi Vincent.
    I bought Galaxy A7100 in Beijing in April and it will not unable me to download any apps.
    I live in Australia. The pre-installed apps appear to be Chinese.
    Can you kindly tell me what can I do to allow new apps to be installed?

    Also the phone will not switch to download mode [holding ……..vol+ on+ home buttons]
    I hope you are able to help.
    Thank you. Mal

  43. dear brother i need oficial rom for HDC Galaxy Note 2 N9589 mine is stuck in boot loop. i flashed many roms but the boot loop is still there. the pc recoknioges my phone when connected and the volume down and power btton combination opens factory seting. unfortunately the power and volume up combination is not working. any idea ?? is it a software thing or hardware?? and yes the phone stuck in bootloop when i tried to resset the phone via settings menu. pls help

  44. with clean install you mean?? i tried various roms but the loop is still there. i am unable to find any help online you are my last hope help me.

      1. yes but i have flashed various roms on my device but its not coming out of the loop. i dont know which rom is suitable for my device. pls give me a link to the stock rom ..pls

  45. Hey Vince, I’m interested in the Hyundai Q6+; it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t support 4G or LTE… out of all the 6.5″ 2gb ROM 32gb RAM Smartphones on the market, which do you think has the best bang for it’s buck? Aesthetics count too.

    PS// Are any 6.5″ 2gb ROM 32gb RAM Smartphones equipped to support 4G or LTE?

  46. Hi,
    I broke accidentaly my x920 screen (LCD & crystal). I would like to know if It is possible to install the “real” screen from the htc butterfly into my x920

    1. Hello Jack,

      Im not quite certain if they are compatible, but could you ask your nearest local cp dealer if it would be possible. Because i think the original X920 has a different display than the clone x920.

      Best Regards,

  47. Ciao Vincent,
    I wolud like to buy a smartphone 4,5 – 4,7 inch, but I don’t want to loose the first function of mobile phone, to be able to call and to be called, I saw many smartphones doesn’t have good signal of gsm compared to old nokia (p.sample: 5140i ). I bought for my daughter the clone S4 1:1, is perfect the same but many problem with gsm signal.
    So for me is very important to have good gsm signal.
    I saw many models and I like JIAYU G3T, it can be good for me?
    Other question, how can optimize the gsm signal of the S4 1:1?
    Sorry for my English.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Stefano,

      On your selected phone sizes, i can name a few phones Jiayu G3T, Jiayu G4, HDC Galaxy S3 Legend,
      by the way most phones today, have a minimum of 5.0 inch display, The NEO N003T has the best value in terms of specs and price ration

      Usually GSM frequency 850/900/1800/1900mhz (worldwide support)
      WCDMA 850/2100Mhz (usually the frequency of most phones)

      Furthermore, most common on china phones support dual sim (sim one slot supports GSM only, Sim 2 slot supports both GSM and WCDMA-3G)
      No 4G or LTE Support

      Best Regards,

  48. Hi All in the know! 🙂

    Right where do I start with this one… My friend has recently purchased this phone: –
    Hes having massive problems with 2 areas with it…

    It’s running Android 4.2.3, after throwing it through CPU-Z it does appear to have 2gb of Ram, MTK6589 clocked at 1.2ghz, it is the 5″ 1280×720 screen which looks lovely by the way and it’s come ‘Android’ branded literally, ‘ANDROID’ on the back cover and it came with a flip cover built into the back…

    When in use, the phone works fantastic! Very responsive lovely happy days…

    The problem is simply this, it won’t charge when switched on… When it’s off, it’ll charge fine, but when switched on, it won’t even acknowledge that a charger is plugged in… We’ve tried loads of different chargers including my Genuine Samsung Galaxy Note charger which still does nothing… Also, the battery seems to really get swallowed quickly, looking in the battery section of the settings menu it appears that ‘Mobile standby’ is using the battery flat out and also ‘Phone idle’ whereas the screen uses it like 7% as opposed to the 48% achieved by ‘Mobile standby’.

    I’m trying to atleast identify the phone as I want to attempt to flash a rom to see if it’s a software issue, we’ve reset it back to defaults and even managed to get into a ‘Factory Mode’ where you can run tests etc… I’m no stranger to flashing phones so I understand what the risks are etc… I’ve uploaded a picture of the actual phone here: and I’ve scoured the internet looking for phones and so far I believe this youtube video is the most similar model… Any help would be soooooo much appreciated guys as it’s pretty useless at the moment with the battery drain and not being able to charge it while using…

    Thanks in advance!


  49. Hi All in the know! 🙂

    Right where do I start with this one… My friend has recently purchased this phone: –
    I9500 5″ ANDROID 4.2 1.2Ghz 2GB RAM MTK6589 PHONE 8GB He’s having massive problems with 2 areas with it…

    It’s running Android 4.2.3, after throwing it through CPU-Z it does appear to have 2gb of Ram, MTK6589 clocked at 1.2ghz, it is the 5″ 1280×720 screen which looks lovely by the way and it’s come ‘Android’ branded literally, ‘ANDROID’ on the back cover and it came with a flip cover built into the back…

    When in use, the phone works fantastic! Very responsive lovely happy days…

    The problem is simply this, it won’t charge when switched on… When it’s off, it’ll charge fine, but when switched on, it won’t even acknowledge that a charger is plugged in… We’ve tried loads of different chargers including my Genuine Samsung Galaxy Note charger which still does nothing… Also, the battery seems to really get swallowed quickly, looking in the battery section of the settings menu it appears that ‘Mobile standby’ is using the battery flat out and also ‘Phone idle’ whereas the screen uses it like 7% as opposed to the 48% achieved by ‘Mobile standby’.

    I’m trying to at least identify the phone as I want to attempt to flash a rom to see if it’s a software issue, we’ve reset it back to defaults and even managed to get into a ‘Factory Mode’ where you can run tests etc… I’m no stranger to flashing phones so I understand what the risks are etc… I’ve uploaded a picture of the actual phone here: Actual Phone! and I’ve scoured the internet looking for phones and so far I believe this youtube video is the most similar model… HDC S4 i9500? Any help would be soooooo much appreciated guys as it’s pretty useless at the moment with the battery drain and not being able to charge it while using…

    Thanks in advance!


  50. I have similar HDC model. I have replaced the battery with original Samsung battery and this works well. I don’t have the charging problem like you described.

    The phone works very well. However, while running videos, at times the motion gets jerky.

  51. Hi , I am from Nepal … I want to purchase this phone(Samsung s4 i9500) as I liked it , but according to seller once I buy I can’t return back or don’t have any warrenty – garrenty … I need to check or see all function wile buying ,where I couldn’t get any near by wifi ..
    Anyway , I just need to know can I use Skype or do video calling ?? If any problem comes later after I bye , can I fix them ??

    1. Hello Samip,

      Video calling is already a standard for Dual camera phones, Which S4 clone are you referring? the legend? spark? i recommend you take notice on iOcean X7, or Zopo C2, Voto X2

      Best Regards,

  52. Thank you for your reply ,
    Actually ,Which S4 clone, the legend & spark??? I don’t no nor have any idea about it. there isnt any option to choose !! will you please explain what is iOcean X7, or Zopo C2, Voto X2 ???? Information about the phone which I can provide are,
    •FCC ID:A3LDGHZ i9500
    •RATBD:3.7V::: 2100mA
    Shall I buy this phone ?? And do video calling by wifi ???

    1. Hello Samip,

      i am currently using iOcean X7 turbo, it has MT6589T turbo processor, FHD or 1080p display, 1 gb ram and 4 gb rom, its fast, sleek, very good camera (surprisingly good), good battery life despite the 2000mAh, but you can purchase a 3000mAh separately for improve endurance. The S4 clone series have been plague with problems especially when it comes to GPS, and wifi (some have issues of wifi which disconnects, or slow to connect)

      you may refer to this links:

      Best Regards,

  53. hi thank you for for doing great job it helps a lot to us who want to know more about chinese smartphones, one question: can you tell me anything about brand CARPAD?

    1. Hello Nera,

      its a china manufacturer, i dunno much about the brand name, although the Carpad T6s is a huawei ascend clone, there are plenty of china manufacturers and i am only familiar to a few of them, zopo, huawei, lenovo, oppo, meizu, xiaomi, hdc, goophone, etc…

      Best Regards,

  54. Hi friends ,

    I have installed to my Star B92M 512mb phone a rom for 1 gb b92m
    and i have bricked my phone.
    I need now stock firmware for B92M 512mb version or only the preloader and DSP_BL files.
    Please help me !
    Thank you very much
    Koray Aldik.

  55. Hi thank You for ansver but i need bootloader and preloader files for only 512mb ram version from b92m . not 1 gb version. are You sure ?that this rom that i need ?
    thank you very much

  56. i have flashed the wrong dsp_bl and preloader. and i need this files from original stock rom of 512mb ram version . my phone is not starting . no reaction . how can i solve this problem.
    thank you very much

  57. Hi Vince,

    It is nice to have a young expert like you sharing knowledge with others. I need to know a few things about ROM Flashing using SP Flash Tool.

    1. In the SP Tool window, do we need always to hit “format” before continuing with the “firmware upgrade” or “download” button? What does “format” do to our phone memory, is it going to erase everything inside the phone ROM? Do we need to choose “format whole flash except bootloader”?

    2. What if we don’t hit the “format” button? If we straight away hit the “firmware upgrade”, is that going to keep all the available files and data inside the phone ROM, but copies all the missing files and replaces all the corrupted/older files with new ones?

    3. What does “download” actually do to the phone ROM? What is the difference compare to “firmware upgrade” button?

    I just need to get some idea of how all these “format”, “firmware upgrade”, and “download” are actually functioning before continuing with ROM flashing. I hope you could share some knowledge with me.

    One more thing, I have been trying several times to download the HDC Galaxy Legend (New ROM) from, but it hang half way and failed. Maybe its due to the Baidu server problem. However, I will appreciate it if you could check the link.

    Thanks and regards,


  58. Hi friend, I need your help my phone is a s4 GT i9500 Chinese clone with a chip MTK 6515 . I try to change the recovery and the room with a app mobileuncle tools, now my recovery it does not work any more.Do you give me any recovery and room shareable with my phone and please tell me how I can install…

  59. How do I unlock my Phone I Took my phone to T-Mobile however the Galaxy s4 i9500. does not appear to read the SM’s card. I notified the place where I brought itand this is whatthey replied” Unlock to WCDMA 2100MHz/GSM 850/900/1800/19OOMHz” THESE ARE THE FREQUENICES THIS PHONE SUPPORT, write them clearly in the link, please check if the mobile networkfits them in your area. Now the young man at t-mobile tells me the phone is LOCK so i it can not read the SIM”s card because its LOCK how do I accomplish this?

  60. Good day, I bought 1.2 GHz dual-core 5.0 a mobile Jiake D2 MTK6572. Unfortunately for the mommy went wrong so the phone won’t boot, but I can still in recovery mod.I’m looking for software or firmware so that I can update, if you could help me would be very happy
    With friendly greetings

    Guten Tag, ich habe ein Handy Jiake D2 MTK6572 1.2GHz Dual-Core 5.0 gekauft. Leider beim Rooten ist schief gelaufen daher startet das Handy nicht mehr aber ich kann immer noch Recovery Mod rein.Ich suche dafür Software oder Firmware so dass ich Update machen kann,wenn Sie mir helfen könnten würde sehr freuen
    Mit freundlichen grüßen

  61. Hallo danke fürs Antwort. Ich habe alles gemacht aber leider Display geht kurz an danach wieder aus egal was ich gemacht habe geht einfach halt nicht . Ich brauche ein Backup die ich über Speicherkarte updaten kann.

    Hi thanks for the reply. I did everything but unfortunately display comes on briefly then back off no matter what I did is simply just not. I need a backup that I can update via memory card.

  62. Hi, Vincent.
    Great site you have here and very good info..My question is about the THL W300..I really like this phone..It has pretty much everything I want..What is your opinion on the matter and do you know of any site where I can find it in a rather low price?? Thanks and keep it up..!!

    1. Hello Nikos,
      Yup the THL W300, is a pretty nice phablet, THL is popular for such smartphnes as the THL W8, THL 11 Monkey king (FHD Smartphone).
      The phone is available and currently retails around $309 in fastcardetech and 349 at banggood.

      Best Regards,

  63. I want to buy a 5.7-inch phablet. My preferences are thl w7s and miz z5, what is better?. Any other better in this price range?

  64. Hi,
    please help. I’m looking for ROM Newsmy K2 5.5 “quad core MTK6589T, DDR2GB, ROM 32GB. Multilanguage.

  65. Hello,i need one help?Hummer h1 or discovery v5,which one i take?I need just whats up option,by wifi or 3g,or h?And livescore option..

