Xiaomi Mi 6 Review – Best Value Flagship

3 weeks in and the Xiaomi Mi 6 is still my favorite Flagship. It is durable, reliable and offers stellar performance. The Snapdragon 835 underneath is superb and gaming on this Smartphone is simply a breeze. The Dual Rear Cameras also delivers especially on good lighting.

Best Value Flagship

Splash proof design

  • The splash proof design really makes this Flagship an all rounder, I bring it wherever I go, even to the gym. You don’t have to worry about moisture. But it is slippery though, so you need the silicon case for this.

I am liking the new CDLA Audio

  • At first, I was so pessimistic about the lack of 3.5mm Audio Jack. But after having used it as my daily driver for some time, it offers impressive audio quality. The bass and sound is much crispier and I can say even better than other phones that I have tested.

Fast and also very efficient

  • The new Snapdragon 835 chipset is a huge upgrade and is not only faster but also more efficient. It runs cool even on heavy use or gaming. It doesn’t have an overheating issue and you can use your phone heavily for hours without it bogging down.

6 GB RAM is enough

Although memory optimization still is an issue with Miui, the 6 GB RAM is enough for most uses and even on heavy power users. You will barely see any slowdowns even with a lot of apps running in the background.

Camera still needs improvement

  • The Dual Rear Camera is great, but clearly needs a bit more work. The Secondary Telephoto lens in particular is useless on video mode. In terms of quality, it isn’t a huge upgrade over the Xiaomi Mi5s Camera Sensor and quality is best on very good lighting. Low light performance still needs improvement, but still acceptable though.  More so, 4 axis OIS on 4K video makes it a great video handheld camera phone.

Great Connectivity

  • Call Quality and 4G LTE and WiFi performance is great, no issues with connectivity. NFC is also works.

Battery life is superb for a Flagship

  • As I already mentioned above, the Chipset is very efficient now and this is also seen on the much better battery life. You can use this whole day and still get great battery endurance.

The best value Dual Camera Flagship

I still think the Xiaomi Mi 6 is worth the investment. It offers superb performance for the price and the Dual Camera performance, albeit not perfect, competes well with other more expensive flagships in the market.


Xiaomi Mi 6 (4+64gb) at $358 (price until Jan 19)

Xiaomi Mi 6 (6+64gb) retails at $419

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Pros of the Xiaomi Mi 6

  • Blistering Fast Performance, Snapdragon 835 is fast and efficient
  • No Overheating issues even on gaming
  • Splash Proof design (remember, this is not waterproof)
  • Ergonomic design and streamlined (Glass Build or Construction)
  • Runs cool most of the time, even on casual use such Web browsing
  • 6 GB RAM and 64/128 GB UFS 2.0 Storage available
  • Fast UFS 2.0 Storage
  • Great High Quality 1080p Screen
  • Very fast and accurate Front Touch ID
  • Superb Audio (CDLA), Superb sound coming from the headphones (3.5mm to USB Type C Adapter)
  • Dual Loudspeakers (top and bottom), loud enough with good Audio Quality
  • Connectivity is Excellent, very fast WiFi, Stable with Connectivity issues
  • Supports NFC
  • 14 hours Battery life (3350mAh) and supports Quick Charging via USB Type C (90 minutes or less to full charge)


  • Memory Optimization is an issue (Common issue with Miui)
  • No Memory Expansion support
  • Slippery without the Silicon Case (Glass Design)
  • No 3.5mm Audio Jack

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