Xiaomi Mi5s revisited – After 1 month of use

So what do I think of the Xiaomi Mi5s after more than a month of full use? I still think this is one of the best Smartphone of 2016

You can also watch my video below for more information on this

The Good:

  • Premium build quality, I did drop it a couple of times and it still worked fined, no issues with failing hardware and only a few scratches at the aluminum shell is noticeable
  • Powerful Snapdragon 821 Chipset, absolutely no slowdowns even on heavy gaming
  • Best Camera I have tested on a Smartphone especially at this price range
  • High Quality 1080p Display
  • Good low light (Photo) performance compared to the competition
  • Stable WiFi Performance
  • Good antenna reception, no dropped calls, great Call Quality
  • Great Battery Life (9 hours of typical use), you can use it up to 5 hours on WiFi nonstop

The Bad:

  • The OS, apparently is not the Global ROM, so it is riddled with bugs and I need to Flash it
  • Also with regards to the OS, Memory Optimization is not that great
  • No IS (Image Stabilization on 4K video), EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) only on 1080p
  • The Fingerprint Scanner is not very accurate

Where you can buy? Xiaomi Mi5s (3+64 GB International version) retails at $299

Complete info here: Xiaomi Mi5s Full Review

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