  66. Looking for either a android 4.2.2, or 4.3.1 rom to install with twrp for aosd model number s728, md706 mtk mt6577 chipset, dual core 1.0ghz, thank you in advance, I hope you can find something that could work for me!

  67. Hi Vince,
    I want to get a phablet, up to six inch. Is there anything good available that is 4G?

    If not, can you recommend 4G phones at all available that are good?

    The other thing I am looking for is a cheap phone I can use with T-Mobile’s plan that is unlimited data, and try to use it just to go online with.

    Thank you,

    1. Hello June,

      1. Most China Phones only support up to 3G, thus no 4G or LTE Support yet. WHY? 4g or lte is not yet popular or adapted in China.
      2. WCDMA (3G frequencies) 850/2100mhz (most phones have this frequency)
      3. Do you like Note 3 Knock offs?
      4. with regards to mobile plans (please refer to carrier for support of the frequencies just to make sure the device is really supported

      Best Regards,

      1. Hi Vince,
        Thanks for the reply! I have heard that clones are not a good idea when getting Chinese smartphones? So I am trying to get something that is not a clone.
        Is there anything you can think of that is not really a clone?

          1. Hi Vince,
            I really appreciate your expertise. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us. One concern I have, is that I have never rooted a phone before. Will I be able to do OTA updates with some phones, or do I have to figure out how to do it each time?

            Also I am thinking it might be better to wait for a 4G phone? I don’t want to get 3G then a month later find out that 4G is available.

            Thanks for your input on this.

          2. Hello,

            OTA Updates usually are not very reliable, and because China phones, dont have official updates, Flash tools usually is the most common method to get updates
            the Xiaomi Mi3 was rumored to support 4G or LTE, i haven’t heard of any other phone (china phones), that support 4G or LTE just yet.

            Best Regards,

  68. Hi Vincent, I have a “knock off” note style phone, it is rooted, I would like to see if there is a newer lean rom out there for it running jb 4.2.2 or 4.3.1, it is a N8000, not an actual note, dual core 1.0ghz, model number e1908_v77_jbl1_9p017_6628, ARMv7 processor, alps. Thank you, hope to hear from you soon….

  69. Hello Mike,

    MT6515 roms are hard to come buy, and i think its a single core processor if i am not mistaken, you can try older roms in the roms section,

    Best Regards,

  70. Hello Chang,

    there are plenty of knock offs and china phones available, sadly, im not too familiar with SWIPE MTV VOLT, is it an s3 clone? specifications?

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Vince
      Here is the Specs of my phone and i think its quite similar wid HDC Galaxy STAR S9380
      Name Phone: Swipe MTV Volt 1000
      Brand: alps
      Phone Model: VOLT
      CPU: MTK6577 Dual Core 1.0 (Cortex A9)
      Vendor GPU: PowerVR SGX 531
      Size of Phone: 6 Inches
      Resolution : 854 x 480
      1GB RAM
      4GB ROM
      Android 4.1.1
      Please help me get a Custom ROM Please

      Thanks in Advance Vince

  71. Hello Vincent, I have a Xiaocai X9 which I flashed with SP flashtools, using M6589_A420_1.5_V1.0_YOUGUAN_1G_Overseas_T1308091920_0141, (oficial firmware). The flash fineshed fine but when I start the phone I get a “multicolor” screen. The screens seem to work fine they move when u touch slide them, but as I cant see anything I dont know what to do….. It worked fine with the stock firmware but with new firm I have this problema. Any help????
    Thank you or anyone who may help,

      1. Hello Vincent, Thank you so much for your fast answer. No I dont have the original firmware. Silly me I thought that as the new firm was “original” there was no need to keep the old. I know… “DUMB DUMB”. Any idea where I could DL the original FW? I think it was CAI 3.01.
        Thank you so much for your time and help,

  72. Does anyone know where I could find the Xiocai X9 firmware 1.03. I can only find Ver 1.05 and it doesnt work on the phone.

  73. I have Xtreamer aiki5 phone with following Specifications:
    LCD Display 5.0″ TFT (800*480 pixels)
    Operating System:Android 4.0.3(Ice cream sandwich)
    Memory :4GB Internal Storage
    Hardware:ARMv7 processor rev 10(v7l) 1993.93
    Battery: 2200 mAh
    Standby :Up to 15Days
    Talktime: Up to 13hours
    Card Reader:Support Micro SD Card (upto 32GB )
    G-Sensor:3-Dimensional gravity Sensing
    Touch panel: Capacitive touch panel screen
    I/O Port: Dual SIM Slot
    3.5mm Audio Jack
    Mini USB Port
    TF Card Reader Slot
    Connectivity :Support Portable WiFi Hotspot
    WiFi: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
    Built-in 3G (WCDMA / GSM / EDGE / HSPA / UMTS)
    Bluetooth: V2.0 with A2DP
    Network GSM/EDGE : 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    WCDMA/UMTS/HSPA: 850/2100 or 850/1900
    7.2Mbps Downlink / 5.76Mbps Uplink
    Camera :Built-in 0.3 Mega Pixel Front Camera
    Built-in 12 Mega Pixel Rear Camera
    Entertainment: Built-in Radio
    Built-in Speaker Phone
    Flash 10.0 Online Video
    Other Features: In-Built Accelerometer
    Support GPS
    Phone Book, Call Record History
    SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email, IM

    Baseband Version:MAUI.11AMD.W11.50 SP.V14 and Kernel 3.0.13. MTK6575 processor.

    I need MIUI ROM Compatible with this phone. PLEASE HELP…Please.

  74. ciao avrei bisogno di una recovery per lo smartphone Bluebo s7562 gt MT6577
    MS Board :simcom77_tw_cu_ics2
    Modem vers. : MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.sp.V11. 2013/01/04 09:46
    Bar code : MT012345678901234567 10
    UBoot Ver. 2010.06
    Kernel Ver. : 3.0.13 ( (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #1SMP PREEMPT Thu Apr 18 09:55:59 CST 2013
    Android Ver. $.0.0
    SW Ver. : ALPS.ICS2.MP.V1
    Custom Build Verno. I628.I628.02.05.A.A-V1.0.1B02R13
    come dicevo mi serve una recovery da installare trmite micro sd perchè non si collega più al pc. grazie per l’ aiuto che mi darete

  75. Hi there.
    I would like to know why you all the time are calling Android 4.3 for KitKat, it is version 4.4 there are the new KitKat.
    Thanks for a great site with many good reviews

    1. Hello Steffen,

      sorry for the mix up, 4.4 is kitkat, 4.3 is still jellybean, i made a typo, Android 4.3 was first introduce by Nexus 7 2nd edition, then by Sam Gal Note 3.

      best Regards,

  76. Hey,
    You have come to ROOT directory for GT-N7102 MTK 6577?
    And come have a good ROM easy with Hebrew and training to install?

    Thanks in advance for any help

  77. Hey,
    do You have come to ROOT directory for GT-N7102 MTK 6577?
    And do you have a good ROM easy with Hebrew and training to install for this mtk?

    Thanks in advance for any help

  78. Dear Vince,

    I am Shriek from SIngapore.

    Have a fren visiting china for holidays and would like to buy a smartphone under 250USD or around 1500-2000Rmb before Dec 1.

    Kindly please suggest your top 3 choices for me to narrow down.
    Best would be to get a MT6592 phone with LTE, but alas. Since have someone personally buy at store and deliver to SIngapore which isnt normally possible and dont trust all the eshopping sites with so many unknowns.
    I really like Xiaomi Mi3 but its coming Dec 19 and not sure how to order for delivery in Singapore and more like waiting for 64gb which will be in Jan 2014. SO for now all the MT 6592 phones coming also expected only in Dec.

    SO no choice have to select ONE of the phones asap.

    I need the foll:-

    If not Xiaomi Mi3 or other top end chinese phones then
    – Some thing like high end Vivo Xplay 3s(love IT)or a good HTC One Max Clone
    – Min of 5.7-6′ FHD screen
    – Top end Octa core if available or highest Quad core
    – 3G WCDMA (To work in Singapore – 900/2100Mz)
    – If possible LTE same freq FDD- LTE
    – MIN 32GB rom, 16GB rom also ok if have expandable memory
    – Latest Android if not 4.3 or 4.2 but atleast need some guidance on ROM installation. Prefer MIUI so any support for that.
    – 13Mp or good camera
    – 3500- or 4000mAh battery
    – Slim one hand operation
    – Metallic if possible

    PS- Please suggest where to look at all consolidated good phablets currently available for purchase with say 6′ FHD screen and good battery and processor and ROM update. Plz

    Really urgent a bit


    1. Hello Shriek,

      thank you for visiting my site, as for the answers for your questions:
      1. 4G/LTE is not yet available for most china phones, only exception is the upcoming Xiaomi Mi3
      2. TOP China Phone Manufacturers include Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo, Lenovo,
      3. Xiaomi Mi3 and Meizu Mx3 i think is already released but is only avialable in China
      4. Other phones you can find include: iOcean X7, Zopo C2, C3, NEO N003T, Vivo, etc…
      5. MT6592 is still relatively new, and i cant ascertain of its true capability and performance, its better to wait for more info before delving in deep into this category
      MT6592 – JIAKE V8
      MT6582 Octa core edition –

      Best Regards,

  79. I have a Samsung s4 clone MT6572 single sim. Ive been searching for roms for this model but found out that there are two models for clones. The legend and Spark. id like to know which one is mine.

    well the main reason id like to know is simply flashing my phone and install a stock firmware of original s4. is it possible to install an orig firmware for this Clone s4?

    1. Hello Prince

      unfortunately, those roms you mention work for mt6589 chipset and not MT6572, there are still no roms yet available for that phone (given the chipset used, MT6572 is relatively new even though it is a dual core CPU).

      Best Regards,

  80. Hi I am very interested in the HTM A6 P6 4.5 inch mobile but I am having difficulty finding any information about HTM and whether they offer support at all.
    (I suspect putting htm into google search returns millions of pages with code and not the company )
    Your thoughts on this phone and whether it is a clone of Huawi P6 would be much appreciated
    ps great site

  81. hi , i need the rom for this mobile opal s7562
    Model No. 6515
    Android Version : 4.0
    Baseband Version : MT6515M
    Kernel Version : Android_2.6.35.7
    RAM : 204 MB
    Internal Memory : 210 MB

  82. Hello,
    Can you please advise which smartphones you recommend, that have LTE
    connectivity, in a price range of $ 200-300. Thank you.

  83. Hi Vince
    Bellow are the complete specs of my Swipe MTV Volt 100 Phone.
    Please help me get a ROM which supports this specifications.
    Luckily I have two model phone, I killed one last week after i flashed it with a wrong ROM, after flashing it doesnt show anything on the screen and its completely DEAD. I dont want to KILL this phone so please please get a Supported Custom ROM for me
    Thanks in Advanced


    Form Factor Bar
    Screen Type Capacitive Multi-Touch
    Screen Size 6.0 inches
    Screen Resolution 854 x 480

    Processor Dual Core, MTK 6577
    Speed 1 GHz

    Internal Memory 4GB, 1GB RAM
    Extendable Memory T-Flash, up to 32GB

    Camera Features
    Sensor Resolution 8MP, 3264×2448 pixels
    Features Flash, Multi-Shot, Night Vision
    Video Recording Yes
    Front facing camera 1.3MP

    General Features
    OS Android
    Version 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
    FM Radio FM Radio with Recording
    Bluetooth Features 4.0
    Dual Sim Support Yes
    Messaging SMS, MMS, Email
    GPS Yes
    USB Connector Yes
    Available Colours White
    Carrier Networks
    2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    3G WCDMA 850/2100 MHz
    Speed HSDPA 7.2Mbps, HSUPA 5.76 Mbps

    GPRS Yes
    WiFi 802.11b/g/n

    Dimensions 90 x 10.5 x 161 mm
    Weight(grams) 186

    Speakerphone Yes
    Audio connector 3.5mm

    Type Li-Ion
    Capacity(mAh) 2850

  84. Hi Vince, You said previously that you thought the Xiaomi Mi3 might support 4G/LTE. I was looking at the specs and it says that it uses TD-SCDMA and WCDMA networks.
    Is 4G/LTE even necessary to get the fast speeds or is WCDMA good enough?

    Thanks, I really appreciate your help!

    1. Hello June

      the Xiaomi Mi3 is released exclusively in China, although it does come 3 versions, TD-SCDMA is good only for china network, WCDMA- works with other areas but is only up to HSDPA speeds, if you’re area supports 4G, i think its better to get a phone that supports it, since its faster i think its quite obvious. But if you are not into carrier plans that support 4G then 3G would be fine.

