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Goophone S5 – Another Budget S5 Clone?

goophone s5

Goophone S5 is a budget Galaxy S5 clone that features mid range specs and aesthetics you would find on the Galaxy S5.

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HDC Galaxy S5 lte – a cheap s5 clone

hdc galaxys s5 lte

The HDC Galaxy S5 lte is a very affordable Quad core powered S5 clone.

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UMI X3 – A worthy successor

umi x3 15

The UMI X3 is a Flagship smartphone and a very good successor to the Umi X2.

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HDC Galaxy Note 3 N900 – Note 3 Again

hdc galaxys note 3 n900 3

Another powerful Note 3 Clone in the mix, its fast, supports Galaxy Gear and affordable

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iHTC One Max – HTC One Clone?

ihtc one max 13

The iHTC One Max “HTC ONE CLONE” is a budget Phablet equipped with a 5.9 inch display and

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IUNI U2 Super phone, Ultra Pixel Camera

iuni u2 17

The IUNI U2 superphone, palm friendly and ultra pixel camera is set to be available soon.

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Kimi 3 – Xiaomi Mi3 Clone?

kimi 3

The Kimi 3, is a budget Quad core Smartphone that aims to look like the Xiaomi Mi3.

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Gionee Elife S5, “World’s Thinnest”

The Superb Gionee Elife S5 is the “World’s Thinnest Smartphone to date”. Along with its premium build quality is a monster processor and gorgeous 1080p Display.

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TeamGee Super8 E1 Review – Just Super

An 8.0 inch Phablet? The TeamGee Super8 E1 features an Octa Core Processor and all the bells and whistle of a smartphone but on a Tablet Size Display. More so, the device is more inclined to be compared with the Galaxy Note 8.0, read more to find out

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Xiaomi M2s

The Xiaomi M2s, a fast, superb Smartphone from one of the most popular company in China. Offers a sleek, easy to use and impressive performance. The M2s is a predecessor of the Mi3 but still holds as one of the fastest and best value Smartphone available.

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