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Goophone S9

goophone s9 6

The Goophone S9 is a premium smartphone that offers impressive performance, a gorgeous display, Ultra Slim Design and NFC support.

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Star Z2

star z2 4

The Star Z2 budget Octa Core Smartphone, quick with a metal frame and ultra slim body

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THL T11 – a cheaper T100s

The THL T11 is a cheaper and perhaps a better phone than the T100s, you be the judge

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HDC Melody A2800

hdc melody a2800 11

HDC Melody A2800 budget Octa Core smartphone with 2 GB RAM and 720p HD Display

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Kimi 3 – Xiaomi Mi3 Clone?

kimi 3

The Kimi 3, is a budget Quad core Smartphone that aims to look like the Xiaomi Mi3.

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Bird Dragon HD Ultra Slim Aluminum Body

bird dragon hd 3

The Bird Dragon HD is a budget oriented smartphone that excels in build and design

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W-92 Smartphone – Elegant Octa Core

w-92 smartphone

W-92 Smartphone that looks premium but actually is a budget Octa Core phone.

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HDC Galaxys S4 N9592 – S4 clone with mt6592 Octa Core CPU

HDC Galaxys S4 N9592 is a Galaxy S4 clone powered by the new mt6592 Octa Core Processor.

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THL T100s IRON MAN aka Monkey King 2

The THL T100s, IRON MAN or AKA MONKEY KING 2, is the next installment of the of THL’s brand new Octa Core Line up, also features NFC Support.

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Xiaomi Mi3 – best and fastest selling

Xiaomi Mi-3 currently the world’s best and fastest selling Smartphone

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