      Best Regards,

    2. Hi Vince,
      Yes, I am in a 4G/LTE area, Chicago, Illinois. I wish there were a phone I could use here. Is there that much difference in what the Xiaomi has than what my 4G/LTE has? Is it just the speed?

  85. Hello Vincent.

    I flashed a custom ROM to my Mega N9200 1gb 16gb rom, which hard-bricked it. Now the device keeps boot looping at a weird looking boot animation. When I attached the device to PC to try to activate ‘fast boot’, it does not get detected, but keeps beeping on & off the connection.
    I am at my wit’s end trying to look for solutions, but seem to be getting into the deeper end, beyond imagination.
    Please help to show me the direction to stock ROM for Mega N9200 and its preloader.bin file, so I can reflash the rom. Thank you Lester.

  86. Is there any information about HTM A6 P6 dual-core MTK6572W ,like who are HTM ? are there any roms etc Any info would be appreciated Thanks

  87. i have recently perchased a samsung galaxy s4 i9500 mtk6515 knock off

    now my problem is that i get no service i first thought it was my sim so i went to my service provider who used a new sim and got full service so i bought the new sim only to find out that as soon as i left the shop and got one street over i once again had no service

    what is going on with my phone please i am hoping it can be fixed

    a little about phone that i can find on phone as i am no expert

    andriod 4.2.2
    base band version maui.11amd..w11.50.spv.v37
    kernal version 1311 v31
    ram 2gb (this is from site i bought it from as i dont know where to look to find this info)
    rom 4gb (same as above)
    air gestures

    if you need any more info please telll me where to find it on phone

    thank you ‘

  88. Hi Vincent

    Do you know of anywhere/site/link, that i can get Jellybean ROM for Star N9599T.
    Or is there any out there u know of relating to Jellybean for N9599T.

    And which is better TWRP or CWM for my N9599T ? (i am currently using CWM And if better on either of them, where can i get the latest version for my N9599T. I have search in the web, but too many info and i am lost.

    Basically i would like to have Jellybean on my N9599T be it using TWRP or CWM

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Hello Thomas,

      i think the rom your using is the much stable one, stick to that yet until i can get hold of a newer one, but if you decide to flash anyway, just make sure to back up your rom so you can revert back if it doesnt go as plan. thanks

      Best Regards,

    1. Hello idris,

      i have no roms available for MT6572, i was looking for new roms but mostly support for mt6589 chipsets, but i will try to look for more and post it on my site, thanks

      Best Regards,

  89. Hi Vince,

    i have a MTK and i flashed it using SP Flash Tools (after a long battle) and giving all sorts of error’s. I started the firmware-upgrade button first and everything seem to go ok i never got the confirmation window but i did get a PRM partion error and it told me to run the down to put the PRM on it when i don that it give me a I thhink it was a dram error 4032 i have mtk6589 note 3 phone any idea’s

    1. Hello xxman,

      have u tried installing other 3rd party applications? like camera360 to see if the camera really works? Did you update your rom previously before the issue arise?

      Best Regards,

  90. Hi
    i have downloaded several update rom links here even the supposed latest ones.
    Everytime i install, it is fine but the operating system is upside down on the home screen.
    After googling i am not the only person to get this
    Can you direct me to just one link that is actually gonna work.

  91. Hi I bought two Star Galaxy S3 Mini with Mtk 6577 unfortuately there was no Swedish language on the menu; I find a rom on internet and send it in and it was a wrong and know my new phone i dead and it is not detcted by pc any more and it dead what shall I do; Please help me. Thanks

  92. Hi there,
    just bought an HDC Sunny Note 3, which looks pretty good and seems to do most things but has a major problem.
    It will not download apps, always get message that there is no space on phone, this also affects e-mails etc. However there is 30Gb on a micro SD and 9Gb on the internal memory – so plenty of space.
    In the ‘storage’ section of ‘Settings’ the memory volumes are displayed and also when I USB link to a PC the empty volumes are confirmed.

    So any suggestions please, I am experienced with Android and file manager etc, so have gone thru all the screens to toggle on functions etc, but simply cannot egt phone to use the free space available.
    Look forward to any suggestions on how to cure the problem so that phone can release it full potential.

    1. Hello Sean,

      Have u tried changing the setting of storage to use the SD card?
      Can you take a picture and will it save?
      have u tried using internet and downloading something, to see if it saves to your internal storage
      Please try to plug your phone to pc and see if both storage is connected, are they seen?

      Best Regards,

  93. Vince
    thank you for your reply
    I have tried all the points that you suggested, photos etc, the phone sees the memory in ‘Settings – Storage’ but simply does not access it when doing anything from e-mail to photo to apps.
    Have tried the PC link and yes all the memory is shown and I can write to the volume.

    I bought phone thru Fastechcard and they have yet to respond to my Technical Support enquiry, in which I detail all the issues.

    The thing is, I buy a phone to use -not become an expert Android programmer.
    Look forward to any suggestions from you or anyone

    1. Hello Sean,

      please back up your sd card storage and try to format it and then try again, ive had that issue with my phone before, and reformatting the storage does help,
      but please make sure to back up everything important.

      Best Regards,

  94. I read online bad reviews about FastCardTech, but I had decided to take a risk to buy the HDC Galaxy Note 3 “Sunny” from them. From what Sean is posting, now I am wondering if I made a wrong and expensive decision!? 🙁

    I heard today that the phone has not yet shipped out. So I could cancel the order if you recommend it?

    Thanks for your speedy reply! (Sean, since you bought your phone also from FCT, what is your experience and recommendation about them?)


  95. Dear Vincent,
    I have this fake samsung galaxy s4 ( air sensing) recently bought from China. It was working well innitially. It started to stop at the android logo (not Samsung) and cannot boot up after I install a software (Citymap2go).
    subsequently, I found mtk flash tools and realise the phone is on dual core mtk6577 .I manage to find some software and flash in the phone . The phone can now boot up but the ‘android’ word is inverted . Then, the screen starts up. I notice that the screen is totally inverted . But the touch screen is corrected as before. That is, if you touch the corresponding corner, you can activate the icons.
    vincent, do you have the rom for the fake S4 so that I can restore my phone.
    Thanks in advance

  96. I replaced the boot animation in my Kiphone 5C, but cannot change it on my Kiphone 5S, in the Kiphone 5C, the boot animation is located on /system/media, but on Kiphone 5S/, it’s not located in this place, how Can I replace the booanimation on Kiphone 5S?

  97. Hi! I really need help! I think I semibricked my phone. I have no way of reflashing roms since it can’t be detected and the card flash doesn’t work either since it always say Installation Aborted. How did I brick my phone? I simply changed font using font installer, then voila! It doesn’t work anymore. I created a flashable zip to restore the fonts but still it says Installation Aborted. I also downloaded the fluffy rom from xda but it also says Installation Aborted. When I tried the SP Flash Tool, it remains on 0% and then its no more. I don’t even believe that my phone is detected. Please help meeeee.

    Some specs I believe would distinguish mine from other s4 copies
    -Dual Core
    -HDC Galaxy i9500 (Galaxy s4 Layout)
    -Gesture Sensor is only one-way (doesn’t detect left to right motion)

    What I think would solve my problem?
    -Make the recovery able to flash since it always say Installation Aborted (CWM recovery for my phone)
    -Exact driver for device detection

  98. Hi,
    the problem with phone was resloved after doing a factory reset, and works pretty well, so dont panic and cancel the order.

    However Fastcardtech never replied at all to my Technical Support e-mail query, I resolved the isue by playing with the phone and surfing the net

  99. Hi again! I successfully got my phone working after bricking it. I installed a new firmware that’s why it worked again, however, the touch panel is not working and the graphics look stretched. Please provide some other ROMs since I only found one, which I already flashed and looked garbage.
    Again, my device is powered by MT6572 Dual Core and is called HDC Galaxy i9500 (S4 Layout) all according to CPU Identifier. Moreover, my device is a 1:1 copy of Galaxy S4.

    1. Hello Macky

      unfortunately, i still dont have roms for mt6572 based chipset smartphones, only mt6589 and above, but ill try to acquire them as soon as possible

      Best Regards,

  100. Since it is dead and not working so I don´t know but maybe it have a 512mb, is that possible to send you a picture of it . It is not responding any more .
    Thank you

  101. It is about my Galaxy S3 mini Chines with mtk 6577, I treid to send a Custom rom becuse there was no Swedish languge and I format everything and now it is not working anymore ,Please help me to fix it.

    1. Hello Shahin,

      you only need to install the MT6589 driver (found on the ROM that you download), use splash tool to unbrick your phone. you may follow the procedure in removing the reflashing

      Best Regards,

  102. hi vincent.
    i have found an application called splash tool but as i mentioned before my phone is dead and dose not start so i cant downoad the app. what do i do? I have no conaction with my cell phone. can you please write down step by step.
    And what do you mean with you may follow procedor in removing the reflashing.

    thank you

  103. Sorry I though you mean somthing else .I have already rom and splash tool but my new phone is not responsing, I have mtk driver but no response from the mobile phone.

  104. Hi Vince,

    Cheers for getting back to is about that other phone but things have gone from bad to worse. I have bricked the phone (no life in it anymore), i used a custom rom but it must of been the wrong rom cause it looked like everything was going well using sp tool i sued the firmware/download button but it said failed then the phone wont switch on. Is there anyway of getting the phone to work again. the computer used to pick it up as a unknown device as soon a s i plugged it in but it’s s not doing it anymore. I read about the soldering technique but just wanted to know if there was any other way that you might know of even if you could point me in the right direction of anyway that would be great the phone i have is the goophone N3 mkt6589 im looking the stock rom for it as well but having a bit of bother trying to locate it.

    Thanks very much for all your help man your a star

  105. Hi Vince,
    Do you know if you can use FoxFi tethering app with any of the Chinese phones? I am in the U.S. I am thinking of switching to T-Mobile for this.

  106. Hi just wondering if you can help me, i did a factory reset and now i have lost the Touchwiz UI and the lockscreen, i have a backup but not one with userdata and cache, when i flash that it makes no difference, its a mtk6577 i9500 s4 clone.


      1. Hi Vincent

        Thank you for replying.
        Do you know where I can find the original stock rom for the Star N9202? This phone isn’t booting and I don’t have the original, help 🙁

  107. What about the G2F or Honor 3C or Lenovo S650

    What is your opinions?

    About quality and quality of cameras between the three phones


    1. Hello Nikolas,

      My best bet was Honor 3C, unfortunately there is no WCDMA version, which means it only works in China.
      The Voto V5 Youth looks good also, and has the same specs with the Honor 3C.

      Best Regards,

  108. Hi vincent i want your opinion for HDC Galaxys S4 Legend- Universal5410 1.6GHz 5.0inch Screen Gesture Control Android 4.2 Phone or can you suggest me another one for my best intrest. thanks waiting for your respond.

    1. Hello Sotiris,

      its a decent Galaxy S4 Clone, but i have to make it clear that it is only mt6589 and not 5410. The real one is mediatek chipset and not qualcomm. most users have problems with s4 clones, like gps problems, battery issues, to name a few, it is better to look for iOcean, Zopo, Voto models, Oppo, Lenovo, Vivo, etc…

      Best Regards,

  109. My CUBOT One is bricked. I attempted to unbrick it following certain online instructions ie. going into recovery mode by pressing the on button and volume button at the same time. However, it has reverted to Chinese instructions so I cannot understand anything. Please help. I am a novice at this procedure so please give any advice step by step, it will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  110. Can you please provide me the link to the Firmware/ROM of Goophone N3 FHD,MT6589T(1.5 GHz),1GB RAM,16 GB ROM,5.7″ display(1920×1080 FHD IPS ),PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU.Thanks.

  111. hi vincent 🙂 your blog is amazing!!! thak you soooo much for all the reviews. but i need some help. i write a lifestyle blog and for that i need fast phone with great camera (it’s a must!) but within $200-250 range. so please recommend me some quality cameras/phones? thank you

    1. Hello Leo,

      Thank you
      with regards to your request, do you want mt6589, mt6582 or will you wait for more mt6592 phones? There are plenty of octa core phones coming soon and it is best to wait for them, the Umi x3 is coming out soon, the thunderbird i6, etc… some with 4G or LTE Support. In terms of camera performance, 13 MP phones usually work great on natural or well lit areas, i’ve tested the iOcean X7 elite camera and it works great, better than other phones, it has similar quality with the zopo c2, c3 and zp998 phones.

      Are you a fan of 5.0 inch displays? phablets? Data Support? FHD or 1080p display or 720p suffice?

      best Regards,

  112. Hi
    I asked a question yesterday but can’t see it here now. Well, nevermind. Long story short, I’m looking for a phone with solid speed and very good camera (need it for my blog, I take a lot of pictures everyday) but within price range $200-250.
    thank you 🙂

    1. Hello Leo,

      are you particular with speed? do you prefer quad core or the octacore versions? The Oppo N1 has a nice camera, Zopo C2, iOcean X7 series also works great. are you a professional photographer? Do you prefer the pixel rate of Pureview Nokia smartphones that has 41 megapixel? or will 8 or 13 MP suffice?

