Tutorial: Upgrade HDC S3 EX 1 GB/Star B92M to Jellybean ROOT

GUIDE: How to Update your HDC Galaxy S3 EX 1 GB to Android 4.1.2 Jellybean ROOTED
How to Update your HDC Galaxy S3 EX 1 GB to Android 4.1.2 Jellybean ROOTED

Files needed (Download link provided)

1. Flash Tool v.312

2. MP_mt77_h958_b92x_pulid_ics_hw_20120925-151115_lixiaoli_PC___
– Android 4.0 Stock ROM
– Flash this ROM first (needed)
– original ROM Android 4.0 (ICS)
– Cable Flash Method

3. hdc galaxy s3 ex 4.1.2_2
– Flash this after the first one
– Android 4.1.2 Jellybean

4. HDC S3 EX V2 True tech infoVersion (
– Flash this last, not cable method,
– stored in phone storage and flash through recovery method

Please Refer to the Video Below for more information



NOTE: Do this at your own risk,  I’ve tested this method on my own phone.

Before you start:

– make sure battery has over 60% or capacity left

– USB Cable connection

– remove SD card

– UNZIP all files needed


Step 1: install the 6575/6577 flashing driver from “MT6575-MT6577±Ø±¸Ë¢»úÇý¶¯×Ô¶¯°²×°°æ” or “MTK6577 Driver and install”.


Step 2: unzip the “ÏßË¢¹¤¾ß”(Flash tool) to your desktop.


Step 3: Open the flash tool.exe and scatter loading, choose “original b92m411”- file necessary- MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt.


Step 4: You will notice a number of files below after step 3.

If the uboot file is missing, pls click “uboot” and choose “1k”, then pls replace ebr1, logo, recovery, under folder “B92M412 Recovery+EBR1+AnimationLogo+logo.bin+Root” ebr1/ logo.img/ recovery.img.


Step 5: Take out all your simcards/ sdcard/ battery of your phone and others connected to your pc.


Step 6: Remember to click firmware upgrade first, and then insert your battery and connect the phone to pc via USB (cable flash) and then leave it alone.

  • the phone will recognize driver, if it shows xx, you can click stop and disconnect the phone and reinstall the driver and restart your pc.
  • successful flash, a green ring can be seen


Step 7: Disconnect the phone and start it up, set your language as english, you may see phone storage is broken when you slide down the notification, click and format the storage and connect again.

  • Afterwards, you have access to USB Storage, Please send the “HDC Galaxy S3 EX True Version” (do not unzip) into your phone storage via USB.


Step 8: Disconnect the phone and enter RECOVERY MODE by simultaneously pressing the power button and the volume UP key for 5 secs. The screen turns black, then you’ll have to press the middle or home button to go to recovery mode.

  • NOTE: if this fails, take out the battery and then do the procedure again. (refer to part 2 video)


Step 9: Volume up and down to choose, power key to confirm. Choose update from sdcard and confirm.

  • Go step by step and reboot your system in the end.


STEP 10, PLEASE FOLLOW PART 2 VIDEO ON HOW TO CONFIGURE AFTER “HDC S3 EX V2 True tech infoVersion” is already flashed.

  • NOTE: Please don’t forget to configure AREA and ZONE – settings for faster GPS lock in

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