SonyIMX378 versus SonyIMX230 versus SonyIMX258 – Which is Best Camera Sensor?

Recently i have been raving on the Xiaomi Mi5s with it’s powerful 12 MP SonyIMX378 Camera Sensor. I think it is still one of the best camera sensor currently available, but how does it stack against the other camera lenses?

In this test, I used the three phones on my disposal. The Xiaomi Mi5s with the popular 12 MP SonyIMX378, LeTV Leeco Le 2 Max (21 MP SonyIMX230) and lastly the Midranger Xiaomi Redmi Pro with a Dual Camera Sensor, but on this test, I only used the main 13 MP SonyIMX258. The video below is quite long, so please stick with it. It tests, photo quality from good lighting, low light, and poor lighting performance. This also includes test on Video performance (4K) and 1080p comparison.

So how is the evolution of the Camera Lenses? Is the new SonyIMX379 all it’s hyped to be? Find out below.

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