      Best Regards,

  113. hi I’m Enrico
    is there anyone who know ho to fix google play service, gmail and other google app on the ZTE NUBIA Z5S?
    thanks a lot

  114. i have a problem with a china smarphone model HTM B9500, the section setting says that have android v4.2.2, i can’t play with more game downloaded from google play, black screen, partial start of the game, black screen with only audio of the game….can you help me to found a correct rom for flash this device?

  115. Hi Vincent,

    I just got my Zopo C3 in China. I changed the language to english but it looks like its custom version for China and connects to the local store. I would like to have the standard android version. Should i have to flash based on the instructions above ? You have ask to download from play store but my phone do not allow to do so ? Please help.

    – Karthik.

    1. Hello Prabu,

      sorry, most of my roms now are for mt6582, mt6589 and mt6589t base chipset smartphones, have u tried need roms for your phone?

      Best Regards,

  116. Hi,
    I want to buy ZTE nubia Z5s. Is the mobile available at site “” original. Suggest we is it better than idol x+.
    Any website for cheap ZTE nubia Z5s.

    1. Hello Kulbhushan,

      the ZTE Nubia Z5s wins hands down,it is powered by Snapdragon800,
      TCL idol comes equipped with MT6592 although TURBO at 2.0 GHz, and 33 to 35K on antutu benchmark, it should be noted that one of the weakness of the Mt6592 chipset is with regards to GPU performance.

      Best Regards,

  117. Hi Vincent
    Please suggest which is best out of these for india network app 350$
    Zte nubia z5s
    Oppo 5
    Tcl idolx+

    Shouldn’t have gps, network, 3g, battery problem. Should be durable also. If not please suggest other 5″ mobile.

      1. Thanks Vincent,
        Xiomai MI3 is also nice but I don’t like its Lumia look (I have Nokia Lumia also)
        Your other suggested phone specially Vivo Xplay 3s is very good but it exceeds my budget(budget=350$).

        Please tell me the reliable site From where I can get best quality original Nubia Z5S (white) at cheap rate with warranty and extended support.

  118. Whatz up Mr.V,
    Just getting up to all info and updates, your doing a fantastic service. Keep up the good work.
    My question is I want a us moto-x but, HDC has a model comming of a clone HDC X, can you tell me when and how it stands in the lower usd200 range.
    You can send me info by email.

    Thanks in advance….be well.
    F.Y.I, wanted HDC One but, like the new X better, give me your opinion.

    1. Hello Orville,

      HDC does make plenty of clones, and HTC designs are one of them, there are plenty of models also which can be quite confusing, but as an advice, choose the one with a removable battery. Also, you can try also to wait for a mt6592 version since it is the catch nowadays.

      Best Regards,

  119. Hi Vincent !

    I´m looking for an 8 core smartphone. I would like to have at least the following specifications:

    – A good camera
    – 2 RAM
    – 16 ROM
    – 5.5 inch
    – 1920x 1080
    – Support 3G WCDMA (850/900/2100MHz) It`s for using in Spain

    I`m interested in Mlais MX69T, Zopo 998, XiaoCai- MTK6592 Octa Core
    What do you think about them?, Comparing to Sony Xperia S, how does these cameras rule?, any recomendation?


    1. Hello Mai,

      in terms of camera, Sony Experia and Nokia Lumia Wins hands down, most of the cameras of the phones you mention does perform admirably, but when it comes to very good detail and color reproduction, it pales to come close with Xperia and Lumia. Im not saying the quality is bad, the cameras perform quite good and comparable with other smartphones in its category, and most of the phones you mention, have aperture of F2.4 Aperture which works great on night shots. Also, the phones mentioned are reboot from last year, with only the Processor changed.
      Hope this helps

      Best Regards,

  120. Hi again !!

    Thanks for your reply. Atending to your experience, would you recommend buying one of them? would you recommend not to buy anyone of them? another phone with similar specifications that you think to be better?

    Waiting for your reply

  121. hi.. thanks for your website, i want to know how to make a backup rom from a S4 chinese clone mtk6572 and others, i currently have 10 models in stock all are look alike and i’m confuse hehe, i need to do backup of these roms, because if its broken some day i will have rom to flash with flashtool, thanks

  122. hi dear vincent
    i need you buddy
    im going to hong kong next monday
    and i would like to buy 2 phone
    first one with a budget around 150 euro need to have a full hd ips screener
    and take amazing picture and the size 4.7″ to more if u can give me some option
    cause im a bit lost between all those cubot thl iOcean and more…

    and for the 2 second phone i would like to buy something fancy for my girl like the cubot c6 in the same budget and with some good fonction

    tq vincent
    take care and keep going
    cheers jimmy

    1. Hello Jimmy,

      currently, the THL T200 is a good buy, mt6592 octa core, FHD display, decent camera and battery life, plus it is thin. Although, if you dont want mediatek, you can choose snapdragon 800 base Soc like that of Nubia Z5s and Z5s mini which are good, fast although may cost a bit more than usual. Also Xiaomi Mi3 is also very good and has all you need.

      Best Regards,

  123. hi please could you tell me how to tell the difference between which model clone i5c i have i brought it of dhgate is it a goophone i5c or zophone i5c ,yphone i5c and so on is there a website showing how to tell which is which so i can flash rom onto phone spec are mtk6572 512mb ram and 8gig rom your help would be highly appreciated.

    thank you ozz

    1. Hello Ozz,

      theyre almost the same, in terms of specifications mt6572 is a budget dual core, although performs admirably better than mt6577. Although in terms of firmware, i have no firmwares currently available.

      Best Regards,

  124. I have a Cubot One, love it. But I’d like to transfer data from laptop to micro SD card installed in phone. Apps save to it and I can see it in settings so it is recognized. Drivers installed, USB cable connected… but the new drives showing up in file mgr give me an error msg, like the card isn’t there. Help please.

  125. hi sir

    do have rom(firmware) for Samsung(Model:GT-i9500 ,FCC ID :A3LGTi9500, SSN :i9500GSMH), and it is made in korea by samsung

    thank you for your patience>

    1. Hello Hassan,

      is that the original S4? i think the original S4 supports upgrade via OTA (over the air) wifi or data, and you can get the firmware from Samsung’s download center

      Best Regards,

  126. Hi Vincent. Enjoyed reading your review. So besides size, the T100 and T200 are the same actually. Isn’t it?
    I’d like to get your opinion when Zopo 998 vs THL t100\T200 vs Xiaomi mi3 are compared, ignoring size differences. Which is better built, and reliability and performance (for business purposes, not gaming)?
    TIA, Oron

    1. Hello Oron,

      for business purposes, are you using it for 4G or LTE because most of the phones mention support only 3G via WCDMA frequency. the mt6592 is probably enough for business, you should get a bigger battery if your going to use it all the time (calls and text)

      Best Regards,

      1. Hi Vincent
        Thanks for the answer.
        We do not have LTE 4G yet, so out of the three (Xiaomi Mi3, Zopo 998 and THL t200) which is supposed to be the better?
        I need your answer ASAP, since I fly to Hong Kong in a few hours….
        Many thanks in advance., Oron

        1. Hello Oron,

          for me, the best is Xiaomi Mi3 in terms of hardware, In terms of budget both THl t200 and Zopo ZP998 are good too, THL and ZOPO octa core models are quite similar in terms of specifications, performance is on par, so just choose the cheapest one you can find if your into mediatek mt6592, but overall snapdragon 800 is still the king

          Best Regards,

  127. pls need help for ma is hard bricked by flashing wrong files using research download. it cant power on, cant charge and even pc cant detect. what do i do, my phone is spreadtrum android gt s7562 galaxy trend duos

  128. Hi,
    as I mentioned u before my galaxy s4 camera does not working after update my phone. I wanna update a right rom. how can and what link of the rom? please help me.
    phone specification
    brand: samsung
    model: GP-I9500
    cpu: ARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v71)
    hardware: mt6589
    version: 4.2.9
    ram: 2GB
    basebrand version: I9500XXUAMDK
    build no: JDQ39.I9500ZSUAME1
    Pease link me correct rom.

  129. Hi
    nice site
    i would be gratefull if you could help me with my choice …. i’m looking for a phablet ( 6.0inch +) 300 $ top …. i would rather go with 250 🙂 or something like that …. i found pretty much same what you reviewed here … elephone …ulephone …. and similar …. that’s my budget’s neighborhood :)…..all of that phones looks pretty much same or similar ….by specs or design…. maybe they are same ? 🙂 ….so is hard to choose for outsider like me 🙂 …. anyway i’d like to know what will be your choice if you are on my place…. or maybe should i wait for some new arrivals ? thanx in advance

    1. Hello James,

      may know which elefone are you refering? and also ulefone?
      in my opinion especially for such a large display, the minimum you can get in terms of display is 720p, below that and pixilation is very obvious, the best you can do is 1080p or FHD display.
      Are you into budget 5.0 inch mt6592 smartphones that are below $200?

      Best Regards,

  130. hi vincent tnx for answering …. sorry if i was unclear …. i’m looking for mt6592 phablet …. 6.0 inch or bigger …. for max 300$ but rather around 250…. it can be 5.7 if it’s not possible to find suitable with 6 or bigger …so saying that i found elephone p8 it’s 5.7″ for 250$ or so …. but looking for something like this
    but that’s a bit confusing cause this model on other sites has only 720p is 1080p …. is that mistake by site or ? …. so maybe it’s more reliable to buy this model ? ….. anyway what it be your choice in that neighbourhood 🙂 ? thanx again

    1. Hello James,

      its better to get 1080p, anyway manufacturers make almost similar phones in terms of hardware, from HDC, ZOPO, Ulephone, Jiake etc… so its better to get the most of your budget, like if you are in to phablets, better get a 1080 rather than a lower resolution. most of the Android phones currently available run on Android 4.2, have 2 GB ram and about 16/32 gb rom. so just get whats of better value especially in terms of battery capacity.

      Best Regards,

  131. HDC Sunny Note 3 – Internal Memory Problem
    Hi there Vincent

    had a search on your site for any entries with a similar problem to what I have, which is ‘Internal Memory filling up’ despite running Clean Master and App2D, constantly to keep cache and junk out of internal memory and moving all apps to that I can, the memory just fills up and then e-mail ceases and the only way to get the 20GB internal memory back is to perform a factory reset, which then means WiFi passwords etc etc all have to be re-entered again etc.

    Have not had any luck with guidance from HDC or Fastech, so be ineterested if there is any other guidance from anyone to sort this problem out.

    Other than this problem, I am happy with the phone and its performance, a bit quirky at times but shutting/opening the flip case generally sorts a problem with screen magnification or application lock out.

    1. Hello Sean,

      im not quite familiar with what you are talking about,
      here is what i understood of your problem:
      your internal memory still depletes even when you transfer apps to sd card?
      your applications are always installed on your internal memory?
      could you clarify?

      Best Regards,

  132. i swapped my internal memory to external memory using swapsd application now my both memories are gone please help me i m using galaxy S4 clone

  133. Hello,
    I have a smartphone HDC Galaxy S4 EX MT 6589. The LCD shows the strips of color, as I fell to the ground.
    I would like to know where I can buy the display.

    1. Hello Antonio,

      in terms of warranty, i think you can order them online, i too broke my iocean x7 elite LCD which was very sad, unfortunately, most resellers do not ship their LCD, you need to return it to the reseller and have them install it. however usually LCD’s cost a bit more, around 60 to 80 dollars per piece

      Best Regards,

  134. good afternoon,

    I have a device I bought the Multilaser, and would like to change the ROM, but can not find one that suits all is that the market has returned to Samsung, almost nobody talks about the other appliances.

    My device is a MS4 of Multilaser, Android version 4.2.1, kernel version 3.4.5 and version number is ALPS.JB2.MP.V1.3, Model MTK MT6589 CPU.

    If you can help me I appreciate it.

    Congratulations on the site and thank you,

    Critsiano Wisniewski.

  135. Hi Vincent!
    I am after a new phone for my wife – Preferably no more than around $350.
    6″ –> 6.5″ FHD, IPS, with Gorilla Glass
    Octo Core if possible
    2GB Ram if possible
    SDcard expansion required
    Quick GPS
    Must be THIN – less than 9.0mm
    Must have great battery life, and a replaceable battery.
    Must have 4G / LTE support (Australia)
    Must have a good camera, front and back with clear shots possible
    Prefer a known Chinese brand that preferably supports their products with Android updates as they become available.

