Top Smartphone Picks Today

Here are the top Smartphone Picks today. The lists some of the best deals available.

My Top Picks Today (December 21)

The OnePlus 5T is not just a Flagship Killer but also a 18:9 Screen Flagship. It comes with improved Dual Rear Cameras and more optimize performance courtesy of Oxygen OS.

OnePlus 5T 4G Phablet OnePlus 5T (6+64GB) at $484 Use Coupon Code: BJ5T
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (Flagship)
6.0 inch 18:9 2160 x 1080p Full Optic AMOLED
Dual Cameras Read more

OnePlus 5T 4G Phablet OnePlus 5T (6+128 GB) at $559 Use Coupon Code: hk5toneplus
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (Flagship)
6.0 inch 18:9 2160 x 1080p Full Optic AMOLED
Dual Cameras Read more


The Xiaomi Mi A1 is one of my most recommended Mid-end Smartphone of 2017. Even though it doesn’t offer anything new in terms of design and performance. The Android system offers a fresh look and also a much better experience. The Dual Rear Cameras also offer the same experience and performance on the Xiaomi Mi 6 especially on still photos and great lighting.

XIAOMI Mi A1 4G Phablet Global Version 5.5 inch Android OneXiaomi Mi A1 (4+32gb) at $199 Use Coupon Code: dpxiaomia1
Snapdragon 625 (Android One)
5.5 inch 1080p
Dual Rear Camera  Read Full Review


I still consider the Xiaomi Mi 6 the best value Dual Camera Flagship available. I love it because it is also portable, fast and the camera is simply good. Not to mention, it also comes in a Splash Proof design.

Xiaomi Mi 6 4G Smartphone 5.15 inch MIUI 8Xiaomi Mi 6 (6+64gb) at $385 Use Coupon Code: hsmi6hk
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (Flagship)
5.15 inch 1080p
Dual Cameras Read Full Review


The Huawei Honor 9 is already a dated Flagship, but it is still a great pick especially with the value that it offers. Although not the same quality with the much newer Huawei P10 in terms of camera performance, it is still above average on low light. The System is also optimized and performs comparable to the best Smartphones available today.

Huawei Honor 9 4G Smartphone 5.15 inch Android 7.0Huawei Honor 9 (4+64gb) at $309 Use Coupon Code: hshonor9
Kirin 960 and Mali-G71
5.15 inch 1080p
Dual Cameras Read more


The Huawei P10 is currently one of the best Flagship of 2017. It has the Huawei Superb build quality and Leica Dual Cameras. And speaking of cameras, it still ranks as one of the best. Performance has also improved a lot with better optimizations.

HUAWEI P10 4G Smartphone 5.1 inch Kirin 960 Android 7.0Huawei P10 (4+64gb) at $429 Use Coupon Code: CXLP10
Kirin 960 (EMUI 5.1, Android 7) (Flagship)
5.1 inch 1080p
Leica Dual Cameras (20+20mp f/2.2) Read more


The Huawei P10 Plus is the more advance and thus pricey but it does offer a much higher 2.5K Quad HD Screen and a much wider f/1.8 Aperture, which means, it is better on low light.

HUAWEI P10 Plus 4G Phablet Android 7.0 5.5 inchHuawei P10 Plus (6+64gb) at $509 Use Coupon Code: p10plushw
Kirin 960 (EMUI 5.1, Android 7) Flagship
5.5 inch 2560 x 1440 pixels
Leica Dual Cameras (20+20mp f/1.8) Read more


The ZTE AXON 7 is an old Flagship, but it is still one of the best value available. It offers Dolby Atmos Audio and a whopping 2.5K Screen.

ZTE AXON 7 4G Phablet Android 6.0 5.5 inchZTE AXON 7 (4+64gb) at $219 Use Coupon Code: bestdealus44 (limited to HK, CA, US)
Snapdragon 820

5.5 inch AMOLED 2560 x 1600p Read more


Every knows DJI and personally the DJI Spark Mini is one of the best Mini Drone available. I included this here because the price has gone down a lot. Anyway, you can also check out more RC Deals here

DJI Spark Mini RC Selfie Drone(BNF version) DJI Spark Mini at $414 Use Coupon Code: HKSpark
WiFi FPV, 12 mp 2 axis Gimbal (Smartphone controlled)
16 mins flight time Read more

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