Zhiyun Smooth Q and DJI Osmo Mobile – 3 Axis Stabilizers

The Zhiyun Smooth Q is a cheaper alternative of the DJI Osmo Mobile, it offers steady 3 axis Stability to make those pictures and videos smooth.

SpecsZhiyun Smooth Q
Features3 axis Gimbal (Brushless)
5th Gen Honeycomb Chipset
Mobile Phone Charging
Supports Auto Tracking
Supported Devices6.0 inch Smartphones
GoPro 4/3/2
AppZY App (Face Tracking, Time Lapse, etc...)
Dimensions118 x 105 x 28.5mm
Weight: 450g
Battery12 hours Use (2000mAh)

Availability? Zhiyun Smooth Q retails at $101 (Use Coupon Code: GBhotRC1)

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Half the price of the DJI Osmo Mobile, but offers twice the battery life, and more features packed on this affordable package.

Highlights of the Zhiyun Smooth Q:

  • 3 axis Gimbal (Stabilization)
  • 5th Gen Honeycomb Chipset (40% Torque range and 30% faster response)
  • Support up to 6.0 inch Smartphones and 220g (maximum payload)
  • Mobile Charging Support (Powerbank mode)
  • Focus Adjustment (use App for this)
  • Auto Tracking (requires App for Automatic Tracking to function properly)
  • 5V 2A  2000mAh Battery – 12 hours operating use
  • USB Port (supported USB Slots)
  • ZY Play App (enables face tracking, time lapse etc…)
  • 2 hours charging time


SpecsDJI Osmo Mobile
FeaturesActive Tracking
Time Lapse
Night Exposure
Live Streaming
AppDJI GO App (Bluetooth)
Dimensions61.8 x 48.2 x 161.5mm
Weight: 201g
BatteryLiPo 980mAh

Availability? DJI Osmo Mobile retails at $371

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Highlights of the DJI Osmo Mobile:

  • 3 Axis Gimbal (Zenmuse M1)
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • DJI GO App (Active Tracking, Time Lapse, Night Exposure, Live Streaming and Panorama
  • 4.5 hours battery run time
  • Steady Night Shots with 1 second Exposures

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