    Used primarily for basic phone, Facebook socialising, and simple games (Facebook Farm and the like of low quality rubbish games that my wife seems to love!)

    I am willing to wait a short while…can you advise of any phones available now, or coming soon that you know of that would manage the above?

    1. Hello Sandy,

      unfortunately, 4G or LTE Support is not yet integrated to most phones available. Also OTA (over the air firmware update) is also not much supported by most phones. Although there are quality phones like that of ZOPO ZP998, THL T200, which are quite good phablets but only supports 3G and doesnt support OTA update. By the way, VIVO XPlay 3s supports 4G or LTE but is quite expensive compared to other phones.

      Best Regards,

      1. Thanks Vincent,
        Looks like I will wait a short while and cross my fingers a 4G/LTE device comes into the cheaper market..
        the OTA feature would be nice, but is less of a requirement (And something I can probably get around by rooting the phone and manually transferring to cyanogen or equivalent?)

  136. Hello from Greece,i am a huge fun of chinese phones and its time to buy one.I am considering about 4 phones. I want a Quality construction phone but its difficult to chose one since i dont know the qualities of chinise brands.My picks is:
    –> UMI X2
    –> iocean X7 Turbo
    –> Neken N6 (the one with 2gb ram)
    –> ubtel u8 (the one with MTK6592 Octa Core ,Cortex A7 1.7GHz 2gb ram)
    I think the best features has the ubtel u8 but i think that is a cheap crap phone…
    Please, help me to chose the best,excuse me for my english

    1. Hello George,

      You have a good selections,
      The Umi X2 is not actually an octa core, its just a quad core mt6582, also the display is only 720p and not 1080p. As well Umi from its X1 days have GPS problems that mostly plague the device
      The iOcean X7 Turbo (are you talking of the mt6592 version?) is a very good budget device, its only mt6589 quad core and 1080p display, build quality is good although the back cover is flimsy and could easily break. only supports 2100mHZ WCDMA data frequency. And most version only come with a 2000mAh battery.
      The Neken N6, looks just the same with the iocean x7, NEO N003T, its almost as if theyre the same device. Still the same with the iocean in terms of build quality, quad core.
      Ubtel U8, not very familiar with it but its a budget mt6592 smartphone, although you can find many other sub $200 mt6592 smartphones available.

      the Gfive G11
      The cubot x6 although its still in preselling mode
      HDC Galaxy Note 3 Mini

      Best Regards,


        1. Hello George,

          i have tried the iOcean X7 elite, its a very good phone, similar to NEO N003T and NEKEN, most of the features of the phones are very much similar. Just choose which ones cheaper. May i suggest going for mt6592 CPU rather than the older mt6589 Quad cOre CPU.

          Best Regards,

  137. Hi,

    I need the rom of IHTC one (HTC one Clone)
    CPu: Cortex 1,7ghz (MTK6589 1.5ghz)
    Ram: 1,5ghz
    Rom: 16gb
    Single sim
    Screen: 1920×1080
    Androi: 4.2.1

    Pls give me a hand !

    Thanks very much

  138. Hi Vincent, just discovered your site, and i am enjoying it very much.! Do you perhaps know where to find a long life battery for the Star b92m/HDC Galaxy S3 EX ?

    Thank you

    1. Hello Nick,

      could you elaborate on what you mean by long life? my first phone was the galaxy s3 ex and even with firmware updates the battery still is not satisfactory, probably dude to the processor mt6577 which is not yet fully optimized for battery consumption. the new mt6572 fairs better as with the new mt6582 quad core processor

      Best Regards,

        1. Hello Nick,

          you can just go to your nearest CP store and look for a battery that has the same dimensions, my battery died a long time ago and i replaced it with similar voltages and dimension

          Best Regards,

  139. Hello Vincent! I’ve an HTM A6 and i’m enjoying it a lot, but unfortunely yesterday after i charge it i turn on and stand by a few seconds and starting restart itself and continues restarting like a loop. Can you help me?what should i do?

  140. Hello, I was given this phone model
    clone samsung s4, gt-i9500, which unfortunately crashes to the home screen
    without entering into recovery in any way.

    I am attaching pictures of the phone with the motherboard. The PC detects the phone
    and the port for installation of the ROM, which I have not.

    I tried several roms but they are all incompatible.

    Do you know which model and perhaps have that rom I can put on in order to make it work
    again? The model of the chip is a MTK 6589. thanks

    The pictures.

    This happens if I connect it with flashtool and the relative error that brings me back.

  141. Hi. I live Hungary, grat. for your webpage. I’d like to buy a smartphone. Could you recommend one? I need a solid build quality (I prefer metal material) two or four cores smartphone about 200$ or less. Endurance, long battery time and smooth usage is important for me. My choice is Lenovo P780, but I have to ask you, because you have more experience about smartphones. Usually I see webpages, videos, speak, write my notes with phone. Thanks.

    1. Hello Jockero,

      may i ask you some leading questions: do you prefer clones? in terms of endurance, the mt6582 and mt6592 performs quite good, the ascend p6 is mostly made of metal and the haipai p6 is its look alike,
      the other phones are unfortunately built mostly with plastic, you elaborate more on what you like? screen size, what type of phones do you prefer, look alike of galaxy note 3? galaxy s4, etc….

      Best Regards,

      1. Hi Vincent,
        Thanks for advices. I like clones, because cheaper than brand and performance is same. Screen size is 4-5″ what I prefer. Haipai P6 seems good, but I fear that battery is too small for one day usage. Build quality is neccessary for me, so if you would to choose, what will your selection in category what I wrote?
        Do you hear about Vtel X1?

  142. which one is better considering the quality
    neken nx or neo n003t (both with 2gb ram)
    im all ears if you suggest a better choice (quality phone , 2gb ram , fhd and strictly less than 150 Euro)

    1. Hello George,

      You could be better off with mt6592 based smartphones, anyway i think the Neken NX is better in terms of build quality. most mt6589 phones from last year are adapting to mt6592.

      Best Regards,

  143. Hi Mr. Vincent, I bought a phone to my husband 1:1 S4 I9500 phone air gesture IPS android 4.2.2 Dual Core, 1.2ghz, 1gb ram, 4gb rom support 3g/2g, wifi, gps, etc.,but wifi signal is weak, gps, air gestore don´t work. How I can fix and update android version?. If you can help me I really appreaciate. You are doing a great job with this page.
    System Info according CPU-Z
    CPU: MT6589
    CPU model: quad core ARMv7 Processor (VFPv3, NEON)
    CPU frecuency: 250.o – 1600.0MHZ
    GPU renderer: Power VR SGX544MP
    GPU version: OpenGL ES 2.0
    Memory size: 16gb
    Ram Size: 1.8gb
    Screen resolution: 1080×1920
    Camera: 12mpx (4128×3096)
    Build number: JDQ39.I9500 ZHUAMDE
    Kernel: Linux version 3.4.5
    Base band: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V1

    1. Hello Yami,

      it sees that you have plenty of issues, you can update or change to a much newer rom, here are the two roms im refering to for the s4 legend 2. it has almost the same specs as yours, but im not so sure if it will work in your phone. the fact that there are many models of S4 clones to even count, so i cannot guarrantee that it will work. However, im working on finding more S4 clone available and i will post it on the site as soon as i have it

      Best Regards,

  144. Hi Vince.
    Have you idea, where could I buy smartnote x1 phone? That phone is best choice for me. I want it. If you have any info, write it, please.

    1. Hello Jackero,

      are you talking about the Huawei X1? Yea, im also anticipating for that one, anyway in response to Xiaomi’s lead in China’s Mobile race, Huawei drops the price on their X1 flagship device, however, i still have no idea when or if it will be made available.

      Best Regards,

      1. Hi Vince.
        No. Im not talking about Huawei X1. Brand is Smartnote X1. Just google it. If you have any info, where I could buy it, write it please. Octa core phone about 140$.

  145. Hi guys,
    I´bought a M3, 5.0″ MTK6599M Dual Core 1.5GHz Quad Band Android 4.2.2 OS 4GB+512MB Bar Cellphone Smart Phone (Tmart) and i can’t acced to googleplay, because i can’t create an account . If anybody knows a rom please help me.

  146. i wanna buy a phone around 5.7 inch-6.0inch screen and strictly less than 110 Euro.The reviews of hdc note 3 are bad so i want a quality phone with satisfactory characteristics … please directed me to select the best one

  147. Hi Mr. Vincent:
    I had wrote you before and you gave me good information(THANKS) but I was not sure about my device information and now, I have the right info. Device problema: Wifi signal is weak, gps, air gestore don´t work. How I can fix and update android version?. If you can help me, again, I really appreaciate. PS. The imei number I have under the battery is different from the one in my phone.
    Gt I9500
    Mt 6572
    Quad Core 1900MHZ
    ARMv7 Processor rev3(v7l)
    Andoid 4.2.2.
    1gb ram, 4gb rom support 3g/2g, wifi, gps, etc.
    kernel 3.4.5
    LCD driver 1C: 1-ili9806 cfc

  148. I have bought ZTE Nubia ZS5 and facing issues which are as under:
    1. Google play store is not available in this mobile i.e NUBIA Z5S
    2.It doesnt allow any google product like google +,google drive,google voice etc….

    I have downloaded Google Play on my mobile but it doesn’t open and gives error whenever trying to open.

    Let me know how can i access Google Play Services without any problem in my ZTE Nubia ZS5 and provide a concrete solution for the same so that everyone can be benefited in future.



    Vivek Sharma

  149. Hello Vincent this is kelvin.
    I just wanted to ask which one would choose between gta7100 or htc wildfire s.
    I want it because i could use it for testing technical stuff out like rooting on it instead of using my phone (samsung galaxy s4) because i don’t want to brick it.
    Please tell me which one to choose.

    1. Hello savvas,

      could you specify what feature you want in a phone, for example, display size, octa core or quad core device, if you like galaxy note 3 clones, so i can narrow it down

      Best Regards,

      1. Hello Vince thank you for the reply i’am a huge fan you are great.I want an octa core phone at 150 euros.Display size is not really a problem,but i want it 5.5 inches the most,also i want a pretty good camera and great internet perfomance around the price above…which would you prefer from the above?do you have any suggestions?

          1. Hello Savvas,

            unfortunately, the camera is not a true 13 megapixel shooter, the kingzone K1 has a real 13 megapixel camera, most HDC phones have interpolated pixels.

            Best Regards,

        1. Hello Savvas989,

          in terms of camera: both have similar hardware, that is, pixels are mostly interpolated, so it is not real 13 megapixel but just 8 megapixel, pictures are decent but not top notch, the iNew V3 mini is actually much better in terms of image quality and camera performance.

          Internet: both phones, offer the same internet connectivity options, similar hardware and performance, actually Star and HDC make almost similar phones, rebranding is quite common especially with china phones. For example, for example, HDC Galaxy Note 3 or the Star Note 3, are quite the same or similar.

          Best Regards,

          1. vince i checked the Newman K18 Review…which would you prefer..Newman K18 or the Mlais Note Pro?

          2. Hello Savvas,

            the Newman K18 has basically the same hardware as with the Newman K2s, although it has a much smaller battery.
            The Mlais has a slightly better camera (BSI), a much bigger battery, thinner, although it only has a 720p Display instead of 1080p you can find on the Newman K18, support for Fingerprint sensor and heart rate sensor support, NFC Support. The Newman does edge on its 1080p display, other than that, its the Mlais wins hands down.

            Best Regards,

  150. Please help me Vincent. I wrote you before and trying to fix some problems in s4 but I can´t. I downloaded different test app and they gave me different information. I need a room to fix wifi signal, gps, air gesture and update android version. Right now I have instaled android 4.2.2.
    CPU Z: arm cortex a7, quad core, mt 6589
    Antutu: arm cortex a7, 4+4, mt6572
    CPU identifier: arm cortex a7, dual core, mt6572, hdc i9500 (galaxy s4 layout)
    mobileuncle tools: armv7 rev3(v7l), 1 processor, mt6572
    Z devicetest: armv7 rev3(v7l), quad core, mt6572
    I´m looking for rom but with this information I don´t know what I have to do. Please help me.

  151. Hi,

    Like many people I am always looking for a better android phone. I am using Feiteng N9300+ at the moment. Reason being the awesome sound quality through (any) earphones and stock android music player. I own the zopo 980+ and the quality is still not as good as my N9300+. The Mpai S720 that I have sounds so bad with no surround effect and bass. I have tried diff music players but still no use. Can you recommend an octa core with a good camera and good music quality through earphones? My budget is about 260 USD.

      1. Thanks Vince,

        Have you tried listening to music on the Coolpad F1using earphones? Will 3G work where I stay in Republic of Georgia? Here we have the 2100 on WCDMA for 3G. Thanks for your time! Best regards.

  152. Hi I am looking at purchasing an Ulefone U7 Phablet, but I am hearing there are issues with the Phaplet such as noise, GPS, and lighting of buttons. Should I delay getting one for now or do you suggest a better option for the price. Looking at 7″ or minimum 6″ 1920*1080 screen and Octacore processor.

  153. My partner has just purchased the Star N9000 HD Note 3 Android Smartphone on Amazon, which was distributed by DRACOTEC. It arrived today and so far he has waited over an hour for it to download Facebook. It still hasn’t!! is there something we should know about this phone?? The discription was of an all singing, all dancing phone, similar to the Galaxy Note 3.


  154. Hello, pls can you tell me how to know what clone of s4 i have and have it update? I have some bugs with clock (other apps that use this get eror) and with s flip cover (when somebody call me i dont see buttons to answer on it(only see who call me), only after i open s slip cover i can answer on call). Oh, maybe you know how translate some lines? On blocking screen (another lang, not eng) i have eng text and want to trans on my.
    Regards Jo Makein

    1. Hello Jon,

      ill compile a list of new clone s4 roms soon and post on the site. although i have older roms from hdc galaxy s4 legend (single sim) and legend 2 (dual sim). you can check that on my roms page and see if it works with your phone.

      Best Regards,

  155. Hi Vincent,
    first your site is really great. Thank you it helped me alot. Next month I will visit a friend in Hong Kong and I thought I could buy a tablet and a mobilephone at the same time^^.

    Now I am at loss… first I was fixed on Onda v975m but suddenly there are 3 version of it with bluetooth, without and with wifi. All added one after another. Then with the new version of Antutu the score of the Onda fell to 20k because Antutu didn’t activate the overclock programm of the CPU anymore…. After that i searched for an alternative tablet and I found a few.Ramos i9 resoultion is to low…. Aiol BW1 looks great but its to small, but I really like the design. The same is with the Pipo Ultra U8T.
    I search for a tablet with a resolution of 1920x…, quadcore, 9-10 inch. , retina display and a decent design. Of course the battery should hold out too.
    Can you suggest a good tablet? Is the v975m really that bad? Whats with the new v975i. despite the aggresive presentation onda didn’t published any benchmarks or something else even though preorder is already avaible…are they afraid?

    For the phone….to tell you the truth i dont have a plan over chinaphones. I would like to have something with a nice design (because I will have it at least one year, so it shouldnt be ugly) and most important it shouldnt lagg, ah and if possible 4g/LTE would be nice but not a “must have”. A fluent play of hard- and software should be a given. Maybe something like the Xiaomi Mi3 or the Huawei Ascend P6.

    Best regards and Thank you

    Thien An

    1. Hello Thien,

      Tablets: with regards to tablets: Ainol, Onda, Allfine, Pipo are good brands.
      Onda v975m
      Allfine Fine9 Glory (4G internet)
      Pipo M9Pro
      Pipo M8HD

      Phone: If possible you could choose between the Xiaomi Mi3, Vivo Xplay 3s (2K QHD Snapdragon 800), Gionee Elife E7 (if money is not an issue)

      Best Regards,

    1. Hello Adrian,

      you can contact or email them at, they will usually let you return the phone, and they will replace the phone’s broken LCD. Usually LCD Replacement depending on the model cost about 60 to 80 dollars each. I’ve also experienced broken LCD on my phone before, when i accidentally dropped it.

      Best Regards,

  156. Hello, I did buy the IUNI U2 at the Aliexpress web site, the phone is very nice, but i just have the chinese language in it, is it possible to download somewhere the sofware Multilingual or in English. I hope you can help me.
    Thanks. Majid

    1. Hello Majid,

      wow thats a great phone, may i ask, only china language on the setting? it doesnt have multilingual option? because what ive heard is that, usually android 4.2 jellybean equipped smartphones have multilingual support. In rare instance, some have both english and chinese options.

      Best Regards,

      1. Hi Vince, Thank you very much for your answer.
        i couldn’t find out if there is English in it or not, everything is in Chinese.


      2. Hello Vince, thanks for your quick answer, yes a great phone, and i cannot confirm that at least the English language is in it or not, everything is in Chinese and as i can’t understand it !!! I did open a dispute at Aliexpress, i just hope that the reseller will be able to help.

  157. Hi Vincent,
    I have IMO Discovery II phone from Indonesia and i don’t know re branded from,because i’d like to root my phone,, thank you.
    Best regards.
    Budi Satriyadi

  158. Hi Vincent, after 4 weeks trying to unbrick the movile finally I did. But now I have a problem, baseband. The rom doesn´t has baseband. Do you know how I can install it? Thanks in advance

  159. Hi vince..
    Have you ever found a problem of no charging and not connecting to PC on mtk 6589 based phone.?

    I got those problem few days ago.
    I have lenovo s820 an mtk 6589 quadcore based phone.

    Previously i use VIBE UI rom, than i’m thinking of changing my rom. So i downloaded the last released MIUI for my phone model. I flashed it through TWRP and done.. rom changed to MIUI but i can no longer connect my phone to pc nor charging via cable.
    So i got to use portable external charger now. Got to take the battery off then charge it outside since i cant charge via cable.

    But fortunately i still can flash the phone. From off condition, if i hold down power & vol+ together and put it on cable to PC, its detected.. that’s why i still able to flash with flash tool.

    I thought flashing the stock rom will fix the not charging problem but it didn’t.
    I have been flashed with stock rom and yes its successfully flashed the stock rom. But yet still no luck.. still not charging till now.
    I also had try to format and then download the stock rom using flash tool.. but still no luck.

    I read somewhere else, that there were also same case with samsung s2 not charging after flashing latest release of MIUI, he was flashed another custom kernel to fix the problem.

    What do you think..? I thought the kernel should have been replaced through flashing the whole stock rom wasn’t it?

    Or could it be there is still unchanged file even after flashed…
    What do you think?


  160. Hello Vince,

    I recently discovered the option of buying smartphones from the chinese market. Therefore, I have found the ZOPO ZP998 which in my opinion looks great and sounds great. But, after looking on your website I discovered a few more great smartphones and I was hopping you could help me take a decision.

    The smartphones are: ZOPO ZP998, iOcean X8, POMP CAIDAO C6S.

    Which one is the best, which one do you prefer, and if there are better choices in the same price range please let me know.

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Christian,

      ZOPO, iOcean and POMP are good brands and from your choices they are reboots of last years quad core counterparts. They have almost similar hardware, so there is negligible difference in terms of performance.
      The ZOPO ZP998 and POMP C6s are overhauls- so that means only the processor is changed
      The iOcean X8 however has a better or much solid build with dual layered front and back gorilla glass protection, hardened display, so its more durable than the other two choices,

      Drawbacks: no Micro SD support for iOcean X8 and built in battery
      the Zopo ZP998 has the smallest battery capacity among the three
      POMP C6s – no Gorilla Glass display protection

      Also: you need to know that all the phones you mentioned have no 4G or LTE Support

      Best Regards,

          1. Well, a while ago I asked you about 3 chinese smartphones: ZOPO ZP998, iOcean X8, POMP CAIDAO C6S. Which one would you prefer and why? And now I replied to your answer.

            So, my questions are:
            – is the iOcean x8 dual active, or dual standy, because on the iOcean website it says it is dual standby
            – is the kingzone k1 dual active, because on other selling websites it says it is dual standby

            Do you find the kingzone k1 better than ZOPO ZP998, iOcean X8, POMP CAIDAO C6S? It has a great construction, full metal frame, a real 14 MP camera, it supports flash card, removable battery, it seems to have everything ( I am not interested in 4G ).

            And how about the brand, in case of bugs do they release updates fast enough? ( their website is not much at all, I can’t even see the product spec on their own website ).

            Thank you!

          2. Hello Christian,

            All of the devices used the same processor, so i will not comment when it comes to performance because most of them perform about on par or negligible difference
            Most, if not all Dual Sim Smartphones support Dual Standby and Dual Active modes. This means that when both sims are used, you can receive calls and texts from both carriers, but only one at a time, meaning one party conversation.
            But in terms of Data connection, one sim supports 2G connection and another for both HSDPA and 2G connection active. So if you want to use your phone for 3G internet, you need to select which sim to have the 3G connection. In addition, other dual sim phones have GSM/WCDMA for sim 1 and also GSM/WCDMA for sim 2, but you can’t use 3G on both of them, only on a specified sim.

            I hope this is understandable, hehe sorry for the long explanation.

            Zopo Zp998 and Pomo Caidao C6s are reboots of last years Quad core edition, both have almost the same features, but in terms of build quality, mostly plastic. Only the processor is changed with this reboot, lets proceed to the new flagship models.
            The new Kingzone K1 Turbo and Iocean X8 – the same processor, the same camera, almost same features, magnesium alloy construction
            Differences: the iOcean X8 – dual layered Gorilla Glass protection (front and back), built in batter, a bit more pricier, slightly larger display,
            Kingzone, still has Gorilla Glass protection 3 on the screen only, battery is removable which is good if you want to buy an extra battery (heavy user), although a bit smaller than the iOcean X8
            common: both have the same magnesium alloy construction, overall good build quality for both phones
            just choose the price that fits your budget

            Best Regards,

    1. Hello Christian,

      Differences between the KingZone K1 Pro and Kingzone K1 Turbo.
      the Kingzone K1 Pro only has a 720p Display, meanwhile the K1 Turbo offers the premium 1080p or FHD Display. Furthermore, the K1 Pro is only equipped with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM.
      Basically K1 Pro is the cheaper version but is a bit tone down in terms of features.
      Other than that, both devices offer similar features.

      Best Regards,

  161. Are you sure the iOcean x8 has the same camera with kinzone k1? kinzone k1, from what I know (most of them I know from your website), has a Sony real 14 MP camera, and I don’t think iOcean x8 has the same. Other than that, they have different aperture size.

    The difference regarding the cost is not that important, since it is very small.

    And as a second question, which one do you prefer? you are very neutral regarding your comments, but to know what product you would buy, it will help me very much to decide.

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Christian,

      in terms of preference, then the iOcean X8 would be my pick, although the Kingzone T1 Turbo is also appealing, i based my pick on experience, i have always been a fan of iocean and haven’t had any bad experience using their phones. Speaking from experience, the Elite (Quad Core series turbo and FHD, 13 megapixel camera with BSI sensor and 1080p recording), overall experience is very satisfying. Kingzone however is a new comer and i comment much on their phones. And because i haven’t had much experience of the brand i cannot be biased in terms of choosing one over the other. Both phones however, offer better construction than other phones in the market.

      From Zopo, Coolpad, THL, iOcean, with 13, 14 megapixel cameras, BSI camera 1080p recording, night performance, aperture 2.0/2.2 – so far camera performance is excellent. So, you don’t have to worry about camera performance since most flagships offer better than expected.

      Best Regards,

  162. HI

    I have a spreadtrum clone phone, i rooted it and install a few apk, and then install HOLO laucher.. and then i did the mistake, with Ti Backup i uninstall the stock laucher…
    when i switch off and on, i am now stuck on the samsung logo page…

    my phone fake spec is android 4.1.9 Samsung GI 9300 Kernel I 9300XXKL3

    I still have the stock recovery, and i tried flashing a zip rom 6820.2.3.5-C915 from needrom web site but its was unsucceful … signature verification error….
    when connedted to Pc .. the pc cant detect it now as the debug usb is off…. so the only way for me is to write something on thesd card and try falshing it with the stock receovery.
    also at time i copy a file on the sd card but the phone cant see it when its on recovery.
    please help me


  163. Hello Vincent,

    Yesterday I placed an order at FTC for the “HDC Galaxy Note 3 Mini” phone:

    (I know, it is not high resolution screen. I did not want to spend a lot of money right now on a phone because I keep expecting that the “4G / LTE” phones will show up soon, and then it will be time to buy another one… On the other hand, FTC told me in January they thought 4G/LTE phones would arrive by early 2014…)

    Anyway, this HDC Galaxy phone says it has Android 4.3.1. I saw that some of the HDC phones that FTC are selling, have Android 4.4.2.

    I won’t have the phone for a couple weeks, but I was wondering if you have a ROM that can update it to Android 4.4.2 or could tell me where to get one?



  164. Hi
    I want to buy a new chinese smartphone at 150$ range please suggest me and please suggest me a known brand in china

  165. hi.. i need firmware ResearchDownload pac file

    samsung galaxy s4 clone as PAC
    model number : GT-I9500
    android: 4.2.2 (single simcard version)

  166. I have a Galaxy S5 1:1 clone model number SM-N900 MTK6592 Octacore. I do not have 4G LTE option under network preferences. I’ve seen fixes for S4 i9505. Is there a fix for my phone? It is running version 4.4.2.

    1. Hello Mike,

      Could you clarify by dont have 4G or LTE option, i think the clone does not support 4G connection. It is limited to 3G

      Best Regards,

  167. Hello! I have a question, I have a s5 SM-G900 with the following error “No SIM card detected”. Ya and tested many cards and not working any.
    When I asked I came so that I can do?

    1. Hello Gerard,

      could you please write here the specs of your phone, ill try to find the original as well as the latest update for it

      Best Regards,

  168. Hi Vincent!

    I don’t know, but my first question disappeared… so I’m asking it again.
    Hope you can help me. I want to buy a chinese phone, around 200-250$.
    The ideal phone to me has 5 inch screen, but a little more or less, no problem.
    Big battery is a good thing, but if it only has a 2000 mah battery, it’s ok too.
    720p or 1080p, octa or quad, does not matter.
    The most important thing to me, is the camera. Wich chinese phone has the best camera performance (hardware and software) in this price range?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hello Gerard,

      have u tried flashing your phone with another firmware?
      what is the exact model of your phone? is it the S5 SM G900F?

      Best regards,

    2. Hello Gerard,

      Did the problem occur just recently? or did you flash your phone and then had the problem?
      could you clarify? maybe you lost your imei, usually that happens after flashing the phone

      Best Regards,

      1. It was a cell phone from china buy clone s5 and supposedly perfect wine to come, only had a problem, which does not recognize any SIM card.

        No and I tried putting on any ROM or anything.

        that I can do?

        the model is as follows:

        Android version 4.4.2
        model: SM-G900
        Baseband version: N900UBUBMJ2

        Thank you!

      2. Hi Vincent!

        The mobile phone came to me and so, and besides it does not recognize the SIM card.
        I’ve been looking and has no IMEI, has as invalid and efs folder does not.
        What I can do?

        I bought this phone from china and me so I have not been flashed or anything.
        Model: SM-G900S_V06

        Thanks for your answers!

        1. i have the same problem! star note 3 from did work perfectly for 1 month,but afther that i lost my network on both sim and again it comes back,but usually a have no network half of the day or more.this is a good network area where i live on both networks. (o2 and T mobile) i didnt flash the phone everything is on factory settings by today.i never dropped the phone.please help me.
          model number: 2709_v92_zlh_hd
          android 4.2.2
          baseband version : MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V21.P1,2014/01/16 15:51
          kERNEL VERSION : 3.4.39 root@android #1
          built number: 2709_v92_zlh_hd_20140404

  169. Hi,
    bought my star note 3 about 1 month ago,everything was ok! but 4 days ago i lost my network on both sim cards.( phone never droped) it says NO NETWORK REGISTERED! its annoying,because i need the phone you have any solution for this problem????thank you

  170. Hi Vincent,

    Good site!
    Im in the market for an S4 mini clone or similar, what would you recommend?
    Should have dual sim, decent camera and battery life.


  171. Hi,
    Can you recommend me a smartphone that meets the following requirements:
    1) maximum 4.5″ screen (4.3″ would be ideal)
    2) above average battery life (2000+ mah)
    3) Pure performance rather than features
    4) Under 250 EUR / 340 USD
    5) Good software and/or a lot of developers for Custom ROMs

    Currently I cant find anything myself that meets my needs, maybe MI2s, but this phone is already more than a year old…

    1. Hello Tarmo

      unfortunately, the standard size nowadays is between 5.0 to 5.5 inches, the last time i saw a 4.5 inch phone was with the Jiayu G4 but its already dated
      1. For that budget i would get the One Plus One because of the Cyanogen mod OS (community is active)
      2. also the Xiaomi Mi3 is also a very good phone as well

      Best Regards,

  172. Hi there,
    I have a quest,
    My son has got a Hdc G-900F (i think the modell name is written like that)

    He got it at his birthday, and a few days after the phone anounced that a android update was ready for download and install,
    At that time the Phones battery had 60% Power left, so he thought it was ok to start update, but stright after the update began, the battery went flat and the phone crashed.

    We dont get into the recovery menu at the phone, it seems like its destroied, and has been like that since the crash. My husband who has worked With and installed CWD on several Phones, he has one With that himselves, and tried to flash it and put Cwd in it, but we dont get it run again;

    Any one who knows what we can do?

    We live in norway, and bought the phone at the internet

    has thought about contacting the manufacturer but since we tried to install something other than the original android, they may not take it in or?

    Thanks for all help

    (sorry for my bad English, but hope you can understand still)

    best regards Maria

  173. accidentally i have deleted all files application i mean erase the android phone after booting the android phone, i wanted to delete some old application but accidently i press select all during uninstalling the application, after a while when i see the mobile was empty it was displaying only lighting screen, i have tried to reboot nothing is happening, when i turn on mobile it shows only android logo and start up tune after that lighting screen, i don’t know what to do, what should i have to install, kernel? or android ROM? and unfortunately my mobile is clone of samsung gt-i9190 (S4 mini).

  174. Hi,
    I am facing an issue on my HTC One Clone smartphone. After trying to flash it with a wrong ROM wthout correct backup, I’ve lost network, IMEI, Kernel version and my sim card is not anymore recognized. I try factory reset and it’s start in chinese. Any try to enter bootloader (Power + Vol down) returns chinese character
    Need help to reuse the phone.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The phone specs are:

    MT6589 based
    Brand htc_asia_hk
    Model HTC ONE
    RAM 2Go
    ROM 1Go
    CPU Quad core ARMv7 Processor (vfpv4 neon) / Architecture ARM CORTEX-A7
    DISPLAY 1080*1920 / adreno 320
    Android 4.2.1
    GPU OPEN GL ES 2.0 BUILD 1.9@2204701
    Version noyau 3.4.5
    ser4@ser4-System-Product-Name # 1
    Numero build
    Product htt89_we_jb2
    Manufacturer Alps

  175. Hi,may i contact u via email?Cuz i prt sc my phones details as image file.Hope to get reply from u asap!thanks.

  176. hie administrator i own a gtel a706 infinity (mtk 6577 ) device and i wanted to change the font style on it so i saw a turtorial on how i can be able to replace the system fonts found inside the system/fonts folder viewable through root explorer , as i rebooted my phone it bootlooped never to complete restarting always stuck at the boot logo . i tried to use a backup rom i had created earlier but to no success for the moment i click the scatter file for the rom an error came up and SP tool closes. because of the frustration and little knowledge of using SP tool i click the format function in SP tool and formated my phone and now it wont even powerup . all the drivers (preloader drivers usb mediatek vcom port drivers) are already installed and the phone is recognised by the pc but i downloaded many rom and when i try extracting them only boot.img file is the only file i can recognise cannot see the scatter file or other img files like preloader,uboot,android,logo or the recovery file SO PLEASE HELP ME AM STUCK AND IF POSSIBLE U CAN HELP E WITH A BACKUP ROM WITH NECCESSARY FILES TO FLASH AND SCATTER FILE FOR MTK6577 INCLUDED , AND HOW TO LOAD THOSE FILES WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED …. YOU ARE MY LAST HOPE

  177. Hi Sir,
    I have inverted touch screen problem after flashing roms. Help me please.

    This is my device:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (clone)

    Hardware: MT6572 (qualcomm is fake)
    Model number: SM-1327
    Android version: 4.3
    Baseband version: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V1.P4,2013/09/27 05:05
    Kernel Version: 3.4.5 1327 V37 Thu Dec 5 19:22:12 KST 2013
    Build number: JDQ39.1327XXUAMF5 (ALPS.JB3.MP.V1)
    Custom build version: 1386242578
    software version: JDQ39.SM-1327CUAMDG
    Hardware version: Qualcomm MSM
    8974(flattened device tree)

    Any possible solutions to fix it? Thank You.

  178. Hi there, nice website!

    I come back every now and then to look for new reviews of china phones.
    Do you own all these phones yourself?
    Are you living in China yourself?
    Do you look forward to the Xiaomi Mi4, and do you look forward to anything else?

    I am living in europe, looking for a cheap phone with nice specs. The OnePlus One is the one I am looking at, but I am kinda waiting to see what Xiaomi Mi4 brings, and what price it’s going to be sold at in Europe (if it is)

    Best Regards

    1. Hello Frederik,

      i would wait for the Xiaomi Mi4, it an upgrade version of the Mi3 but has better design and build quality.
      The phone will be released between august and September 2014, but China will have the first glympse of it. Depending on the reseller, the Mi4 would probably be priced between 350 to 450 dollars. Which is more or less the same price the Mi3 was when it was released.
      What you need to know of the Mi4:
      Upgraded processor, speed bump
      just like the Mi3, there is no Micro SD Support
      4G is optional and might not be available upon release
      Build (metal frame instead of plastic)

      Best Regards,

  179. hello I have bought 2 KinHoye china phones S5 MTK6589 quad core 1gb ram and 4gb rom android 4.0.3 but when I got them wifi and bluetooth would not go on on both phones, whta to do?

  180. Hardware : UNIVERSAL5420(exynos5)
    Model : SM-G900
    Build number : KOT49H.G900SKSU1ANCE
    Build date UTC : 20140509-100400
    Android v : 4.4.2
    Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V15, 2014/02/18 02:04
    Kernel v : 3.4.5 (zhanghongqiang@yaocong-desktop) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP Fri May 9 18:01:40 CST 2014
    Uboot build v : —–
    LCD Driver IC : 1-otm1283a_hd720_dsi

    Any rom suitable for this device?
    I got mobile network connection,screen calibration problem and battery drained fast issue.Please help,thanks vincent!

  181. Hello Vincent,

    I”ve found your website through Google as I’m searching for a new phone with great perfomances for a quite simple use ( phone, web, mails, text messages) and also a good GPS feature ! my current SOny Xperia E is way too slow and I can’t stand using it sometimles ! My budget is around 200 USD, which would you recommend ?

    THank you for your advice !

  182. Hi,

    The THL 5000 would interrest me.
    I like its dual SIM support, its huge battery and the hardware inside would be enough for me.
    I read that the GPS is not so good (hard to get a lock).
    Do you have any feedback on this phone?

    I currently live in Germany, which website and which shipper is the best and safer?

    Thank you

    1. Hello Simon,

      yep, ive also heard that the GPS is not working as it should, this is a common problem especially for mediaTek powered devices, so this issue isn’t new. You can use any any of the resellers available but to be safe, use safer means of payment such as Paypal, so that you can avail of refund, if any problems arise.

      Best Regards,

      1. Hi Vincent!

        Thank you for the answer (and sorry for the double post).

        Do you know any other phones with the same spec (dual Sim, 5inch screen, big battery, hardware perf) and the same budget?
        I will use quite often the GPS so that could be a problem if it doesn’t work properly. Or do you know a fix for the GPS problem on the THL 5000?

        Have a great day

        1. Hello Simon,

          if you want reliable GPS, i think you should get a phone powered by either a qualcomm or snapdragon processor or Intel atom processor. GPS is not one of mediatek’s strongest suit. In terms of budget, the Asus Zenfone offer better GPS performance because of GLONASS Support. Xiaomi Mi3 or other Snapdragon processor (current), have no issues with regards to GPS locking.

          Best Regards,

  183. Great, thanks for your advice Vince, As I prefer having a small phone that could fit into a bag I’ll have a look at the Zenfon then !

    Many thanks for your time !


  184. Hi Vince
    First I want to let you know how much I enjoy your site I have been looking at the King zone K1  Turbo
    To replace my Samsung S3  I 9300 , I run a custom ROM with note 3 stuff on it.
    and I need to replace it, the screen is out for the third time .
    The reason I hesitate is that there is so little info on it and from what I find what you get is it, like it or not.
    No custom ROM’s,  and very little accessories for it and there is a lot of conflicting info floating around on it, like SD cards that work in it. 32, 64, 128 GB?  And what about the charging flip case? 
    I would like a Samsung note 3 and or something with a smaller screen
    Tough and water resistant  using a 64gb SD card I use it on consumer cellular (like ATT system) and all I get is confused when I start looking.

    A used Samsung note 3 in the USA is $400 to $500 or more that’s USED

    Way out of my price range I am retired on a very limited income
    My S3 came from China new in the box and they even warranted the screen when I dropped it. You won’t get that in the US.
    and I have made other purchases as well and always received it in good shape what I ordered.
    So what you got that is like the note 3?  Or should I stick with Samsung and go used?  I could get just as stung with someone else’s problems.
    I know I am asking a lot, and it is all so confusing to me.

    But I am using my old flip phone now and I really miss the note tools and a lot more as well,  its weird, we don’t realize how dependent we are on the smart phones until we don’t have it any more.

    I guess I just am looking for some direction on what to get since you have hands on experience with them all.

    Thank you for your time Rick

    1. Let me just paraphrase your message:
      1. You are really interested on the Kingzone K1 as replacement for your old S3 phone
      2. You want a touch (gorilla glass preferably) screen and Water resistant (IP67) just like the S5
      3. Given that you like Note 3 phones, I would assume that you are fond of 5.5 and above phone sizes.
      4. You want it to work with ATT (may I ask 3G or 4G?) because except for the OnePlusOne, most chinaphones still don’t support 4G natively
      5. May I know what is your budget?
      If you are not familiar with upgrading operating system and deducing problems, may I suggest phones such as Xiaomi Mi3 or the One Plus One. I think there within the price range you mentioned. Well supported including wireless upgrade from the manufacturer as well as no problems with customize roms especially for the One Plus One.

      Best Regards,

  185. Hi Vince
    Bless you for getting back with me, I am always a little surprised when anyone even responds to a question on the net. Sorry I sounded so confused, but I am. I had a stroke some years back and have no short term memory that is why I like the note stuff so I can just jot things down on my Phone. We use some 4G but for now it is mostly 3G and who knows about the future but it only matters in on line stuff any way.
    The 5” phone is as big as I want or smaller 4.7 is even better, some where I saw a note clone that though it is small it was EZ to read it was one of the mini note clones. I have about $200-300 to us on a PH if I need to, if I cannot put it in a protective case, tough and water proof is needed. I would like to just keep it in my pocket, on your side or in your hand is just a disaster looking to happen, lost or wiped out by a door way.
    The Xiaomi Mi3 was my 2nd choice in a phone. As for the K1 is it a 32 or a 64 SD card Slot? It is a lot of Phone for a reasonable price tag , but as I said I am a little gun shy with no custom rom’s out there it is so new on the market. I really need the note functions. The OnePlusOne is a great size phone and XDA has rom’s for it if need be. When you say (upgrade from the manufacturer) do you mean flashing the phones –OS? If not then no I don’t know what you mean. The dual sims are a real plus to me, I was under Verizon’s thumb for years. When I got my S3 I wanted international and unlocked so I was not stuck with all the bloat ware and can use the Rom of my choosing. It sounds like the K1 is as I thought, too risky, as far as support and software, if I interpret you right.
    It is tough to find any phone that won’t fail you when you really need it, I.E. a Map, text, and even calls at times. I voice type as much as I can, and have my wife spell check everything, so I need the working tools to do this stuff. I don’t mean to write such long emails but it is tuff to get my thoughts out.
    I have no social media stuff, I can never get it to work right, just like all the password stuff, it will make you lose your mind, and at my age I haven’t got much mind to loose.
    Thank you so much for your time—Rick

    1. Hello Rick,

      5.0 inch display’s have become the standard, in fact it is difficult to find smaller phones nowadays. The last phone was the 4.5 inch Jiayu G4, G3 smartphones but it was a year ago.
      The Kingzone K1 indeed is very tempting, unforuntately, in terms of update and future support, its not that comprehensive compared to other well known brands such as Oppo, Lenovo, Gionee.
      It is important to know that the Xiaomi Mi3 as well as Mi4 doesnt support Micro SD Support.
      One Plus One, is indeed great, low price and superb features make it a winner.
      Except for the One Plus One, 4G or LTE Support is still not yet adapted by other manufacturers.
      Mediatek MT6592, MT6582 etc… have been plague with unreliable GPS performance, so go for qualcomm if you really need it.
      There are also other budget smartphones powered by Qualcomm Processors, ill be making a budget compilation soon.

      Best Regards,

  186. My n7102 mtk6577 samsung note2 clone I want its firmware and scatter file because its ddead.I flash wrong rom mtk6575 after that its dead……..pls help me sir

  187. Model mtk6577 note2 samsung clone.I flash wrong file mtk6575 after that device dead…….pls help sirji.

  188. hi,hope you can help,
    Phone mtk6592 s5 – on the back is written SM-g9008. I flashed gf900 rom and i get no signal when i turn on the phone. Imei is ok, i even changed it (with mobileuncel , sn writer, droidtools) but still the same problem. I dont have backup rom. Any ideas will be welcome

  189. I bought a clone S5 on a page and I can not start the phone. I’ve tried 3 button mode and the phone does not respond… Not even lights up. I’ve watched with Flashtools problem and it gives me an error:


    Can u help me?.

    I have bought the phone in this web page:

    MTK 6582 QuadCore 1.5 Ghz and 2Gb ram.

    Thank you.

  190. I have a Mijue M680 that has not worked since taking it out of the box. I used a rom from needrom that was readback from his phone. The phone worked, but was unable to do anything or the phone crashes and requires reflashing the custom root rom from needrom to work again. I have been looking for rom to match this phone, but can’t find any … what roms or upgrade are available to stop the madness this phone is causing?

  191. Hi sir vincent,
    i bought samsung s5 clone from china i used to change the lock screen into fingerprints and it happened but when i turn it back to slide lockscreen it ask me for an alternative password i really dont know what it is because it never asked me that when i used to change my lockscreen into fingerprints.
    help me what should i do.
    thanks for the reply.

    1. Correction to my first question
      I didn’t buy it from china what i mean is i bought a samsung s5 clone that was made in china.

  192. Hi there what do you think the price for HDC Galaxy Note Edge and Star Z3 – Powerful Clones will be??

    And when do we see cheaper MTK6595 phones?

  193. Please help me
    My phone is brick
    where i can get this model firmware update……

    Product Type: TW198C Time to market: May 2014
    Designs: Straight Available colors: Black White
    Size: 153.2 * 79.4 * 8.7mm Key: Touch sensors
    WIFI: Stand by GPS: Stand by
    Baseband chip: Qualcomm 8625Q Frequency: 1.2GHZ single core
    RAM: 1G ROM: 4G
    Operating System: Android4.2 Screen size: 5.5 inches
    Resolution: 960 * 540 Network: Telecommunications 2G (CDMA),
    Webcam: After former 300,000 5,000,000 Headphone jack: 3.5 standard interface
    FM: Stand by Bluetooth: Stand by
    USB: Mirco 5pin Battery capacity: 2200mAl

  194. Hi Vincent.
    I have a ZOPO ZP700.
    The problem that it has is loosing conect with gsm network.3g never worked.
    I have flased all roms avaliable for this phone.
    I would like to ask you witch other phones are similar to ZP700 so i could test
    an other rom.
    Thank you.


    please please please : i’m looking for an android lowcost smartphone just for listen mp3:
    _ a high capacity of batterie
    _ 32GO/64GO or an external sd
    _ a little smartphone ( for sport) 4 pouces
    _ low price

    there is a smartphone who exist ?

  196. Hi Vincent.
    I read that the Luftco A OneX runs on WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100MHz which should be covered on AT&T & T-Mobile yet I can’t find it anywhere else on the net. Can you confirm these frequencies for me?

  197. Hey Mr Vincent, I bought a s5 sm-g900 from aliexpress. I am looking to change the boot logo back to the “original” Logo. Can you direct me to a guide or video on how to do this. Can you also include the firmware?

  198. Hi Vincent,
    Could you pls help me? I ‘ve just bought S5 Legend, V3 (improved version). I didn’t order root service and google play was not working, so I performed reset to factory settings. Everything was fine, but I found that I was not able to make a call, also nobody could reach me. Strange thing is that SIM is registered,I can see signal strenght, mobile internet is working, just voice call no. Is this phone without root blocked somehow?

  199. Hello Vincent,

    Why did you delete my question? If you don’t know where could be the problem , just let me know. Nobody knows everything. I’ve tried to re-flash my S5 Legend with latest image found on, but my issue still persists. I can’t make any calls and send sms. Mobile internet from the same SIM is working. What do you think, is it SW or HW issue?

    Thanks for answer.

    1. Hello Stefan,

      i don’t think its a HW issue, since you mentioned that it can still receive signal and mobile internet. May i asked the rom that you currently flashed on your phone?

    2. Hello Stefan,

      your problem is a common issue especially with new roms as well as after factory reset. I think you just need to rewrite your new IMEI.

      Best Regards,

  200. Could you please advise how to change IMEI, which IMEI i have to enter, this under battery? I found on fastcardtech info how to change IMEI, *#3646633# to rewrite imei number. but I can’t find.

      1. Hi Vince,

        I’m fighting with contact photos, I can see photos at contact app, but when dialing or in SMS, these photos are not shown, only default android face. I tried to create new contact in the phone, not from my google account, but the same result. I tried to synchronize accounts with facebook, but again no photos during dialing or in SMS.
        This was normally working on my old phone, HDC S3 ex. Is there again some ROM issue?
        Thanks in advance.

  201. SM-G900F MT6572 MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V1.P3 The INSERTION model SM-G900F MTK6572 version 4.2.2 NUMBER of ASSEMBLAGE KOT49H.G900FZHU1ANC9 the VERSION of the KERNEL 3.4.0-965217 dpi@SWDD3923#1Sun Mar9 an insertion modules of communication G900FXXU1ANC9 is necessary

  202. Hello, I’d like to know if there’s a phone with these characteristics:
    – Display: more than 6 inches
    – Octacore
    – Powerful battery life and camera

    Thank you so much!

  203. Hello!

    I am planning to buy a Chinese smartphone for a maximum price of 150 USD (120 EUR).
    My conditions are:
    – Android 4.4 KitKat
    – QUALITY camera
    – Google Play Store support

    Could you suggest me, which phone should I choose? I was looking for Doogee DG800 Valencia. Which one would you recommend?
    Thank you!


  204. Hi vincent, u r incredible.
    I have bassoon P1000 Alps Mtk6572 . While try to login Google a/c ,unfortunately system has stopped ‘ msg appears. If tap on ‘phone’, msg sorry contacts stopped, if tap on ‘contacts’ screen back redraw and nothing happens . I installed a dialer app which allowed me to make call. But Google contacts were not available.. what is reason. More its memory is too low to install apps. Any solution?


  205. Hi Vincent!
    I bought a Galaxy Note 3 Clone and I’d like to update the rom cause GPS is not working and I’d like some improvements on the battery, android version if possible (4.2.2) and gral stuff. I installed the application Phone Info and here’s what it says:
    Hardware: MT6589 (in MKTools says MT6582).
    Model: N9002
    Internal Storage: 16GB
    RAM: 2GB
    Manufacturer/Brand: ALPS
    Product: hedy82_wet_v116_jb5
    CPU ABI: armeabi-v7a

    Hope you can help me, love your site!
    thanks a lot

  206. Hello Vincent, I must say you are doing a fantastic job with this website. I pray and hope you go a long way with this.
    So, I have some questions regarding smartphones that use MT6582 chipset. Please find them below:
    1. Is the MT6582 running the WLAN MAC inside the Connectivity System?
    2. Does the MT6582 have a wifi firmware that is loaded before wifi is activated?
    3. How big is the memory for the WLAN inside the Connectivity System on MT6582?
    4. How many TSF timers does the WLAN have?
    5. Can we set the WLAN in monitor mode?
    6. What is the maximum number of connected stations does the WLAN support ??

    Please really looking forwad to your reply. Thank You.

  207. I bought a Xiaomi Redmi Note 1TD fake. But when I bought it I didn’t know it’s fake. Tried updating the ROM and the phone got bricked. Can you please help get a ROM for the HM NOTE 1TD. Android version: 4.2.2 JDQ39. It’s got 1GB of RAM. MIUI VERSION is MIUI-JHECNBA12.0. I’d really appreciate your help

  208. Hello Vincent..I need your help asap before I die of hypertension. I jxt got a recent bassoon p2000 and I mistakenly deleted the call icon from mobile uncle tool and d network stopped functioning..I tried hard reset and smhw I deleted it as I was new to android..and new no more hard reset option.. While browsing on Google for help and trying different methods. I bricked the it comes on with only blue screen..kindly help Vince

  209. hello, i was wondering if you could share you opionion about whats the best cheap phone i can get, infocus m512, kolina k100+, or zorro 001?
    4g doesnt matter to me a lot, prefer a stable phone

  210. Hi Vincent,
    please help me with my phone
    model : SM G900
    build number : KOT49H.G900DKEU1ANCC
    build number UTC : 20141011-063115
    LCD driver IC : 0-hct_ili9806c_dsi_vdo_fwvga_boe
    it’s bricked for more than a week, its galaxy s5 clone, please, i need appropriate firmware for my phone, thanks

  211. Hi Vincent! I have the HDC Galaxy S5 G9000 with Fastcardtech. I’d like to update my rom version:
    All roms I checked and I know that this rom on you tube missing drivers for my LCD – Lcm: RX_52R_1051A
    , Camera main: ov5647_mipi_raw, sub: gc2235mipi_raw, TouchPanel: ili2113a what I have.
    Vincent gave you the drivers for this rom very nice and I really care about. Thank you and best regards